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Shrek comic book

Taking place after the events of the movie Shrek, Lord Farquaad returns to the land of the living as a ghost in order to get revenge on the Big Green Ogre and his furry grey companion, Donkey. In the dungeon at Lord Farquaad's castle, Pinocchio and the Three Pigs have been taken captive. Along with his torturer Thelonious, Lord Farquaad interrogates his prisoners as to the whereabouts of Shrek and his wife Fiona, whom are on a honeymoon at the time. Meanwhile, accompanied by Donkey, Shrek and Fiona are making their way to a hotel to celebrate their marriage. While Donkey and Shrek are arguing about which route to take, Thelonious rides past them on a horse and kidnaps Fiona, Shrek tries to stop them but fails and goes in pursuit which ultimately leads them to a cemetery. Lord Farquaad is waiting for Shrek and Donkey taking control of the statue of the dragon which killed him (in Shrek). There's a chase but Shrek and Donkey manage to escape where they're awaited by Donkey's girlfriend, Dragon. With the stone dragon still pursuing them, a chase ensues in the air between the two dragons which eventually leads to the stone dragon crashing into a stone wall. Fiona is being tied on a raft by Thelonious leading to a big waterfall while Lord Farquaad watches, his intention is for her to die so that he could then have a queen by his side as king of the underworld. By mistake Thelonious ends up on the raft as well and a struggle breaks out between him and Fiona and she throws him off the raft. Meanwhile Shrek and Donkey land on the raft but too late to stop it from falling down the waterfall, as they're all falling down the waterfall they're rescued by Dragon. Lord Farquaad is being chased away by the fire breathing dragon and Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Dragon live happily ever after!

Powers & abilities

Shrek has the strength of an ogre which is shown to be much more then that of an ordinary man, being able to smash wood and metal, lift tremendously heavy objects, and also has an incredibly loud roar that scares away humans . Shrek has shown a proficiency in various wrestling and fighting skills, incredibly agility, so much so that he can easily defeat multiple armored guards with only his bare hands.



Shrek from the movies

Shrek is a mean and egocentric ogre who wishes for nothing more than to live a quiet life alone in his swamp. Suddenly Shrek's entire swamp is overrun by magical and fairy tale beings living in his house, who have been forced into the swamp. Needless to say Shrek is not happy with this and demands an explanation. The new inhabitants of his swamp explain to him that Lord Farquaad has placed a bounty on any fairy tale creatures, and that once capture they are all released into Shrek's swamp. Shrek agrees to go talk to Lord Farquaad in order to get all of the fairy tale creatures out of his swamp along with his new companion Donkey. After an unpleasant meeting which involved a fight between Shrek and a few of Lord Farquaad's guards, Lord Farquaad agrees that Shrek can have his swamp back to himself if Shrek saves the Princess Fiona, the intended bride of Lord Farquaad to become king. After quite a bit of traveling Shrek and Donkey arrive at a big castle surrounded by lava and which is rumored to be guarded by a dragon. Shrek has a struggle with the dragon guarding the castle but they manage to save the princess and get out alive, at which point Shrek removes his helmet and reveals himself to be an ogre Fiona who has been inside the castle for a very long time is disappointed and startled by this because each night she herself turns into an ogre and was waiting for the day when true love's kiss would break her curse. In their travel back home Shrek and Fiona grow closer to each other. During a midnight talk between Donkey and Fiona, Donkey found out about her secret about turning into an ogre, Shrek listens in on them but misunderstands the conversation, thinking she thinks of him as a freak but she means herself. Shrek and Fiona get into an argument and the next morning she's brought to Lord Farquaad to get married and they say their goodbyes. Finally realizing thanks to Donkey how much he loves her, Shrek decides to stop the marriage. With the help of the Dragon and Donkey they get to the church, and after a struggle the sun begins to set and Fiona reveals herself to be an ogre. Horrified by this image, Lord Farquaad demands them both to be killed but Dragon flies in and eats him. After this, Shrek and Fiona kiss and live happily ever after.

Shrek 2

In Shrek 2 Shrek & Fiona have just returned from their honeymoon and are awaited by messengers from Fiona's parents, king and queen of Far Far Away, whom invite them to celebrate their marriage. Accompanied by Donkey, the three of them make the long journey to Far Far Away. Upon discovering that both Shrek and their daughter Fiona are ogres, King Harold and his wife Queen Lillian are shocked by their appearances and question their daughters choice. Shrek and King Harold get into an argument at dinner over Shrek being an ogre and King Harold not being more accepting of his daughter. The argument continues to escalate until Fiona gets angry at Shrek for not controlling himself and decides to go to her room, this leaves Shrek behind wondering if he has lost his true love. This feeling only gets reinforced when he reads about Prince Charming in her diary. Meanwhile King Harold is being visited by the Fairy Godmother, threatening him to get rid of Shrek so Fiona would marry Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother's son. Under the guise of making amends, King Harold invites Shrek and Donkey to go on a hunting trip with him, but this is all a trap by him. King Harold arranges for a hired assassin, Puss in Boots, to kill both Shrek and; however, Puss in Boots fails and is unable to defeat Shrek so to make amends he offers his services to Shrek, which the latter gladly accepts.

Donkey, Shrek, Puss

Shrek hears from Puss in Boots the kings plot and decides to go ask Fairy Godmother for help but his request is rejected. After finding a 'Happily Ever After' potion in Fairy Godmother's factory, Shrek believes this will restore Fiona's love for him and drinks it along with Donkey. The next morning he notices something different, he's turned into a human, while Donkey is now a white stallion, as well as turning Fiona back into a human. Shrek then learns that if he kisses Fiona by midnight the changes from the potion will be permanent. Thinking that this is what Fiona really wants, to be normal, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots quickly make their way to the castle but end up getting there too late. Upon arriving the group finds Prince Charming has posed as Shrek in an attempt to marry Fiona, and seeing the both of them together Shrek is tricked by Fairy Godmother into thinking that Fiona is happier without him. Undeterred, Shrek does not give up and together with his all his fairy tale friends, including a gigantic gingerbread man, attacks and breaks into the castle. Shrek was just too late to stop Charming from kissing Fiona but Fiona headbutts him to the surprise of the Fairy Godmother. King Harold then reveals he did not give Fiona the love potion so a kiss from Charming would have no affect on Fiona. Furious the Fairy Godmother tries to cast a spell on Fiona, but instead hits King Harold who sacrifices himself and jumps in front of his daughter. King Harold's armor reflected some of the magical attack back to the Fairy Godmother, who turns into a bunch of bubbles. What little of the magical attack does get through turns King Harold back into his original form, the Frog Prince. King Harold then reveals that he made a deal with the Fairy Godmother,. In exchange for agreeing to marry his daughter to Prince Charming, King Phillip was given the 'Happily Ever After' potion to convince Queen Lillian to kiss him, which would turn him into a human and allow them to be married, Queen Lillian professes her love for King Harold, no matter what form he's in, and both apologize to Shrek and Fiona. As midnight approaches, Shrek reminds Fiona that if they were to kiss the spells effects would be permanent and they could stay human, but Fiona declines stating that she wants to spend the rest of her life with the ogre she married, Letting the spells effects way off, thereby turning Shrek and Fiona back into ogres and a saddened Donkey back into a donkey, Fiona then kisses Shrek. King Harold finally gives his blessing of their marriage as the entire kingdom celebrates, led on by Puss in Boots and Donkey singing.

Shrek the Third

Shrek Forever After

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