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Tales Of 100

Back after much critical acclaim! It's Freestyle! The comic no-one thought would make it past the first issue! Created by Australian Mark Pursell who likes to think he can draw and write and stuff and occasionally can, Freestyle is a comic. It is funny and has words and pretty pictures!

Space. Sometimes there is too much of it, sometimes there is too little, most of the time it just gets in the way of stuff.

Using the hover car that they found at The Creator's temple in the last issue, Stupid, Emily, Sox, Cactus, Pop, Norman, Mr Fishy, Bee, Devil and Paws follow The Creator into space, hoping to get answers about everything that has happened so far. Unfortunately for them, Chloe has her own plans that could ruin the gang's lives forever.

And what about those Guinea Pigs, Lasagna and Gunther? They too have plans...

This year. A thrilling story that has critics writing words that are backhanded compliments more than anything else. Freestyle 011 will take up space on your device of choice until you get around to reading it!


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