Just How Much Money Has IRON MAN 2 Made?

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 And what do you do after you make that kind of haul? You go get some donuts.

In short, IRON MAN 2 did well. Really, really, really well.

With the widest domestic opening, ever, it played on 4,380 screens and drummed up $133.6 million in the great U S of A, alone. Internationally, it’s grossed close to $194 million, bringing its worldwide total to something  around $327.6 million. To put that in perspective… the first movie made only $585.1 million worldwide throughout its entire release life. These figures are coming in after it’s only been out for about a week. Needless, the “Mark 2” is proving a lot more expedient at making money than the “Mark 1.”

So how does this rack up against other blockbuster releases of the past? Let’s phrase it in the terms of a battle thread. Shellhead trounced Anakin Skywalker and that big friendly ogre, Shrek. He was defeated by Batman, Spidey and all those emo vampires, and he just barely lost to Cap’n Jack Sparrow. That is to say, IRON MAN 2’s opening was bigger than REVENGE OF THE SITH and SHREK THE THIRD, just behind DEAD MAN’S CHEST and a ways below NEW MOON, SPIDER-MAN 3 and THE DARK KNIGHT.  

I’m not as adept at mathin’ as G-Man, so if you want to know precisely how all the beans were counted and what percentages they broke down to (adjusting for inflation, of course)... if you REALLY want to go through all of that, by all means check out Boxoffice Mojo and Deadline’s write-ups of these grosses.

Seeing as how as IM2 cost about $180 million to make, I’m pretty confident it’s going to prove to be a money maker for Marvel, even if you factor in the likely-absurd marketing budget. If the movie were a person, he’d be looking forward to living a Tony Stark-style lifestyle of the rich and famous.
== TEASER ==

 How much does those ring fetch for?

ALSO - - speaking of money and all that it can buy, I suppose it figures that Jon Favreau's got his heart set on ten special rings for a possible IRON MAN 3. That's because he really, really wants to have the Mandarin finally show up, after the villain's only be hinted at in these first two movies. The rub, as he's told MTV, is finding a way to reconcile the Mandarin's 10 Rings of magic with the Iron Man movie's more tech based world - - something that'll be further complicated by the introduction of THOR's Viking mythology. I don't suppose it's really THAT hard to pull off, and it's not even without precedent, either. Look at the Busiek/ Chen run on IRON MAN. They revamped Marvel's favorite Chinese sorcerer with a technological bent pretty well, didn't they?

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To be honest, not that it's doing even remotely bad...but when you account that it opened in so many more theaters than even all prior blockbusters, I expected it to do better. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like every year anymore there's a new blockbusters that becomes “biggest movie ever” for a limited time. Funny how this one didn’t! Of course, when you account for inflation, none of today’s blockbusters are tops. I think Gone With the Wind and the original Star Wars are still the genuine top money making films of all-time.    

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THe movie was awesome!No surprise it made so much money!

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Whats the number 1 movie? is it Avatar?

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@the_fallen11 said:

" Whats the number 1 movie? is it Avatar? "

 1 US dollar today does not buy the same bulk of gold, oil or corn that it bought way back in 1950 or 1970
 ...you got this thing called inflation
Currencies fall, prices of goods go up

it might be    
1  Gone With the Wind ENOUGH $$$$$ to buy a small country $$$$
2 Star Wars New Hope  ep IV   $1,200,000,000    
3 ET:     $1,000,000,000   
4   Titanic     $950,000,000   
5    Avatar     $690,000,000
As a franchise Spider-Man and Harry Potter would blow Avatar out of the water...but they still don't beat Gone with the Wind
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@Casket:  got ya.
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I thought that the first Iron Man would've made a little bit more money. Obviously I was wrong/ 
I always knew the Dark Knight would be the King of Comic Book Films.

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A lot of money...

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I'm seeing it again this week

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@Omega Ray Jay: Ya I want to go see it again also. I think this movie will be like the first one, meaning I will like it even more the more times I see it.
ya Its Number One here in Canada! But last weeks number one was the god awful Nightmare on Elm street. So becoming Number one wasn't that hard to do ha ha.
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 I got hit for $17 going ot the IMAX theatre to see it… so I’m NOT surprised!!! Oh and I’m probably gonna see it again!!! 

