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Sitting at his desk in champions tower Edward looks around him and thinks of just how little he as actually done in his carrer. How many badguys has he actually put away? was it a hundred a thousand even?. His computer was full of files on people that had been repeat offenders and dangers to society yet they still walked the streets and dwelled in their homes safe from the normal means of punishment for their crimes. The champions and various other teams worked all around the wolrd to try and bring these people in when they are in their respective faces. But what about when they they didn't expect people to come for them, what about when they sleep in their homes why dont the good come for them then?. Was a sence of honor and fair play holding back the protection of the people and the presesevation of justice itself. An idea forms in the princes head five high risk/high profile targets each of whom would certainly be noticed in five consecutive nights, he would wage a one man war on these five people and in the course of a week effect the wrongs of the wolrd more than he had done in the previous year. Grabbing a pen and paper the champion methodically wrote down his plan

  • Day one - Warsman a man whoes personal bodycount rivals that of a several wars. A good start
  • Day two- Gambler leader of various groups of trained killers a long term threat to society itself.
  • Day three- Final Arrow intel has no location as yet but ask in the right places get the right answers.
  • Day four- Shadowknight a hired killer and terrorist wanted for several crimes against the UK and the death of a teamates child. Must be brought to justice
  • Day five- Azreal a demon on earth who delights in the suffering of the people.

I hear by swear that i Edward Windsor will do my damnest to bring these five to justice with every fibre of my being.

( This is a battle RPG for the people mentioned above. This thread will be the only thread so please withhold comments till it is finished thanks)

DAY1 will start once i have infomed Warsman he rolled first.

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I wish you good luck and hope you enjoy hunting them all down!

Just means less competition for me :)

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If you make it out of this alive you deserve the badass award of the year.

Btw good luck.

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@EdwardWindsor: god if you make it past day one and two.............

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I'll definitely be reading, good luck man!

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@Avaritia: i wil lenjoy it win or lose.

@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: thats a big if

@Sovereign Son: i set the bar high in the challenge stakes, obscenly Everist mountain top high. Let it never be said i fear a challenge

@Grift3r: Thanks i need it

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looks badass

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Oh now this is interesting......

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Very nice Windsor.

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@Gambler: now to live up to it

@.Mistress Redhead.: Your hubby tell you?

@The Umbra Sorcerer: intresting is what i hoped for, a masterclass of oposition

@Kurrent: Cheers dude

@Mattersuit: Thanks very much

Thanks for all the support guys, but please from now on refrain from further chit chat here till the end of day 1 battle at the least.

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Good luck! :D

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@Gambler: now to live up to it

@.Mistress Redhead.: Your hubby tell you?

@The Umbra Sorcerer: intresting is what i hoped for, a masterclass of oposition

@Kurrent: Cheers dude

@Mattersuit: Thanks very much

Thanks for all the support guys, but please from now on refrain from further chit chat here till the end of day 1 battle at the least.

@Angeni: thanks, but tut tut ^ lol

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Day-1 at War with the Warsman

Edward laid prone in the bushes watching the place known as Paradise. The twilight of the evening combined with the cover of his black fatigues and face paint covered him like a fine black silk blanket he was all but invisible to the naked eye. Just watching the movement of the guards that surrounded the place. Hours spent watching their movement patterns and marking their rough numbers out on a small pad next to him. The rough scribblings of his notes outlayed the trouble of the situation heavily armed gaurds at positions covering entrance and two towers at the far east and west of the main enterance. Each probably teeming with further unseen guards. The front door was a wreckless and highly inprobable entry point. Edward snacked on a ration pack and looked at the clock two hours till sunrise and he would be far eaiser spotted in his black coverall. His heart was beating faster than normal the jeopardy of solo missions and the nature of his current situation reminded him of his time with the service. He had choosen to act alone, he knew it was a dangerous move. Thoughts of thoose usually around him entered his head, no teamates to come to help him here just himself his gear and his mission .

The time to move was now but subtlety was required and then the idea struck him lets go for alittle walk. Focusing his keen mind the prince of powers mental reach was over the walls and moving around the complex as he searched for the one he was there for. His mind wandered freely around the complex. From person to person touching mind after meaniless mind he accessed the gravity of the situation a full frontal assult would of been higly unwise, there was far more armed threats than he had seen. And then like a flash of lightning a unique mental signature appeared in his vision. "It must be him" the prince thought still sheathed in darkness outside the walls "ok its game time". "Klovis Tepes Dracul, your wanted for sevreal thousand counts of murder , assult and generally being a truely aweful person. Now how about you come out of your little castle and come have a chat with me over how you can repay your debt to the world and everyone else in it. Fifty yards from the front gate ten minutes." with that the champion moved still cloacked in shadow and waited, at nine minutes exactly the door opened.

