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After his spectacular fight with Soul NeVann laid his body to rest and the center of the arctic circle. NeVann then walking back to battle area gathered the remaining sheard from his broken sword, His eyes for a moment filled with sorrow for his destroyed sword as he gathered as many pieces as he could see. The wind blew colded As NeVann stood there a dark animal was releashed from with him, he kill his new friend, and his sword s was destoryed. The only good thing to come from this was the Dragon Katana Soul had left him.

Making a few hand seal with little bit of energy he had left jumping in the air a vortex of wind engulfed him holding him within its eyes. The vortext carried him all the way back to the W.A.L. building were NeVann diesed to rest. He body was palish blues covered in scratches, burns, blood and bruises. As he went through his healling prossess he over heard the other member talking about a fight with the The Death Syndicate, eventhought he wanted to fight his body was still in no condition he would just be a burden to every so he decided to rest alittle longer.

Bored and anooyed by the fact that he couldn't fight Nevann wandered around the W.A.L. building, then he knew he had made it to the roof. Looking up to the warm blue sky he smiled into a dark purple ball caught the corner of his eye. Trying to figure out what it was his Sharingan activated as he could see the dark energy heading for the earth, he tried to figure out the source but being to far away he couldn't trace the energy trail.

Not know what he should his body froze up, all he could do was watch the on coming dark energy until a friendly face Feral Nova looking alittle beaten up


Nova whats going on? what is that purple ball in the sky?

Looking discouraged Nova still kinda shaken up finally found the words she was looking for.


A-alright my battle with Sha didnt turn out... the way I hoped, lol.

She looked back down like was going to looking for something in her back pocket, as she continued to explain.


But yeah, from the looks of it the N.O.V.A agents are going to be taking my body away to do some 'upgrades' on it when the fight is over. I'm... not sure how I'll be after that. So...

she finally seen to have found what se was looking for, she reached out her hand asking for NeVann to do the same. His arm extanded and his palm open Nova placed a chip in his hand.


umm... what is this and what are you talking about?

He looked closer at his hand seeing the chip and it all became clear to even thought Nova still tried to explain like she had be practicing this speech for months.


Its a computer chip that holds all of my memories, thoughts, feelings and all that nice stuff. I have a really bad feeling when N.O.V.A is done with me... I wont be the same. If this happens, I'm going to need someone to stick this inside the back of head in a small slot that is right under above my neck.

she poind to slot.

Can... you please do this for me, if something does happen?


sure i'll protect it with my life!

She looked worried as if she already knew what awaited her upon her heading back to battle, but her firey stubborness would let her back down. As she started to head back NeVann stopped her, he places the chip into he pocket and hugs Nova looking at the slot above her head. Upon releasing the embrace he lowered his head, and as he flew off to confront Sha he yelled

If anything happen to you I will bring you back, you have my word!

That was almost a month ago Nova hadn't been seen since only things that seemed like a ghost of travelling around with Sha and The Death Syndicate.

NeVann had travelled around researching N.O.V.A. Industries found out that Nova was rebuilt as was apart of the The Death Syndicate, finally getting some where NeVann quick returned to W.A.L. building and mailed of a box with a special note. then grabing his Dragon Katana he head for the TDS hideout, upon getting there rather than sneaking around, he placed explosive tag everywhere setting them off he waited for everyone to find its source because hes plan was to returning with his friend Nova.

It's time to go home!

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Stephanie heard talking from the distance, familiar voices calling out to one another.

"I got her online!" A female voice called out. "Vital signs are back online but are very unstable."

"Dont let her crash, do you understand?" Another voice yelled out. But this voice... this voice sound more familiar than the others.

Stephanie slowly opened her eyes to lights flashing around her, everything she saw was nothing but a blur. Her eyes burned with pain, she couldn't even close her eyes without them having to hurt. "W-wah..." She struggled to get out, only to have blood come up to mouth. She started to gag as she started to drown in her own blood.

"Damn it, someone suction that up now!" The same voice shouted out.

She then felt a hand place upon her shoulder, a cold, rough hand, and right then she knew were she was, and she knew who it was who was talking.

"D...doc..." She said as she tried to focus on the figure before her. She knew after feeling that mans hand she was right were she knew she would end up, at N.O.V.A Industries.

"Shhh..." The Doctor patted Stephanie's shoulder, causing a wave of pain to surge through her body. "Your home now." He said as she lift her hand from her shoulder.

"Doctor Sting, we have the memory extraction ready as well as the True Adamantium ready for you whenever you wish to begin." The female said.

"M...emoRy..." Stephanie struggled to say, she knew from hearing that, whatever it was they were going to do to her was bad... very, very bad.

"Nova X, you need to relax, you will be put to sleep shortly and soon, all of those silly little memories of your 'family' and 'friends' will be gone and you'll be yourself once more." The doctor said as four pair of hands held her down. One pair on each arm and leg. If Stephanie was so beat up from the fight with Sha, she would have tried to fight them off, but it was no use, she felt the gas mask be forcefully placed on her face. The smell of sleeping gas filled her nose and into her lungs, she coughed trying to get it out but it was no use. Her eyes felt more heavy than they already were, her mind started to drift off, she knew the next time she woke she wouldn't be the same person she was now. She knew she would be a captive in her own body.

Nova X now stood inside the HQ of The Death Syndicate. A powerful group of villains lead by none other than the woman who killed her, Sha. She was sent to try and get information on the demon that lived within her, Chaos Black while try and take down anyone that would try and mess up this mission. Since she joined the group she was sent out on mission after mission to destroy villages, take down heroes and even some villains who wouldn't give Sha their pledge of alliance with her. Anything that made Stephanie Ardor, Stephanie was now gone. Everyone and everything she held close to her was now gone in her mind. All that was left was a weapon that was to do what it was told, the one thing that Stephanie feared to become when she received her powers in the first place.

But for today they were just looking over some plans to take down a powerful city in Russia, and bring them to their knees. Now known as Nova X (her N.O.V.A name) she stood looking down over Sha shoulder as she read some paperwork for her plan. She continued to stair with no emotion until her radar picked up something, a figure was running around the HQ with super human speed. She turned to head over to the window to see a blur figure run pass it. Her eyes focused as she turned to Sha and lowered her head right above her ear.

"We have a visitor." Nova X said as a sudden explosion was heard from outside.

Sha stood up as her power glove powered up, the dark aura forming around it. She turned to face Nova X and looked at her with a pissed off look. "Take care of it Nova X and dont come back in till whoever it is, is dead, understood?" She said as she crossed her arms.

"Yes Mistress Sha." Nova X bowed as she then walked out of the room, and made her way to the front of the building. Every step that she took made she could hear the radar inside her head beep faster and faster. She then walked down the stairs, her hands gilding down the rails as she moved down them in a fluid motion. As she came to the last steps she jumped the rail and made her way to the door. The door and almost every window of the lower level were blown out. Her green eyes looking around as she walked over the debris of the area, pieces of the roof falling down on fire. She rose her hand above her head as she slowly took in the fire, sucking inside her body all around her and storing it inside her. She then lowered her hand and as soon as she stepped out on the door steps a voice was heard.

