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Hutch is Magik’s mutant son from an unrevealed alternate reality, summoned to Earth-616 by a human being named Thatchel from a spell that was provided to him by the demonic Hell-Lord, Mephisto.  Thatchel sought vengeance on mutant kind for the deaths of his wife, Sara, and their son, Jamie, both unfortunately killed during Jamie’s twelfth birthday party when the boy’s pyrokinetic ability first manifested itself. Twelve lives were cut short that day, and Thatchel wrongfully viewed mutants as evil, a misperception fueled by the evil Mephisto’s lies. Mephisto came to Thatchel and told him of a boy that walked alone between worlds, a boy with the power to bring them all together. Once the worlds had been brought together on Earth-616, Mephisto would use his power to destroy the X-Men of every reality.

Thatchel successfully gave Hutch physical form, fed him, and gave him a puppy. He then introduced Hutch to Mephisto, who told the boy he could make it possible for him to exist in one reality with his mother and friends, as long as he performed a small favor for him. Hutch asked the Hell-Lord what he needed to do, and Hatchel informed the boy that the “evil” power inside of him would be used to draw the X-Men of all realities to Earth-616. Hatchel told Hutch that Mephisto would then cleanse them from all existence, much to the child’s dismay.


 Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde awoke from a nightmare in which an alternate reality Magik stood high amidst a sea of X-Men from numerous realities, all locked in perpetual battle. She visited Professor X, and told him that it was the late Magik’s birthday.  The pair joined the other X-Men playing football outside, and shared their thoughts and feelings about Magik since her passing. Professor X was overcome by an immense psionic attack, and announced that Magik was returning. It was then that Hutch’s power was activated, drawing the X-Men of all realities to Earth-616 down on the Xavier's Institute For Higher Learning like rain. An immense brawl ensued, while Kitty Pryde and Professor X joined forces with Professor X’s multiple alternate reality counterparts to determine what was happening.

 Hard Decisions

An alternate reality Magik met with Hutch and Thatchel, and asked Hutch if he knew who she was. Hutch immediately recognized that she was his mother, and asked Magik where she had been. Magik explained that Hutch had not been conceived like others. He came into being not in one reality, but in between them all, each realm laying equal claim to him. When Hutch was born, he was born into every realm, and Magik lost him. Magik agreed to help Mephisto in order to be reunited with her son, even though it meant she played a part in the destruction of all creation. Hatchel attempted to reason with Hutch that by destroying one world, they saved the rest, but the boy became adamant that he did not wish to harm anyone. It was then that Kitty Pryde and the army of Xaviers confronted the trio, telling them that they were about t0 destroy existence itself. Magik attacked them, and told them that nothing would stop her reunion with her child.

Mephisto revealed his true malicious intentions to Thatchel, revealing that the man had been a pawn in his game all along, and that Jamie Thatchel himself had been a mutant. Mephisto then set the man ablaze, before proceeding to harvest the souls of the X-Men from various worlds. Kitty Pryde located Hutch, and told him that he needed to return in between realities, and that his very presence on Earth-616 risked the destruction of reality. Magik found the pair, and attacked Kitty Pryde. Hutch understood that it was his destiny to be alone, and despite Magik’s protest, left Earth-616 to exist in between all realities, once again.   Mephisto was forced back to his own realm, and the X-Men of various worlds were returned to their homes. The alternate reality Magik asked Kitty Pryde to watch over Hutch should see ever see him again, and wished her goodbye, before disappearing.

While Thatchel recuperated from immense burns in the institute’s medlab,
Kitty Pryde thought about the possibility that one small child had almost destroyed everything. Later that night, she spoke aloud to Hutch, not realizing that he was in fact visiting her in her bedroom, and thanked him for saving them all. Kitty Pryde’s words gave Hutch the courage to face his destiny, and he left the institute for destinations unknown.

Powers And Abilities

  • Hutch mutant ability is to exist within all dimensions, at once. He is able to travel within these dimensions, but does so invisible to the inhabitants of each individual plane of existence. Hutch is intangible, and cannot be harmed by the beings that he encounters in his travels. Sadly, Hutch must remain in corporeal form, or he risks destroying all creation. When given physical form, the barriers between dimensions begin to crumble, and merge. Therefore, Hutch must live out his existence alone.

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