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The Phoenix

Star Trek Canon Special Note

Not everything listed in the origin is Canon. That is because only television shows and movies are considered canon for Star Trek. This being a comic website there are many things here that are not canon. So unless it is contradicted in film it should be listed as part of the character biography.

On July 13, 2305, Jean Luc Picard was born to Maurice and Yvette Gessard Picard in Le Barre, France (though he, quite ironically, speaks with a British accent.) He along with his brother, Robert, grew up in the vineyard which their father owned, where they helped keep healthy and running. Maurice and Yvette, wishing to preserve their style of life and, raised Jean Luc and Robert without much technology. As he grew up, Jean Luc was effected greatly when he saw his grandfather, who he deeply cared about, slowly lose his mind.

Despite his parent’s best efforts, Jean Luc began to hold a fascination with starships and technology. He would build multiple models of different starships, which was a pass time he would cherish into his much later years. He had a special interest in the Phoenix, a shuttle built by Zefram Cochrane in the year 2063. The Phoenix was the first ever human craft to reach warp speed. He would often visit the Phoenix at the Smithsonian, where it was housed and he would even write an essay on starships witch went on to win an award.

The Academy

In 2322, Jean Luc took the entrance exam to get into Starfleet Academy. His first attempt failed, but the attempt distanced himself from his traditional family, and when he passed his test the next year, he was in essence exiled from his home. He would even be criticized by his father many years later.

At Starfleet Academy, Picard quickly became one of the most successful students. Picard was immature at best on his first appearance at Starfleet, and he found the amount of work stressful. The schools groundskeeper, Boothby, would later be credited with helping Picard survive the strict curriculum. At the Academy, Picard became good friends with Donald Varley, Cortin Zweller, and Marta Batanides. He also became well known for carving the initials A.F. into Boothby’s favorite elm, which put him at odds with the old groundskeeper, though the two still remain close friends.

Young Picard

At the Academy, Picard discovered a liking for archeology, and was even encouraged by his teacher, Richard Galen, to pursue a career in archeology. Though he appeared to be tempted by the offer, he eventually turned down Galen’s offer. (Picard would later take on the alias of Galen, a man who seemed to have some sort of historical and archeological knowledge, though whether this was a reference to his Richard Galen or just a coincidence is unknown.)

Picard also distinguished himself in the athletic field in Starfleet. In April, 2323, he became the first freshman in Starfleet Academy history to win a marathon on the planet Danula II, and he was able to pin a Ligonian with a reverse body lift within the first fourteen seconds of their wrestling match. In his sophomore year at the academy, Picard was sent to Morikin VII, where he encountered his first Nausicaan, a race that he would have a life changing experience later in his life. Picard Graduated from the academy on April 20, 2327, and the graduation ceremony was held in the Yuri Gagarin Hall.

Shortly after Picard’s Graduation, he was laid over at Starbase Earhart. There, his friend Corey distinguished himself as a good Dom-Jot player, and a Nausicaan challenged him to a game. The Nausicaan cheated his way to victory, and Corey realizes the alien’s fowl play. In a moment of blind anger, Corey vowed revenge on the Nausicaan, and he and Picard rigged the table that night. The next day, Corey challenged the Nausicaan to a rematch, and due to his rigging, the Nausicaan lost the game. The Nausicaan, figured out that Corey had cheated, just as he had done the night before, and he and two other Nausicaans attack Corey. Picard gets in the way, and defeats two of the Nausicaans. The third pulls out a concealed knife and stabs Picard through the heart.

Life Flashing

Picard is rushed to a medical facility, and is implanted with an artificial heart. This experience has a lasting effect on Picard, and he realizes just how simply life can be taken away. He soon decides to get out there, and begins to take advantage of every chance he can get, no matter how dangerous.

After his near-death experience, Picard met Mr. Walker Keel, another academy graduate, at an exotic bar Tau Ceti III. The two would become close friends, and Picard also befriended Jack Crusher and his fiance, Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Also, early on in his career, Picard proved that he was of commanding material when he lead an away team to save an ambassador on Milika III. This event was one of Picard's most personality shaping moments. Picard also assisted in Spock's wedding, where he briefly met Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek.

Ambassador Spock

Side Note:

There is much speculation on whether a connection exists between these two events. One common idea is that the ambassador who Picard saved on Milkia III was Spock, Sarek, or Spock's wife. It is highly unlikely that it was Spock or Sarek saved, as Picard has stated that he had only met the two of them once at the wedding. It is still possible, though, that he did save Spock's wife and received an invitation to the wedding.

At some point in his service, Picard was assigned the position of Flight Controller for the NCC-2893, the U.S.S. Stargazer. He would not remain in this position for long though, as in 2333, when he was a lieutenant commander, his captain was killed on the bridge, and Picard took over control of the ship. For this act, Picard was promoted to the rank of captain on the Stargazer, and he became one of the youngest Starfleet captains in all of Starfleet history. In 2342, Picard began dating a young woman named Jenice. A date was arranged for the two at the Cafe des Artistes, a restaurant in Paris, France, but he became afraid of their relationship getting in the way of his job, and he never went to the Cafe, instead returning to Starfleet.