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Klovis paced broodingly in his tower adjacent to the main stronghold overlooking Paradise. His armored gauntlets clacked impatiently against the cold alabaster of the wall. Staring out into the forest, he could smell the intruder as plain as day - he just could not pinpoint him exactly. He could not mobilize his Blood Knights in any way. That would cause a stir in the city that Victor would not appreciate. Instead, he kept them posted on the walls and in the streets as they usually had done in the past. Crime was at an all-time low ever since Klovis had formed his cadre of elite Marshals to better organize his Blood Knights into a coherent force. The latest addition of Lady Revelation proved the greatest increase in martial order. But sooner or later, the denizens of Paradise had to consider that they were being protected by monsters. Victor could only lie to them for so long.  
Suddenly, the depths of the jungle revealed him - rather, he revealed himself. At first, Klovis could not firmly believe that the man had come alone. He recognized him only through Victor's files kept on every hero on the planet, but the man's mind was already spaciously open due to the uncertainty clouding his judgment. Klovis could read him like an open book. The Blood Knights in Klovis' immediate area did not dare reach to stop their master as he placed his hands on the balcony ledge and threw himself over, somersaulting before spreading his arms. He stopped about fifty feet from the ground, giving himself plenty of clearance for the rooftops as well as the crest of the battlements that he calmly walked over while supporting himself midair. The Blood Knights on the wall saluted him as he passed over them, floating down with every step he took following the gatehouse as if he were descending a flight of stairs.  
According to the position of the sun, only a few minutes had passed since the challenge had been issued. Klovis smiled as the Englishman approached and even opened his hands and applauded. As he laughed, one could plainly see his fangs in their default state - the stereotypical exaggerated canines - gleaming in the sunlight as he chuckled with mirth.  
"Welcome to Paradise, Edward! Unfortunately, Victor would never allow for us to stay here while we battle like gods on his front lawn. Allow me to take this somewhere less...populated." 
With a snap of his fingers, Klovis melted himself and Edward down into shadow and transported them into a strange dimension away from cameras, prying eyes, and - most importantly - Victor's petty mercies toward the people of Paradise. Klovis exhaled as he restored himself and Edward back to physical form. He allowed the Englishman a few moments to recover from having his atoms scrambled. He would need all the help he could afford. 

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Edward felt weird, like his stomach was inside out or something. The unnatural manner of his movement to this new location left an odd tingle in his muscles and his stomach clearly thought it was still on the outskirts of paradise. Shaking his head he tried to clear the cobwebs out of his clouded head and bring a sense of normality back to his muscles. Looking at his opponent the prince of power spoke in a clear yet oddly confused voice " Where is this place? . Screw it it doesn't matter. You know why I am here and you know who I am, I am here because i need to test myself and your here because you find the idea of me coming to home and calling you a bit of fun. I know you expect to have the beating of me and that coming here alone means i have more than a good chance of failure. But one thing most people in your line of work dont understand some of us good guys don't need to win or even survive we just need to know that we fought hard and we didn't back down no matter the magnitude of what we face. "

Edwards words lingered in the air for a second as he stood and watched the monster known as Klovis Dracul look upon him with a slight smirk. Edward got his first clear look around the environment seeing almost nothingness a band of empty space no cover no plant or animal life almost like they where in the voids of space yet the ground remained hard and there was at least some sort of gravity since he was still attached to the floor. "Dracul your reign of terror ends here. I would wish you good luck in this duel but i find that would be counter intuitive. May the best man win" Drawing his word from between his shoulder the champion charged at his opponent his blades blue flame creating a streak of dazzling blue light behind him. A sudden switch of direction as he gets close to his opponent flicks the prince body into a tumble as he spins he slices at his opponents left knee area with a flurry of quick airborne strikes as he rotates around his opponent and then lands in a controlled and graceful move before darting several yards back to assess if he even made a mark.

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"Edward," Klovis chirped, gripping the hilt of his sword.

