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June 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

"It doesn't feel right." His thoughts and memories weren't aligned. Disjointed living had only caused him harm. From death to resurrection, mythology had become actuality. "None of this makes sense." Antonio hadn't felt this uneasy since Max entered his life. "Why was I killed?" He didn't like this feeling, this emptiness, this weakness.

"Did I do something bad?" It's three in the afternoon and he can't shake off this skin deep depression. There's a vacuous silence from the diner room. Words undistributed from his taciturn savior. And for some reason, he knew why. He could see an aura emitting from her pours. It was an ability he had no recollection of ever having. "Miranda?" One thing was for certain. His protector was definitely agitated.

"You're alive. That's all that matters." She broke her vow of indifference, conversing through shadiness hadn't done this quest any good. Showing a piece of humanity would serve her well, especially when this journey reached its' conclusion. Smiling as best as she could, the nomadic defender embraced her disconcerted wallflower. "I'm sorry about your father. Being in a catatonic state can really through a wrench into building a relationship." A wise crack. Something her superior encouraged, but something she disliked.

"I can help you. That's why I found you. I pulled you away before anyone discovered your whereabouts. I'm keeping you away from two different families. Two families that'll only ruin your life." She knew about Clarice. She knew the truth about Jayden, but she wouldn't spill the beans. "I know you want to remember, but entering the limelight is too dangerous. You're not ready. Do you understand me?" Antonio squinted, trying his hardest to prevent further tears. Not knowing infuriated him. This wasn't fair. His life wasn't fair.

"I understand." His mouth moved into a tight smirk. Aesthetically it's very pleasing, the perfect frontage, but it turned Miranda off. She knew right than, anything she said or did, he wouldn't believe. She didn't like this one bit. Containing this child's existence was one thing, preventing his escape would be an entirely different debacle. She had to think on her feet, and so she gently kissed this hormonal teen. It'd throw off any questions for the rest of her evening. Enough time to calibrate her unspoken plan.

"Whoa." He's unable to quantify the meaning of this ambivalent action. He can't muster enough courage to ask for the sequel. He wanted it. He wanted more, but she walked away like nothing even happened. Instead he stood there, certainly bewildered. "Um. How about I go that way?". He darted to his room, astounded by this random occurrence. It was exciting for sure, but not enough to detour his previous train of thought.

He dropped onto his bed and for a good minute or two, wrestled around such comforting blankets. "Okay than." Quietly reaching into his pocket, the benevolent teen shyly pulled out an iPhone 5. "Good." Luckily it was already open, and hopefully it'd take a few minutes before she realized it was gone. "Time to see what's up." Quickly clicking on an internet icon, the curious Knightfall googled his surname. "Sanctum?" His eyes widened in disbelief, knowledge had presented itself, and now he knew a shard of truth. His family history was incredibly extensive. How quaint.

Next: Point of Origin

"Oh Toni. I've missed you so much."

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@closure: I'd welcome the momentary entertainment ;)

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@mercy_: I'll take you for strolls in the park *pushes wheelchair

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@closure: oh wow how clever, I'm sure nobody including Ellie the tech genius, thought of a way to counteract that.

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@mercy_: I was thinking about a scene where BC and Oracle were chilling in a park, but counteracting is cool too *poker face

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