"Nova!!!!!" A young man dressed as a ninja yelled out. "It's time to go home!"

Nova X stood continued to walk down the steps and towards the slightly older man. The grass she stepped upon once she reached it shriveled up around her foot and turned to ashes. Every step that she took this happened. She stopped when she was about ten feet away from him. She looked at him with an emotionless stare, her brown hair was dancing around her face from the wind as she continued this stare.

"I am home." She said as with a snap of her right hand, it became engulfed in flames and quickly spread to the rest of her body. The yellow and red flames danced around her body wildly as if they had a mind of their own. "I would allow you to leave, however it seems that my Mistress wants whoever created the explosion dead." Nova X said as she made a fist with both hands, she then got into a fighting stance. Right before she was about to attack a voice came into her head.'Wait, do not attack first.'The male voice said from inside her head. "Very well." She said as she kept her guard up. The flames around her body were at a 2,370 degrees, almost blinding to anyone who looked at it with the naked eye.

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The explosion bought the young ninja the attention he was looking for, because within seconds he found himself surround by security only armed with night sticks. Know they wouldn't even be a problem for him, he just looked passed them wait or the arrivel of Nova. The circle of guards came in closer around NeVann and drew their nightsticks, his eyes tighten as he became annoyed.If you wish to live, you'll leave now, or bring Nova to me. He voice filled with anger and held no remorse of what would happen if they tried to attack him. He didn't even bother activating his Sharingan, his dark brown eyes just stayed focused on a stairwell a few feet away. This was until one the guards decided to attack, thrusting forward the guard aimed for his face. With his eyes never moving from the stairwell NeVann graceful to his left while grabing the guards arm, and using the guards momentum NeVann easily flipped him to the ground normally following up with a kick to the chest to immobilized his opponent. You've choose your fate then. The guard was told as NeVann was raising his leg. The ither surrounding guards moved in alittle closer as his leg went up, they stood unsure if he would go through with stomp on their fellow guard. In a quick downward motion NeVann feet met with the disabled guards face shattering his visor. As pieces of plexy glass flew up NeVann raised his foot s blood goozed out the now dead guards mouth running down his face, still showing no emotion he simplely let go of the mans wrist that seemed to fall in slowmotion as the remaining guards began to attack.

NeVann leaving a foot print on the floor from the blood that was on the sole of his boot as he planted his feet and throw an elbow that caught the closest guard in his throat closing the path of air down his esophagus. As the guard grabed on to his throat trying to get air into his lung, NeVann quickly planting his feet while grabbing the gaurd by his shoulder and belt leaned in and tossed him into two other charging guard before drawing one of his kunais. Yelling as he was coming down with his nightstick aimmed for the back of NeVann's head, he gave away his position causing NeVann to turn around raising his right arm that had the kunai in it and blocked the nightstick. Having his attack blocked the guard went to throw a knee but his speed was nothing compared to NeVann's relexes as he showed by quickly raising his knee to the sky and bringing it back down catching the top of the gurads foot and driving to the ground. After their feet touched the floor, the sound of cracking bone could be heard knowing his foot was broke the guard went to bend over with his arm exstended before he felt another another break. This time it was his tibia and fibula and NeVann used his shin kicking the outside of the guards leg before using the bottom of his feet to kick the inside of the guards knee shattering it. The quickness of the ninjas kicks could never be caught by any normal eyes, and the anger he felt at that time seemed to increase the power and speed he already had. The guard yelled out in pain as he began to fall over btu his scream fell upon deaf ears when it came to NeVann how hadn't attack someone like this in years, the no regetting second thought or sorry no type of merecy what so ever. With the same leg as quickly as it touched the ground it left again this time returning the with a knee to ribs, that sent the guard back up where NeVann NeVann spining like a top on his other leg ran his kunai across the neck spilling more to the ground. The lifeless body dropped to its knees as the guards head rolled into some debris. The last two gaurds seeing the heartless way he killed the their two teammates decided that they would just run away to try save their own lives. Oh no I gave you, your only chance earlier. The words sent chills down there backs as they passed the blown of doors, reaching into the pouch on his back NeVann quickly turned around and tossed two kunais that had tags on the end of them. Falling to the ground after being hit in the center of there back an explosion sent off sending there body flying everywhere.

Turning around and placing the kunai that he use to cut off the gaurds head back in his pouch, his eyebrow raised as he felt the aura of someone he knew but for some reason it was twisted and greater then before. With out warning it slowly bcame hotter and hotter as he looked back to the stairwell where he saw Nova. But she wasn't like before there was and emptiness about her, showing no emotion as a piece of the bruning roof began to fall on top of her. Before NeVann could react to tell her to wacth out her arm raised and she quickly absorbed the flame into herself and continued down the stairs. She finnally made her way before him as the flames around her wildly danced in almost an hynotic motion. With an emotionless look like one on he showed the guards earlier as she told him she was home while the wind blew her hair back and forth,"I would allow you to leave, however it seems that my Mistress wants whoever created the explosion dead." she continued on as fist began to tighten and she went into a fighting stance. But right as she went to attack him she quickly stop as if someone was telling her to wait, NeVann didn't know what to think but he knew by the fact that her guard still didn't drop that she wasn't going to leave with him that easily.

I do want to hurt you nor fight you, but by no means will I let you kill me. You asked me long ago to come after you if anything like happened but I didn't think it would be in this way. I am sorry but I have to take you down to bring you back.

Channelling his chakra to his feet and charged her creating a sonic boom type of air pressure, sending debris and the two dead bodys dancing in the air. His once brown eyes quickly turned a glowing red as his Sharingan actived, taking his left hand he clinched his fist and draw back his arm. He quickly approched Nova as he thrusted forward with all his power to punch her dead center in the face, but once geting with in inches of her nose his fist along with him seemed to just teleport leaving nothing the force of air pressure that was behind him to blow in her face. Appearing behind her using his right elbow he planed to send it into her back to send her flying forward, where using his high speed to appear back infront of her and try to deliver a vicious knee to her gut that would drive all the air from her lungs forcing her to the ground.

I hoped it wouldn't come to this, please dont continue.

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Nova X ‘s now fiery red eyes never left the Ninja’s body, watching his every movement, every blink, breath and every heart beat. His eyes were just as cold as hers, no emotion, no feeling, but they had something that hers didn’t have, life. She could tell that he was here on a mission, to bring her back… ‘home’ even though she didn’t know what he meant by that. She continued to look at him as he began to speak.

“I do want to hurt you nor fight you, but by no means will I let you kill me. You asked me long ago to come after you if anything like happened but I didn't think it would be in this way. I am sorry but I have to take you down to bring you back.”

She didn’t understand his words, she never spoke to him till this day and she’s never seen him till now, so him talking as if they’ve known each other for years, didn’t make sense. She then turned her head a little to the left as she heard the voice once more.‘Nova X, do not listen to that young man, he is only trying to stall you, to make you lose your concentration. Just stay focus and whatever you do, don’t let your guard down.’The voice said in her head. She nods to show she understood even though the voice couldn’t see it.