During the Cardassian War, The Stargazer was assigned a job in the truce meetings with the Cardassians. He discovered a Cardassian Ship, and lowered his shields as a gesture of peace. Unfortunately for him, the Cardassian Ship ignored the gesture and fired on the Stargazer. The Stargazer's defenses and weapon systems were disabled by the attack, but Captain Picard was able to get the ship out of the assault in one piece.

Wesley Crusher

In 2354, Picard led an away mission. The away mission fell apart, and Picard was forced to save a crew member at the expense of another, Jack Crusher. Picard was able to retrieve the body, and delivered it to his widow, Beverly and her son, Wesley Crusher. This event would become one of Wesley's earliest memories.

One year after Jack's death, Picard and the Stargazer were attacked by an unknown ship, later revealed to be the Ferengi. Picard was able to destroy the enemy ship by warping directly in front of the Ferengi ship and firing phasers at it. The damage to the Stargazer proved to be to much, though, and the team was forced to evacuate the ship. Picard's actions during the attack were called into question by Phillipa Louvois, a prosecutor. The inquiry backfired though, and Picard was awarded a Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence) for his maneuver that destroyed the Ferengi Ship, which would be called the Picard Maneuver. The battle would later be called "The Battle of Maxia."


Notice any similarities?

The character of Jean-luc Picard was created by Gene Roddenberry but the actor Patrick Stewart was not his ideal actor to play the part. Roddenberry resisted the idea of Picard playing the role partly because of his baldness. Gene finally relented and history was made. The character was so loved and cherished that when the the new televition show Voyager was created the charter of the Doctor was chosen because of his similar look. ironically the actor who played him was Robert Picardo. The similarity in his last name was not lost on the actor and he would joke about it from time to time

Character Evolution

Enterprise D's 1st Capt.

Picard had such a tremendous career that he was given the Captain's chair of the Federation's flag ship the U.S.S. Enterprise D. His first mission was to go to the Farpoint Station and pick up his first officer and the rest of his crew. On the way he and his crew encountered an omnipotent being known only as the Q who put them on trial for the crimes of humanity. Picard asks the Q to be tested to see if humanity has changed and is no longer a savage race. Amused at the idea Q excepts the deal. Picard and his crew solve the Farpoint mission and the Q leaves them as agreed but he continually tormented the crew and in a way helped them.

After a short time as Captian, Q sends the Picard and crew to the delta quadrant where they meet a cybernetic people know as the Borg who kill/assimilate several members of his crew. Q returns them to their quadrant of space but the Borg would become a big threat to the human race and in a weird way it was Q's warning that allowed the Federation to at least attempt some form of defense.

Picard as Locutus

The Borg would have many run-ins with the Federation and assimilate and kill countless humans. They even assimilate Picard and he becomes one of the only human's to be separated by the Borg collective. This experience created a festering hatred for the Borg that grew with each encounter for what they made him do. The most awful was the Battle at Wolf 359 where Picard as the assimilated Locutus destroyed thirty-nine Federation star ships resulting in an estimated eleven thousand deaths.

This changed his life dramatically as many in the Federation no longer trusted him as he betrayed them even though he not in control of himself. Commander Benjamin Sisko blamed him in a way for the death of his wife and when the two of them met for the first time after the battle Sisko made it known that he was not a fan of Picard. Years later Picard and his crew were in a round about way ordered to stay away from another battle between the Borg by an Admiral that thought that someone who was assimilated in the past may be a weakness in the present.

A reflecting Picard

Picard would also live a second life when he encounters a probe that forces him to live a life known as Kamin. In this world he is married and although he fights it for years he soon excepts the life and has children and grandchildren. The problem is he knows that the planet is dying and and he knows that his grandchildren will never grow up. In an effort to find some sort of hope for the future the people on the planet send up a probe that Picard finds out is the very probe that he would encounter and would wake him up having experience the whole life in a span of just a few minutes.

The experience as Karmin would greatly effect the rest of his life. Every experience he had was real and he retained every memory. He even learned to play a unique flute that had a kind of a tin whistle sound. He even had a the flute as it was in the probe when it was investigated after his experiences. The flute would become one of his most prized positions.

The Captain

Picard would serve with the greatest distinction as Captain and be involved in the Federations most historic moments. His life however would take another traumatic turn as his family was killed in a fire at him father's home now lived in by his brother and his wife and son Rene. This meant that Picard was the last in his family line. This profoundly depressed him. It was not much longer and the Enterprise D would be destroyed by a faction of Klingons from the Duras family.

Picard would get another ship the U.S.S. Enterprise E and served as Captain for over six year with almost all of the crew of officers that he started with about sixteen years earlier. During this time he went back into time and helped launch the Phoenix he so much admired as a kid and prevented the Borg from destroying it and keeping the Borg form assimilating the human race in the past. After this mission he would encounter a his own clone as the leader of the Romulan Star Empire and engage him in battle.

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