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Brief History

Mr. Gum where former  Mutant street beatnik. He left beatniks and met Madman at the charity party where Madman was serving food to homeless. Beatniks and madman had had many confrontations in the past, but Madman and Jack made peace. Madman taught Jack to controll his ability (elasticity) and made him living suit with Dr. Boiffard machine.Living suit adabts to Jacks abilitys and dosen´t tear. Jack startetd to help people and returned Santa Claus to north pole with Madman. Jack preferes to be called Mister Gum but people call him The Booger because of a reporter who called Jact that in on of reporters articles. Mr. Gum was also important in creating The Atomics. He helped Madman and other Mutant Street Beatniks to make peace and helped other Beatniks learn to controll their abilities.

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