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The movie theater where I'm at was also showing Iron Man 1 at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm for those that hadn't seen it yet before the midnite release of Iron Man 2. 
Just $5 a ticket and both showings were sold out. 
Man, isn't the DVD just like $7 on Ebay?
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This movie was quite possibly one of the best superhero movies I've ever seen. I bet almost all theatres in the US were totally packed when this came out. God knows my theatre was.

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saw it twice on opening day, and saw it again yesterday. IM CONTRIBUTING XD!!!

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@Moomin123 said:


I thought that the first would've made a little bit more money. Obviously I was wrong/ 
I always knew would be the King of Comic Book Films.

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I had an idea for the Mandarin,
He is a terrorist leader of the 10 Rings.  He sends high tech thieves and assassins to steal tech from others and has them destroy the tech so that he becomes the only one with that technology.  At first it seems like the 10 Rings is just destroying all technology and the Mandarin is anti Tech.  The 10 Rings targets Tony Stark, and gets his attention.  The Ghost can be sent after him.  Then the assassins Madam Mask and Blizzard, or the Melter.
The 10 Rings is like a super high tech group from the future with the combination of so much tech they seem almost mystical and has ultimate power.
In the Iron Man fights the Mandarin, who seems like just a normal human.  No armor.  While Tony Stark has his armor.  But because of the combined might of all the tech the 10 Rings has stolen he seems super human or magical.
This idea could incorporate the Armor Wars story as well as the Mandarin story, and maybe some others.
Just an idea.  I am sure whatever they do will be cool.

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ive seen it twice 
seeing it again when exams are over

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@DarkSyde79 said:

 I got hit for $17 going ot the IMAX theatre to see it… so I’m NOT surprised!!! Oh and I’m probably gonna see it again!!! 

Wow. you could've bought the non special edition dvd in like 5 months for that much. epic fail. Oh and no I haven't seen it yet=P
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One of my biggest issues when people talk about the amount a movie takes in. They always talk about the gross profits. They never talk about the real heart of the matter when it comes to the real numbers in the NET profits. Most actors, directors, and producers get paid by a percentage of the gross. The net is what you have left over after everyone and everything has pecked at that carcass.
Consider this. The movie Forrest Gump had an estimated budget of about 55 million to make. After about a year it grossed over 660 million, but by all official estimates. The movie at that point was still 60 million in the red.

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I would like the matchup of magic vs technology and see Fin Fan Foom as a giant dragon (real or man made)  in a long battle.

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It's impressive that its raking in this amount of money these days even without the £3 extra for (stupid) 3D. BoxOfficeMojo has a great break down on the financial aspects of how a movie does.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

" One of my biggest issues when people talk about the amount a movie takes in. They always talk about the gross profits. They never talk about the real heart of the matter when it comes to the real numbers in the NET profits.

Yeah that's a very good point, one strange case is Superman returns
Did it score huge money....yeah most would agree...did make net profit ....kinda...did it flop maybe
 Bryan Singer's budget went totally out of control for Superman,  WB has admitted  the true cost of Superman Returns was about $250 in today's $dollars...some back in 2006 estimated an even higher price tag of 280$ million. Anyway its above one quarter of a Billion!
It took in huge profit on the opening weekend but it had trouble going the distance in the US and overseas, I think Cars and Pirates of the Carribean were knocking it from that number one spot. People thought it was a flop, big opening week but soon knocked off number 1...huge price tag...has trouble making back the money invested. Everyone with a calculator said it would flop but then after a few weeks  $ 360 $ million started to roll in so it managed to turn profit despite that crazy half a billion price tag, then you had the dvd sales...
From the interviews afterward I read some comments from fatcats around Warner Bros. Pictures, a unit of Time Warner Inc, they basically said they never want to go through the Superman Returns experience again and they have no intention of making a sequel 
  You can go really insane with your production budget and do your movie like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity...basically make a movie for less than one million...actually I think Blair Witch was made for 50 bucks
and with enough internet hype it will be one the most profitable movies ever made. Still despite their profits I think both these horror movies suck
A great box office movie in my opinion should be a big production, it should be escapism and it should be big for the big screen

You got to admire the budget management behind big Paramount/Marvel productions like Ironman, they made the film for something like $140 million...which is really good considering some lunatics go for that 250 ish quater of a billion price tag. Ironman pulled back $500 million from US and Worldwide Cinema, then you had US dvd sales...say 150$
500 + 15
510 Million $.
A really healthy net profit
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Considering this is technically Marvel Studios only 3rd film.....

It's made more money than a lot of the other big companies that have been around longer like WB.

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