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 Freezer Burn w/ Humbug, 8-Ball & Whirlwind.

Freezer Burn's true identity is Frank Croft and he is a minor criminal that teams up with Humbug, 8-Ball and Whirlwind for a heist. This group manages to steal a powerful microchip from Ricadonna. She is not pleased and sends the assassin Razorfist to hunt down Freezer Burn. Colleen Wing and Misty Knight are also interested with this crew because warrants are out on all those criminals. Colleen would go to Croft's on-again, off-again girlfriend's place in Brooklyn and discovered that Razorfist has killed Freezer Burn and his girlfriend.  


Freezer Burn was created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Khari Evans in 2006 and first appeared in Daughters of the Dragon # 1.

Weapons & Abilities

Croft's costume contains miniature refrigeration units capable of draining heat from the surrounding area instantaneously. The suit's original creator was Gregor Shapanka who was the original Blizzard.

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