Her head slowly turned back the man, she could see he was about to make some sort of move, her eye focused on him as he channeled some sort of heated energy inside his body to his feet, causing them to glow with it. With incredible speed he took off towards her, the ground beneath him breaking apart from the energy he controlled at the soles of his feet. The force of the energy radiating off of him was so strong it sent two of the dead bodies towards her. She simply held out her hands and within seconds each of the bodies blew into tiny pieces, limbs and blood rained down upon the two fighters as the ninja continued to make his way. But as he was running, she saw his eyes turn from a light brown, to a fearsome red. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but whatever it was, she knew she had to be careful.

She watched, as his left hand became a fist, he pulled back his arm while keeping his eyes focused on the person before him. Nova gaze at his fist, as it flew towards her face, aiming right in the dead center. She quickly held up her arms and overlapped each other so that they formed an ‘X’ up and in front of her face, ready to try and block the attack, until he teleported at the last minute. Instead of a hit, a burst of wind flew to her face, forcing her eyes to close shut and causing the fire around her body to dance around in confusion. Before she knew it her radar went off inside her head, he was now behind her. In a fluid motion she stepped to the right, causing the attack to miss her only by inches, she watched as his elbow came past next to her, its energy radiating off of it as it then vanished along with him. He was fast, very fast, but it was nothing her radar couldn’t pick up, or so she thought. Within a blink of an eye he was now in front of her, but this time bringing his knee to her gut. She didn’t have enough time to move out of the way of the attack; instead the knee landed right in her mid-abdomen causing her to bend over and knelt to the ground, but only because of her involuntary reflexes. Maybe if she didn’t have the true adamantium placed as her dermis, the force of his attack would have knocked the air out of her.

“I hoped it wouldn't come to this, please don’t continue.” He said with a stern voice as he looked down upon her.

Nova looked back up at him, her eyes still as empty as they were a few moments ago. She stood up, her body still on fire as she stood for a moment, looking as if thinking of something. She slowly made a fist with her right hand and with speed she pulled back her mechanical flaming fist and swung it at him, aiming for his gut, if this hit him, it not only would it do major damage but also cause a third degree burn. She then jumped into the air, and over him, twisting her body as she landed behind him and crouched down, this time she powered up her right hand up to 5,000 degrees and shot her hand out at his back, aiming right below his last rib at his left side, were his kidney is. As soon as that attack was done she then used her legs to push her up from the ground and up into the air. The dirt and sand kicking up around him, leaving a cloud of it around him.

Nova then began to power up, higher than she already was, she went from 2,370, up to 9,500 degrees in only seconds. Her flames were brighter than they already were, moving around her as if they had a mind of their own.

“If you give up now, I can promise you a quick and painless death.” She said as she continued to stare down at the ninja.

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His movement were fast but not fast enough he felt, thinking he was alittle sloppy on his attack because he forgot about her radar that picked up his movement causing his elbow to miss. But he didn't let that stop him, also must moving twice as fast he appeared infront of her throwing his knee right under he rib cage forcing her to slump over his leg. Something didn't feel right Was inner shell always this hard and dense? he thought to himself as he lowered his leg letting her fall to the ground, he began to speak to her trying to plead with her to stop even though in the back of his mind he knew she wouldn't the normal Nova wouldn't that what led them to this today. Then it finnally hit him that she wasn't gasping for air, then her head arose causing their eyes meet. Surprised by this he took a few steps eyes still locked into hers, they seemed so empty and lifeless this was truely just a shell calling it self Nova. Sadden by this NeVann slightly let his guard down as she rose back to her feet cocking back her right hand that had became engulfed with a slighltly bigger flame, then quickly threw it aimming for his gut. Even with his fast reaction time and reflexes he couldn't stop the but being fast enough he did manage to get his hands on her forearm slowing down and taking away some of the power behind her punch.

Now flying backward he couldn't believe the strength she now had, using his left arm he coved his stomach as he tried to plant his feet to the ground that he was barely hovering over. The soles of his feet finally touched the ground as he slid backwards shooting up small piece of debris before stopping. Knelt over on one knee slightly moved his arm as smoke lifted from his shirt, Good it didn't burn through this time but I cant let her hit me like that again. for him this was one of the few times Nova not being able to remember him work in his favor. Around the first time they met he had clothing made out of a rear fireproof fabric, the very same fabric that his gloves was were to stop him from burning his hands when using very high level fire attacks. He continued to kneel tring to recompose himself and get some air back into his lungs. This was a until he quickly helt large source of heat coming from behind him, eventhough her fire is her greatest strength its also on of her greastest weakness he thought to himself as he rolled out the way placing an explosive tag in the spot that he was kelt over just second before her fist came down setting off the tag. The small explosion set debris flying everywhere as a cloud of smoke filled the almost already destroyed room.The best way I'm going to beat her is with high speed attack so her radar can pick m up but I cant keep attacking at that level speed for long periods of time. he thought to himself as he stood up and released his side reviling that his stomach was never burned. He knew there way no way that exlosion was enough and also in this fight his water clone would be almost useless, then an idea sparked causing his to make a number of hand seal with great speed before say Taju-kage bunshin no jutsu:mass shadow clone and five clones of NeVann appeared out of no where, all a perfect copy of his flesh, bone and blood. Putting out the same level of body heat there was no way she could tell them for the real one he thought to himself, as he waited for the smoke to clear.

As the visibilty rose there was now six NeVann all staring at Nova with the same emotionless bright red glowing eyes. Four of them moving at high speeds seemed to vanish like he did when he kneed her in the gut earlier, as the other two just stood there make sets of hand seals. the first two ninjas that that reppeared at the same time torquing their bodies one clockwise while the other spining counter clockwise both haed a leg extended to kick her with but one was aimed for her head as the other went for her legs to send her horizontally end the air where a third NeVann would appear leapping into the air to drop kick her in the stomach send her flying backwards where she would be met by the fourth one. With his arm high above his head to bring them across her torso causeing great damage upon with it and the ground as the last two finsihed their hand seals and began running, one with a bright blue orb *(Fuuton Rasengan"wind element:Spiraling Sphere") and the other with a ball of high concentrated water (Hahonryuu "Destruction Torrent") as they leaped into the air side by side their level of being in sync went all the way to the heartbeats. Coming down aiming for Nova's gut they combining the two attack into the Gufuu Suika no Jutsu:Typhoon Water Vortex Technique NeVann planed on repelling the strong fire back lash that would be caused by him using a wind based attack on Nova.

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Nova watched as the young man slid across the dirt ground, trying to get his composure back up from her first attack. She quickly ran after him and when he stopped in his tracks she was able to make her way behind him and pulled back her left hand, ready to strike. However when she did, instead of the smell of burning flesh and the sound of a painful cry an explosion blew in her face. This caused her to stumble back a bit before she managed to jump into the air. As the smoke from the explosion cleared, instead of seeing one ninja she saw six. Her eyes darted from one clone to the other, trying to figure out which one was the real one. But to her surprise each of them were a perfect clone, she couldn’t tell, their body heat was the same, their way of breathing was the same, even the way their hearts beat were all the same.

‘Nova, just attack them all the same, treat them all as if they were the real thing!’The voice yelled inside her head. She nod to show understanding even though the voice couldn’t see it.