A brilliant flash of red indicated that the weapon had been drawn before any sound had escaped the scabbard. The two warriors hung there for a moment, their weapons grinding against each other in a cacophonous display of light and thunder. Sparks flew. Radiant colors flew like rockets bursting in midair, each consecutive conflict between the blades echoing a sound much like the throaty bellow of an exploding cannonball. The marvelous display of swordsmanship would never be seen by mortal eyes in the dark dimension, where light and sound traveled forever beyond into the abyss. Their battlefield had been determined to be a platform of undetermined size and volume, hovering above, below, and in-between an endless void swimming all around it. Klovis and Edward were trapped here for as long as the vampire deemed it an entertaining encounter.

But, for all of Edward's skill with the blade he must have realized one painfully obvious thing about Klovis: he was only using one hand. While his right commanded the ebb and flow of his sword - almost similar in size to a claymore - his left still grasped the lip of his scabbard patiently. The vampire, although the glint in his eyes showed a steely determination as well as a keen interest in reading more of his opponent, seemed bored. As Edward backed away, Klovis assumed a relaxed postured and even rolled his shoulders and neck so that a few of the joints and muscles popped and groaned. He focused his attention on Edward again, his empty black eyes betraying a hint of orange; the Demon Eyes glowed for the Englishman.

"Edward," he continued from before, reciting his opponent's name once more without even the slightest hint of fatigue.

"I know your kind: strong, handsome, chivalrous...as well as intolerably self-righteous. What I have done is not a reign of terror by any stretch of the imagination. It is a work of art. Every man I have eviscerated, every woman I have raped, every child I have devoured, all of them were brushstrokes on a canvas - a canvas that I will continue to paint upon, regardless of your intervention here,"

The vampire lord took his left hand from the scabbard and closed it around the blade of his sword. He cut deep and drew a gout of blood that collected at his feet. Something seemed odd about Klovis' blood, however. It boiled not with bubbles, but with movement. Soon, the wound sealed itself, but the blood continued to surge and leap and grow. Faces began to form in the murky depths of the red fluid. Hands reached out towards Edward as the gurgling sound became more legible:


It was nothing more than a moan at first, a depraved and helpless cry that knew neither friend nor foe - just someone to put them out of their misery. There must have been millions of them in that instant, all churning together in a sea of unimaginable pain. Before Edward could do anything besides stare in awe, trying to determine what he was looking at, the souls and blood melted back into Klovis' body to reunite with the countless others imprisoned within him. Klovis only gave Edward a callous smirk, proud of the immortality he had achieved.

"Jesus wept."

Klovis moved forward, not at a breakneck pace, but at a normal gait. He found it necessary. Edward could not run anywhere. The Sadist of Skellbrieg wanted to enjoy this as much as possible.

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Edward stood in a sickend sence of awe as he witnessed the faces of the damned within his opponent bubble into life.The pool of blood rising and twisting off the ground warping itself into hideous forms of tortured souls. Their countless voices screaming in tourment as they reached out for the prince of power, thousands of tiny hands reaching for something to end their suffering. Their voices seemed to fill the empty void around them. Screams echoed loudly around the champions head as if he stood in the middle of a packed staduim , their cries converging into a barrage of noise drilling at his mind as they all begged for their freedom. As quickly as the voices sprang into his head they left, looking up Eddy could see the smile on Klovis's face " I'am glad you find suffering amusing since i imagine in the non-to distant future i will be amuse you." Klovis stood in a very relaxed pose his stance revealing his competance in battle and his lack of fear in this conflict and his amusement at Edwrads little words. His smile even widening alittle after Edwards outburst " You dont fear me or others like me at all do you?, how many just like me are in there screaming to be free?"

With Edwards last question his opponent began to advance, Edward looked down at his sword it would be difficylt to mark a swordsman such as his opponent but he had to try the magic of the flaem would serve him well here if he could land but a few blows it would almost certainly stun him. Edwrad rose his sword and whisperd at the blade " You have served me well in the past dont let me down now" and with that he sprang at his target his jump allowing him to roll his body and roate his sword through the full 360 degress generating as much powerand speed behind the blade as his could he aimed to just clip the very edge of exposed skin he could see. Aiming for the blade to just nip the surface of the towering vampire. Hopeing to give him a taste of the flame that fuelled the core of the blade and see just how durable his skin really was.

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Woah, forgot about this.  
I'll cook something up either Saturday/Sunday morning or Monday. 

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@Warsman: lol np dude