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the good years

Name: Rayne Amilia Edgona

Age: 18

Height: 5'5"

Sex: Female

Eye Color: Violet

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Brown with white bangs

Powers: Claws two from each hand one from feet, Razor sharp skin, Limited manipulation of bone marrow, healing factor

Darkness: constructs such as armor and weapons, summoning(darklings imp size now in time can grow to dragons and even humanoids), enhanced durability, improved strength(100 tons), stamina(days), speed(dodge bullets), death touch, sense death, soul absorption, levitation, hypnosis, emotion control, size manipulation(armor based), invisibility, necromancy, phasing, super sight, telepathy, telekinesis, darkness manipulation, shadow meld, telepathy block(limited)

Weakness: While the artifact may grant powers only truly bound by the imagination it is useless in the light and even painful. Amy can go into the light of course, any time she is using the darkness however light is painful. Light also eradicates anything she constructs. It also key to know that while Amy can heal it is more a "by the time I wake up im better" method more then recovering instantly. Severed limbs can grow back in a day, the brain is the primary way to shut her down.

given a chance

Bio: Rayne was born in New York and lived a rather casual life until her thirteenth birthday. During school she was picked on for trivial rather mundane things. Push came to shove however when the boys strike the girl she liked. Two claws finding way into their skulls when she lashed out. Of course a thirteen year old committing murder with only limited knowledge in mutants and martial arts was not someone going to stand around confidant. She panics and left for home not noticing her clothing becoming torn for relatively no reason. When she hugged her mother and father they met their end as well. The result was Rayne resorting to being on the run for the past few years. She didn't receive much training or education simply focused on survival.


After four years of being on the run Trinity found out and took her in. As a result of her life style Rayne has adopted going by her middle name Amy. As a way of trying to forget her past some. She is antisocial and mildly hostile prefering not to get to close out of fear of her own abilities. Her hope is that the school can teach her control or make a cure. Her normal attire is of gothic status. Of course then the school Trinity Legends faded away and this left Amy again homeless. Now forsaken by what she believes to be everyone she has taken to a life of drugs, crime lords and various acts of criminal nature. Her stardom soon to come as she turns eighteen.

CVNU Version

Name: Rayne Amilia Edgona

Age: 18

Height: 5'5"

Eye Color: Violet

Weight: 100

Hair Color: Brown with white bangs

Powers: Razor sharp skin, manipulation of bone marrow, acid blood, manipulation of blood grants healing factor


"You want to know more? Fine, f*ck it who gives a care about privacy." The disturbed teen remarked raming a knife in her wrist and watching it mend back together. "I was born of a useless woman who was gone before my alcholic father could seamingly remember her face. In all hounestly I think he got custody because both those ass wipes were drunk off their ass. Anyway me and my sister had to grow up with that sh*t head. He did things, things Im not discussing with you. My sister one night desided enough, and ran this knife into his throat. Let me tell you now, the adams apple aint an apple." There was a smile to the pale face as she said this, as if the thought of ripping out vocal cords was comical to her. "So as you can imagine we then began a rather troublesome life, but it was ok. See cuz we had eachother so f*ck the rest of the world ya know?"

"But then that changed, see some legends aint just bull sh*t. We had this book, cant remember but it was f*ckn rad. Turns out our teacher was infact the very same crazy b*tch in the story. Then he bit my sis made her a f*ckn monster and she had to go. Now im on my own. Thats it end of story, want more? Heres the book ya bast*rd." Rayne tossed a small journel from her backback at the man before lighting a cigarette."

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I'm curious to see how much activity this account gets. Enjoyable read though :)

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@Blades: how did i miss this, My my you where busy when you posted the other day. Great stuff as always, maybe one day could meet Cass?

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

I'm curious to see how much activity this account gets. Enjoyable read though :)

likely the twins will see nearly no action lol. I have this bad habit though of not leting an idea go. Why am I so backed up on the vine? Because ive got to many ideas just floating lol

@Cassuis_Slay_Knightfall: all one has to say "Az stop bull sh*tn I wana play with so and so" and il try and make it happen lol

Sory for delayed reply. Busy and wanted to reply on this acount so I could say

The blog above is also associated to this alt. Its the origins of obviously both sisters

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@Bloodcroft: one day you will get the call