Right when she was going to try and attack them, four of the six disappeared, she knew they would be coming up fast, so she stood ready, she then felt a sudden movement of one of them, and that was all she needed. She quickly held up her arms to her face as a foot came flying at her, she blocked the attack dead in its track but then at that very second she felt another leg sweep under her legs, causing her to flip to her back, right that second she watched as the third clone came jumping above her, as he came back down his leg was pulled up, ready to smash his foot into her stomach. She quickly moved her hands to her stomach, stopping the impact of his foot, but the force was still so strong it sent her flying down, she managed to turn her body, as she saw the fourth clone waiting for her to come to him. But Nova quickly used her right hand and shot out a powerful force of fire out, causing it to move her out of the way of that attack as she also used her left hand to shoot out two fire balls of fire at the clone, one at his hand that was already stretched out and the other at his face.

As she landed on the ground, she rolled on it once, dirt kicking up as she shot out a stream of fire with her left hand, causing it to shoot her up a couple of feet, and allowing her to land gracefully on her feet. Her outfit was now full of dirt but she didn’t bother to dust herself off, instead she stayed focused, her right hand held out in front of her while her left hand was hidden behind her back, her face was tilted down just a couple centimeters, allowing her to stay more focused on what was before her.

She then watched as the last two clones came running at her, both of their hands glowing with amazing energy, one was holding a blue, almost water like energy while the other held a wind like energy force. The both of them came almost flying at her at ground level, their life energy pulsating as one, in unison with one another. Nova quickly powered up once more, this time from 9,500 degrees up to a blazing 100,000 degrees in a second, her right hand that was held out in front of her was now brighter. As the two figures then jumped into the air at the same time, they also came down at the same time. The balls of energy coming down at her gut, but she quickly used her right hand to shoot out a stream of powerful fire at the temperatures of 90,000 degrees when the two were only a couple of feet from her. The impact of all three energy attacks created a massive explosion, so bright that it was seen across the land about ten miles from were the two fighters were at.

Nova’s feet slid across the ground as she managed to hold out her hands in front of her face, stopping from any debris from getting into her eyes. She kept sliding until she finally stopped about 33 yards from the explosion; the force from it was so powerful that it caused Nova’s fire to be put out. Nova looked down at her right hand, its flesh was burned off all the way from her finger tips down to the mid part of her lower arm, her metallic form reviled underneath. Even though her hand was injured, she showed no emotion of pain or even discomfort. She simply shook her right hand, trying to get some of the blood that was dripping from it off of her.

She then looked back up, she saw the six clones still standing, she wasn’t sure which one to attack first, so instead she attacked all six at the same time. She pulled back her left hand and made a fist with it, she grunt as she slammed it into the ground, creating a small creator that was a foot deep into the ground. Within seconds the ground started to shake violently around them. The ground that the six ninja copies were on suddenly glowed red as a half a second later lava shot up from underneath them. Attempting to engulf them in its deadly heat. She then pulled her hand up from the ground, pieces of the earth clinging onto her arm as she then stomped her right foot on the ground, the lava that was around the area now suddenly swirled around into a ball. Nova then clapped her hands together, this time causing the lava to take the shape of a human, standing nine feet tall. Nova then got into a fighting stance, as she did so did the lava formed human. She then shot her right hand out, as soon as she did so did the lava figure. Shooting out a stream of red lava at two of the clones. She then used her left hand and swung it across her body, this caused the lava monster to do the same but his arm extended out like a whip of lava, attempting to hit another three clones. Nova then ran forward, the lava figure doing the same, charging at the last ninja. She then lift her right foot up and shot it out, this caused the lava figure to do the same, trying to smash its foot into the ninja man.

Nova now stood in a fighting stance about 10 yards behind her creation which too got into a fighting stance.

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As the three different elemental attack connected, the conflecting energies swirled around in a beautiful display of blues, greens, red and orange. As the the combining force created an unstable ball of energy that created a massive explosion kicking up debris and busting up pipes, being blown away by the pressure of air that built up around the ball NeVann and his five clones where sent almost to the other end of the TDS complex. Sliding back NeVann noticed that a large piece of debris that use to be part of the roof was heading right him, for a moment it looked like it had N.O.V.A. Industries. writen on it causeing his blood to begin to boil. Those people did this to her. Focusing a large amount of chakra into his fist he made a fist the thrusted it forward, as his fist made impact he released the energy stored up shattering it into tiny pieces that just continued to fly pass him as if it didn't want to invoke his wrath once more. As a cloud of dust filled the the area NeVann took this time to reflect on the battle so far, when he finnally picked up on that before every attack she seemed to be talking to someone and nodding. I need to try and overload her communication chip. he thought to himself as he waited for the dust to clear.

As the dust finally settled NeVann could finally see Nova, but she wasn't covered in wild fire like before no it was just her tan toned skin and some exposed metal under her skin. He saw this as his one opening seeing her like this he couldn't help but remember the time when she lost her powers thats to kenobi giveing her some milk, and he couldn't help but to smile slightly. Yet that smile was short lived do to the vibration he felt as Nova drove her fist in the ground creating a crater, feel the earth under their feets shake more they quickly began leaping from that area just in time to avoid the geysers of melting lava erupting from the earth as they all turned their attention back to Nova when only one of them began to speak.

So your pulling out all the stops, and you truely do wish to kill me. But I'm sorry I made a promise to you a while back and I do tend to keep it, even if I do die doing so.

He just watched her as she pulled her fist from the earth as the lava level rose from the ground, before she stomped her foot into the same openning that her fist just made. Upon pulling it out the lava began to pull together making a some what human figure as she clapped her hands met each other, never knowing she had this level of power he watched on with a look of amazment. Moving like her shadow as she thrusted her right arm it did the same, still kinda stunned at what he was see NeVann just stood there as the lava fist came at him. Realizing that he was moving two of his clones quickly jumped at him pushing NeVann out of the way as they where hit disappearing in a cloud of smoke. He began to to get up until the lava creature attacked again with only could be described as a whip, quickly laying back down and turning his head to the left to become as flat as he could it barely missed grazing him. But his clone was as fast or lucky as they sliced in half by the burning heat alone and like the other two before them they disappeared in a cloud of smoke, as NeVann laid there he noticed one of the broken pipes was leaking water and that would be all he needed. Planting his hand with his elbows bent behind his head then lifing his legs upward, he pushed up arching his back as his knees bent causing him to kick up before performing three wide gapped back flips put some distance between him the approching lava puppet. Make a set of hand seals and then placing his hands at his side he stood there, unflinched not even looking at the creature any longer his eyes only set on Nova as the the monster with it burning foot was coming down to stomp on him.

Before the foot could reach him a huge blast of water in the shape of a dragon rushed the lava puppet with it's mouth open crashed into it sending water and steam every where. As the steam cleared all that was a 9 foot tall statue with its foot raised up, and of the dragon all that remaind was a water level that only reached half way up their calfs even though it didn't seem like alot to be that so low it did flood the whole room. Walking forward NeVann made a fist and with every bit of rage he had in him he punch the black rocked statue, which crumbled and sent a cloud of ash to sky as he passed it. His eyes no longer had an emotionless or sadden look about them, only that of determination to bring back his friend. He stopped as he looked into her emotionless cold green eyes the flow chakra raised in his legs, and before a blink of an eye he vanished running at top speed across the water. The only way to tell that he was running was by the way the water trail split, appeareing behind Nova almost 12 seconds before the water trial reached her feet. Where he planed to reach his arms under hers and locking them together behind her head locking her in a full nelson as he released a high voltage of lighting chakra for his whole body, but with them standing in water it would amplify that at least 10x to fry her communication chip so their battle would continue without any interfernce for who ever she was talking to. Then releasing one of her arm NeVann reached into his pocket and pulling out a chip, he used the right hand that he still had on the back of her head to lift up her brown hair reviling a slot where he went to insert the chip.

This should snap some sense into you!

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Nova watched as one by one the clones that the ninja created went out in a puff of smoke by the attack of her lava puppet. However when it came to destroy the real one, he managed to call upon what looked like a water dragon, it smashed into her lava creation, steam flew all around the area as Nova could feel the heat from it even were she stood. She felt the pressure of the steam rush to her, causing her hair to be blown behind her; she had to squint her eyes so they wouldn’t dry out because of this. When the steam cleared she saw that the water ended up causing her monster to turn into a 9 foot tall statue, the area around them was also now covered in water, about two feet deep. The cold water made the muscles in her legs twitch, but her face made no reaction to it.

‘Nova X, get rid of that water around you right now!’The male voice yelled out in almost a panic. Nova nod once more as she snapped the fingers of her right hand once more, but this time instead of fire, a wave of heat covered her body, this caused any water that was three feet all around her to evaporate. She stood firmly on the ground, still in her defensive stance as she looked back up at the ninja watching as he crumbled the statue with his bear hands.

‘He has super strength as well? Nova X, you must not allow him to touch you, he seems to give him massive power.’The voice said once more as Nova nod her head. She then watched as his energy once more went to his legs, she knew whatever he was about to do, he was going to do it with a massive amount of speed. She knew she wouldn’t be able to see him once he took off and she was right.

As soon as he took his first couple of steps, he could no longer be seen by the naked eye. She knew he was running across the water, because she could see his body heat and the ripples made in the water. But even with her heat sense, she couldn’t keep up with him. One moment he was running and the next he was gone, and then her radar picked him up.‘NOVA BEHIND YOU!’Was all she heard from inside her skull until she felt her own arms become locked behind her head. She was stuck, she tried to pull away but even with her super strength she couldn’t get free from the Ninja’s grasp. She then felt a wave of electricity rush through her body, causing her to throw her head back and grit her teeth. Her body shook violently as she could hear the sizzle of her flesh burn, the smell of burning flesh filled the air around them as the electric energy finally stopped. Nova’s head slumped over as her body suddenly became heavy. She was still awake and still aware of what was going on, but her body was on shut down mode, trying to repair itself.‘Three seconds to re-boot’a robotic voice said inside her head.

‘3….’The count started as the ninja quickly let go of Nova’s right arm, causing it to dangle down on the side of her body.‘2…’Nova heard him pull out something from his back pocket.‘1…’she felt him move her hair out of the way from behind her neck, causing it to overlap her face “This should snap some sense into you!” She could sense he was bringing the chip down, trying to slip it inside her memory compartment in the back of her upper neck.‘Reboot complete’the voice said as she heard the ninjas words. Nova quickly gained control of her body and managed to jerk her head to the side, causing the object that was to be placed inside her miss, but only by a couple of meters. While he still had her in his lock she then burst into flames, her fire blazing out about five feet all around her. The blazing 60,000 degree flames danced around her body, reaching out to the ninja, trying to take his life form his hands.

She then managed to break the lock he had her in by twisting her own body counter clockwise. She quickly jumped back about ten feet and looked at the object the ninja was holding. It was a chip, she wasn’t sure what kind of chip, but she knew that if it went inside her memory bank, it would do something her Creator didn’t want to happen. She then placed her right hand over her ear as if trying to hear something. “What now?” she asked.

‘S….p…. bra-… dis-…y…’was all she could hear in her head. The electric attack that rushed through her body totally messed up her communication device inside her head with her master. She stood there for a moment as if trying to figure out what he said, but she couldn’t. She looked down at her body; it was burned, black patches all over her body and her outfit torn from the attack. She then saw red drip down from her face, blood. She reached up with her right hand and felt her warm blood touch her skin. She wiped her nose clean with her metallic hand and stretched out her left arm. For some reason they felt stiff from the attack that the ninja just placed on her.

She figured that she was on her own; her master wasn’t going to be there to help her anymore. She then placed her hand over her right ear again and spoke. “Repair communication device with N.O.V.A HQ.” She said as a buzzing was heard from inside her head.‘Unable to comply.’The robotic voice said. Nova didn’t say anything else, she knew she had to stop the ninja, so that’s what she was going to do. But first… that chip inside his hand had to go. Nova stuck out her flaming right hand and concentrated on the chip, she then attempt to use her fire power to inject heat into it, if this happened the chip would explode right in his hand if it wasn’t already messed up from when she powered up. She then looked over at the ninja and her eyes narrowed at him. “You shall die now.” She said as she shift her body so that it was in aliment with his, her fingers of her right hand all aimed at his chest, she then concentrated once more. But this time instead of trying to inject the heat, she was going to try and suck out his body heat. She watched as she could fell her own energy reaching out towards his body heat, as if pleading to allow it to suck him dry of his life’s energy. If this worked, his body would go right into hypothermia and the ninja would freeze to death.

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Think this nightmare was finally was about to come to the end with Nova now motionless only being held up by his arm he went to insert her memory chip, as the chip moved closer to the slot on the back of Nova's neck. Then without warning he felt her head jerk causing him to barely miss the slot, then right before he could go for a second try he felt the heat of of a supernova surround his body causing his grip to loosen enough for Nova to free herself. Jummping a good distance away he noticed her attention wasn't on him but on the object that was in his hand, eventhough it was little melted it seemed to still be able to work this was until he saw smoke come from it. Hearing a crackling noise he tossed the chip in the air as it sparked before hitting the ground. In an attempt to have her believe that was his last bit of hope, a look of sadness cover his face like a maskas he looked at his feet then at nova then for moment longer back at the melted chip. Finally gazing back upon the shell of his former friend a new fire and fury lite up in his eyes and his Sharingan took on a new form. The three tomoe swirled around his pupil before becoming one and taking the shape of a shuriken.

Since you destroyed that chip I guess I'll have to make you remeber another way.

His eyes narrowed as legs slightly spread and he crouched down, his left arm extentded half way with his hand in a fist while his right hand in fist was by his side. Right as he was going to lock his eyes into her he felt his body slowly become numb as if the warm of his body was being stolen away. As he began to feel colder and colder he dropped down to one knee, barely being able to move he looked up at her his vision began to blur as NeVann's body began to shut itself down he heard her chilling words You shall die now. the coldness in her voice was far worst then the chill that was taking over his body. As a last ditch efford to stop her from from draining the last of his heat he forced his hand to make one more set of hand seals before his hands to fell to ground. The puddles of water rose up and took the form of the fallen ninja, Moving with seem speed he showed before it rushed her planing to throwing its right elbow into the center of her back to send her flying forward wher she would be met by another clone with his left hand reared back with a clinched fist sending forward right into her face. As two more clones waited with arms extended they went to trap her in Suiro no Jutsu:Water Prison Technique to by NeVann some time.

Not being able to move NeVann laid there looking up at the roof that had been blown off exposing beams, the sky was was almost clear a few clouds carelessly danced vast sea of lightly blue. His mind became clear as he eyes closed and the tattoo began to glow a birght red, before covering the left side of his body in what looked to be a trible tattoo of flames. The energy of his curse seal flushed through his body filling him with new life, NeVann slowly began to sit placing his hand behind him firmly on the ground the pure force of his energy alone caused debris around him to break the chains if gravity and dance in the air around him. Slowly making his way to his feet the glowing red seal finally settled turning black, he stared at Nova how was fighting his water clones and without a second thought he charged at her displaying greater speed then before. Stopping as he came face to face with Nova he looked deeply into her green with his Mangekyou Sharingan the shuriken looking like Sharingan spun as to trap Nova in his Tsukuyomi: Moon Reader The moon became as red as blood hanging in the sky,that turned blacker then the darkest piece of coal.

This is my world to warp and twist as I see fit, and in it I will remind you of who you are.

He said to a Nova that seemed to be tied to pike in this world, The clouds in the sky began to move backwards before the sky and everything around shattered leaving nothing but a back empty void then images started swirling around them.

I know your still in there come back.

He showed her times that she spent in the W.A.L. building joking laughing playing jokes, the time they met even showed her memoires he that where stored in the memory chip she destroyed. The images of her memories replyed in the reality those 72 hours only past in mere 3 mintues, attacking Nova's mind NeVann stands there watching as one crimson tear falls from his eye.

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Nova stood glaring down at the young ninja's weak body. She was only seconds away from killing him, freezing him to death. She thought this fight would be over, that is until she saw him begin to create hand signs with the little strength he had left in his body.

"Impossible." she said as she saw more water clones arise from the puddles of water around the two of them. She cursed to herself as she stopped sucking up his body heat to now keep an eye on the clones.

To her surprise the ninja clones moved just as fast as before. She looked around trying to see were the ninjas took off to only to be answered by a elbow to her back. She was sent flying forward and within another second she felt a fist ram into her face, sending her down to the ground with aTHUD. Nova watched as two more clones came rushing at her with extended arms, getting ready to try trap her. She quickly flipped up from the ground and slid to the right of one of the clones, dodging him as she also sent a kick to his back. She quickly turned around to face the other clone to only get punched, but as soon as this punch landed she was engulfed in a bubble of water. Instantly her flames died out. She pound on the edges of the water prison with her super strength but for some reason she couldn’t get the water to break apart.

She watched as the Ninja who was lying on the round as black glowing tattoos covered his entire left side of his body. He stood up, as if full of energy once more, as he sat up she could see the amount of new body heat run through his body. His energy was so powerful it caused the ground to crumble just by his touch. The once calm and cold ninja was now looked like a fierce and ruthless warrior. Nova knew that she was in trouble, analyzing her chances of winning were now slimed down. She then began to power up, even though she was in water she could still raise her body temperature up to were the water should evaporate. So, she did that. Nova rose her body temperature up to a crazy 500,000 degrees, that was what it took for the water to finally evaporate around her. She knelt at the ground gasping for air as she coughed up water that was filled in her lungs. She then looked up at the Ninja her hair dripping wet in her face and watched him come at her with such speed she had to blink a couple of times just to make sure he was now standing in front of her. Her eyes narrowed at him as he did the same to her. She glared into his red eyes, only to wish she didn’t. The sky then became darker than night itself and the moon turned to a blood red. She quickly stood up and jumped back a bit.

"What did you do?" Nova asked trying to figure out what happened.

"This is my world to wrap and twist as I see fit, and in it I will remind you of who you are." He said coldly as he continued to stair at her.

Her green eyes darted around to see the world almost seem as if it was spinning backward, everything around them then seemed to shatter. Making it look like they were standing on nothing. No ground, no sky, no nothing. If Nova had emotions and feelings they may have freaked her out, but she just stood their, looking back at the ninja.

"I know your still in there, come back." He said.

"I do not know what you speak of but I will not stand around and be made to look like a fool." She said as she began to rush up to him, pulling back her flaming fist. Only to stop dead in her tracks, her mind became flooded with memories

She took a step back and shook her head as if trying to get them out. She saw images of a team, a family, who were close together. She saw images of a young raven haired girl talking to her as if they were friends, she saw images of a powerful blond who was filled with darkness, a man in a powerful suite of armor and lead a team with passion, a funny robot man who was always cracking jokes along with another young man.

"W-what is all of this?" She asked as she then saw a young Jedi man, whirling around his light saber trying to master his Jedi power. A young red haired woman who called Nova her sister and then a ninja, the ninja that was standing before her. She saw images of the both of them talking, making jokes.

'Ok, I cant say I don’t love the idea.... but I would be evil just to try to make number one every week on The Vines Most wanted.' The ninja joked as she then saw an image of herself.

'What?! No I would be number one!' She yelled back at him with a smile on her face.

Nova grabbed onto her head. All of these images, memories, they were hers and yet they weren’t. She didn’t know what was going on, but it was causing her mind to feel like it was ready to explode*

Another memory then hit her. Everyone was in a frenzy because there was a woman by the name of Bi The Vampire Queen running around looking for Angelic Reaper, only now the males of the group started teasing Nova about it.

'She won't kiss Nova, she'll friggen bite her lips off, since she's a vampire.' The captain of the team joked as he looked over at Feral Nova.

Nova then covered her mouth in fear. 'Guys stop it! Your scaring me!' she said as she looked around in a panic for her friend Angelic Reaper. 'Tell your hubby and Cap to stop it! I need to get a boyfriend and fast!' she joked around.

She was then tapped on the shoulder by the ninja and was handed a 'Boyfriend for hire card'

*Nova now stood there trying to stop the images flowing into her mind. "This isnt me... its not me..." she said to herself as she started to breath heavily. These emotions, I do not possesses, these memories, are not mine... not mine!’ She yelled out as she powered up.'Emotional and sesory chip re-activated.'a voice in her head said as a beeping was herd inside her head.

Nova then immediately knelt down the to the ground. Her mind was now being flooded with emotion and her body was being sent in a shock wave full of feeling. She could feel pain, all over her body, and it caused her to scream in agonizing pain. Her fire went out as she smashed her fist in the ground, tears streaming down her face as she began to laugh at the same time. "W-whats happening?!" She cried out as her body began to tremble. The images still flowing through her mind. She was now confused, scared, angered, in pain, tired, and in shock all at the same time.

She stayed kneeling down clutching onto her head as she felt like she was on the ground for hours. She couldn’t take it anymore, she couldn’t think, she was overwhelmed with the images, emotions and feelings she was ready to burst. She was there for almost three days, trying to fight off the images, trying to stay sane. Suddenly the images stopped, Novas swollen eyes and shaky body was still knelt down on the ground. She couldn’t move, she felt like she couldn’t breath. She opened her eyes and looked up at the Ninja.

"N-NeVann..." she said as she slowly stood up. Her body still shaky from the massive metal attack. "What did you do to me?!" She blurted out as she then burst into flames. Instead of the cold look upon her face, it was full of rage. "Why do I feel all of these emotions and feelings?!" She said as he rushed up to him, flying at ground level as fast as sound. The ground level and right at NeVann. She pulled back her fist and attempted to punch him in the face. "What are all of those images you placed in my mind!" she then attempted to round house kick him in the jaw as she then jumped up and shot out a stream of fire at the ninja. "I have them inside me, all in my mind and yet they feel as if they dont belong there!" She said in frustration as she then threw four fire balls at him. One at his face, the other at his stomach, the third at his left leg and the last one back at his face. Even though she had those memories inside her head, they weren’t properly installed in, so instead of them being downloaded into her mind to convert into her own memory, she only sees them as memories of another person, not of herself.

She then landed back on the ground and was still breathing heavily, taking deep breaths and her swollen red eyes never leaving him.

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As his Tsukuyomi attack took affect he overflooded Nova's mind with memories of who she was long before she fought Sha and N.O.V.A. rebuilt her, her cries of pain echoed in the dark void of nothingness. He just watched as Nova droped to her knees screaming W-whats happening?!, his eyes stayed cold as he looked on at her trembling holding her hands over he head trying to make the images stop. NeVann never ment for to go this far this technique was never meant to be used on a friend let alone someone he cared for, even though he stood before her as cold and emotionless as she once was to him. Inside his own mind was another story, he wanted to stop or drown out the sounds of her horrible screams of pain this was as hard on him as it was on her.

By time the 71st hour came along he could no longer look at the pain he was causing Nova, I'm sorry I hope you could forgive me in the future for this but I'm only doing it to bring you back. he thought to himself as the 72nd hour passed and the jutsu was broken. Closing his eyes he wiped away the tears of blood that traveled from his eyes, the side affect of using such a power technique it puts a tremendous strain on the users eyes causing them to bleed and if over used for long periods of time the use could forever have he's slight casted into darkness. Knowing this NeVann still risked it because bring back Nova was more important to him then ever being able to see the lights of this world again, this is what she meant to him. N-NeVann... he heard Nova before slowly opening his eyes, everything was a blur to him he barely saw the outline of her, He knew this wasn't good he maybe able to use those eyes for one more attack but using it so soon even with the extra power of the curse seal he would for surely go blind. As his Mangekyou went back to the normal Sharingan his vision became alittle bit more clear, he was able to focus alittle more as he looked into her emerald eyes that were surround by red and puffiness. Her question began to trample his ears What did you do to me?! Why do I feel all of these emotions and feelings?! What are all of those images you placed in my mind! before he could even utter a word he felt the fury of raged filled fist smash into his face.

The bone crushing sound traveled through out what was left of the room as he was sent flying back at least ten feet away from her, his body bounced and fliped a few times before landing flat on his back. Sitting up he placed his left hand on the side of his face where he was hit and shook his head, Wow she hit me hard, note to safe pissed off Nova hits hard as hell. he thought to himself as he arose back to his only see Nova rushing at him again looking like she was about to through a round house kick. Dropping down Nova's leg barely missed as the force of her kick sent his hair flying to the side, Spring back up he backfliped three times trying to put space inbetween them when he heard her yell out once more I have them inside me, all in my mind and yet they feel as if they dont belong there! as he landed his balance was alittle off do to the chakra he had used up so far. Catching himself he looked at the enraged Nova who had just unleased a fury of fireballs, quickly lifting and crossing his arms to make an "X" infront of his face stumbling back as the first one struck his arms because it was aimed for his face. Before he could recover from the first one another was felt forcing air from lungs before a third dropped him to one knee and the final one sent him flying on to his back again, shaking his arms as the smoke danced up to the sky from his clothing NeVann sat up and placing his hands behind him he shook his head some more as he looked at the heavily breathing, emotionally confused and enraged Nova.

Nova, please belive me when I say I'm sorry for this I can tell that all your memories had prossessed correctly or else.. or else I wouldn't be sitting like I am feeling like I was hit by a train. You say those feelings and memories dont belong in your head... ah your wrong everything I've showed you was truely things that you gone through and felt, trust me I truely care for and all I want is for you to come home where you belong... We miss you I miss you... S-So stop with this madness I beg of you, I-I...

He closed his to hide that they were begining to tear up, turning his head he began to raise to his feet. Placing his hand on his shakey left knee he finally made his way back to his feet, he re-opened his eyes as he faced Nova once more as the curse seal began to retract. His body wobbled back and forth as he tried to stand himself, then enterlocking three of his four fingers he made a tiger hand seal and raised his hand to the center of his chest. A small crest appears on his forehead Infuin: Kai, Shadow Seal: Release this a seal becomes visible on his face as it glew an eerie greenish blue glow, as the seal setted it turned black before fade as a rush of stored up chakra that he keep just incased flowed like a river through out his body. Knowing if this didn't work the only thing that would left would be his Curse Seal level to form be he didn't want that to happen he had already put her through enough pain, Nova! he yelled out as the flow of chakra rushed down into his leg muscles please hold out alittle long. he thought to himself as he began to charge forward. His weight shifted from left to right as he started picking up speed, moving at the same speed he did when the cures seal was active debris seemed to jump out of his path as he made his way to Nova. Reaching her he went to grab her shoulder as he reared back his left leg and then quickly bought it forward to throw his knee in stomach but unlike the last time he plan upon connections release the chakra he stored in that leg impact yes wouldn't crack the adamantium shell but it should have applied the force he want to drive the air from her lungs and most likely into the air unless he had her shoulders. Then quickly spining to her left he would hook her arm and stomp on the back of knee forcing her into a kneeling postion, as he went for a second chip. Knowing that the first one my get destoryed in battle he made a backup one. Pinning her knee to the ground with his foot he gripped the back of her moving her hair to revile the slot once more and trying to end this nightmare for both of them he go to insert the chip.

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Nova stood as she glared down upon the injured Ninja, he was beaten down by her attacks and was barley able to only sit up on his own, his arms smoking from her fire attacks. She could feel her body trembling underneath her, she was so angry but mostly frustrated and confused.

"Nova, please believe me when I say I'm sorry for this I can tell that all your memories had processed correctly or else.. or else I wouldn't be sitting like I am feeling like I was hit by a train. You say those feelings and memories don’t belong in your head... ah your wrong everything I've showed you was truly things that you gone through and felt, trust me I truly care for and all I want is for you to come home where you belong... We miss you I miss you... S-So stop with this madness I beg of you, I-I..."

He didn’t finish he only closed his eyes, and moved his head to the side as if trying to hide something. He then stood up on his own, wobbling back and forth as he did, as he looked upon Nova once more. She watched him begin to create those hand seals again, this time when he made one he placed his hand to the center of his chest as a crest started to appear upon his forehead.

"W-What are you doing?!" Nova blurted out as she took a couple of steps back. She saw that what he just did gave him a burst of heated energy through his body.

"Nova!" he yelled out. This sent chills down the fire girls back. She was scared right now, scared of what he was about to do.

He then took off, his body almost flying across the ground as the floor crumbled beneath him. With her emotions back online she was too overwhelmed to even try and move out of the way of him. She felt him grab onto her shoulder, she gasping in surprise. Before she could even try to move she felt his knee come up to her stomach, but this time the force of it knocked the air out of her lungs. She then became limp coughing and trying to gasp for air at the same time. Her stomach felt like a train just rammed into it. She then felt his arms hooking under her own and forcing her down into a kneeling position. He was attempting to the same thing again.

"A...a-n...oth..er?" She managed to get out too weak to try to move.

She could feel him move her hair to the side once more, were her downloading slot was at. Nova, with the little strength she had tried to move, but it was no use she couldn’t break free, he had her pined down too well.

She then felt the chip enter her slot, followed by a 'click' that would show that it was in correctly.

"N-n..no..." Nova struggled to say as a screen came up inside her mind.

'Memory chip placed, downloading memory files now, time for download completion two minutes and ten seconds.'the computer system inside her mind said.

Nova stayed in that position for a moment, while trying to catch her breath, she could feel herself slowly getting her strength back and since her time was limited she started to jerk her body back and forth.

"L-let go of me!" She demanded as she continued to move around. "Do you know who I am!?" She blurted out as she could feel her fire within her getting ready to be let loose. "I AM THE FIRE GODDESS OF AWESOMENESS FERAL NOVA!" She shout at the top of her lungs as she then burst into flames once more. This time she went right into her white fire mode. Her fire was now at the peak of its heat and blinding to anyone to looked at it. She then used her super strength to break the hold that NeVann hand on her if the fire didn’t already do that. She then stood up and turned her body to face the ninja man.'thirty seconds to download complete'

"YOU WILL DIE!" Rage filled her voice as she could feel the files almost being done downloading. She then rose her hands in the air, creating a fire ball of her white fire. The ball was six feet by six feet and growing as oxygen around them started to feed off of it.'Fifteen seconds'She then lift the ball of fire over her head, and smiled evilly at him. This attack was her most powerful fire attack. Not only was it made with her white fire but it was also powered by the oxygen around them, making it hotter, faster and more powerful with every second and it was able to follow its target by seeking out their heat energy.'Five seconds'

Nova then threw the ball of fire at NeVann, it flew from her hands and rushed at him with speed while at the same time still growing. Nova stood on the ground still laughing at the Ninja.'Download Completed'her system then said. Nova's body then fell to the ground as he fire instantly died out. About half a second later she picked up her head and shook it for a moment she blinked a few times as she looked around in a panic. "NEVANN!" She yelled out in horror as she realized what she did. Nova quickly stuck out her right hand and closed it into a tight fist, this should disburse the ball of fire, causing it to die out before doing any harm but she wasn’t sure if she did it on time.

Nova stood up on her two feet, she now remembered who she was, who he was, and why he was pressing so hard to get through her. She remembered giving him her chip and she remembered asking him to bring her back, but realizing what it took to bring her back, she almost wish she didn’t.

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Upon forcing Nova to a kneeling postion he felt her begin to violently shaking trying to free herself from grasp, it took all his strength at this point just to hold her still as lifted up her reviling the solt once more. As he successfully insert the chip her jerks and rocking slowly became more and more harder to control, L-let go of me! he heard Nova yell at him in a demanding tone but her words fell on deaf ears. He continued to ignore her longer as she in a very angry tone Do you know who I am!? but what happened next he couldn't just turn a deaf ear too. Holding her down he felt a rush of heat surround his body once more, refusing to let go he held on as the force of air pressure sent his hair flying back as his clothes hugged him tighter. I'm not letting go of you Nova! he yelled not even knowing if the vibrations of his voice could even be picked up in her ear, he placed his free arm over his face to protect his eyes from bright shin that Nova started to give off, she began slowly stand and then overpowering he Nova freed her self from his grip and then turned and faced him. His eyes widen as he had never seen her white form, it was terrorfyingly beautiful as he watched her desend upward after uttering the words YOU WILL DIE!

This battled had truely taken its toll on his body he slumped over slightly heavily breathing as he figured that this wold be the last moment he spent on this plain of existence, he gathered what energy he had left and stood firmly upright and just closed his eyes.

If its my time at least I know you'll become yourself again, so that mines mission is over and my death wont be for nothing.

He then opened his eyes to look upon her once more, the heat that she generated thinned out the air slow making it hard to breath consuming more and more of the oxygen around him as it grew bigger. Then closing his eyes as Nova's arm went into the motion of throwing the the large ball at him, he seem to welcome his death. As the ball drew close he could the heat that caused him sweat, and right as it got with in a 2ft. of him the tattoo on his neck began to glow red as two hand like wings appeared and wrapped them selves around him in a caccoon type fashion like a mother protecting her young. Even with the Curse seal wings he could feel the heat, he cried out in pain as the flames burned his wings. Then within seconds the heat dropped without notice and the flames vanished as NeVann fell to the floor one wing melted completely off while another was only left at an half, smoked rose from his body as the what was left of his wings desned back into the seal turning it black once more. Seeming to be lifeless his body didn't more for a few mintues that was until his hand grasped for the ground and finally raising his he say to an overly sadden Nova.

I-Im... o-okay now need to be sad... I'm just g-glad.... your back to normal, I-I'..ll be fine I.. just needs to sleep... c-an... we... go.. home.. now?

Then somehow he made his way to his feet and walked over to her, and making his way to her he embraced her tightly hugging her before smiling at her his eyes slowly closed as he had no more strength to hold himself up and collasped, and in a few seconds after that all that was heard was the sounds of him snorring.

Things finally returned back to normal still alittle sore NeVann made his way out for his daily training when he was a met by a delivery man.

Are you U-Uchiha NeVann?

Yes, can I help you?

These packages are for you.

Taking the packages he headed back to the lobby boxes when he saw Nova sitting on the couch watching T.V. He smiled at her as he read the letter that was in one of the boxes.

Hey Nova you got a second, we really need to talk about that memory chip I uploaded into you. I wrote a code of fake memories of you training with me to quickly improve your hand to hand skills.

As he went to explain he pulled a sword from one of the boxes that had the Yakamoshi crest on it.

Sweet my new and improved sword is here! oh wait where was I? oh yeah not only did I add hand to hand combate skills but I also add sword training simulation to the memories as well, I hope your not mad at me for doing so, but to make up for it I had this made for you.

Then openning the second box he reviled a second sword witha golden hilt and sheathe, and bowing he presented it to her.

It's made of a mix of nano tech and true adamantium that is only synced to your systems, so it will obey you and you alone. But now I must be off to continue my training for today I need to see how well the new improvements on my sword are, so if you have anyother question you can feel free to ask me later.

Then smiling once more he grip his sword and placing one hand over his face and closed his eyes before vanishing out the WAL building.