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A Hidden Underground Military Base in El Paso

Hidden inside the underground an older man in his fifties wearing a formal military suit decorated with possibly every medal one man can earn in thirty years in the military decorating it. The war harden general stood in a dimly lit room looking through a two way mirror into what appeared to be a training room; the general smoked a cigar as he thought of how the MRA had changed the face of the United States a new era was coming and it would be christen with the blood an upcoming war. Through that mirror in the training room was a key to turning the tide of this battle to the Pro-Reg side a weapon of unfathomable power, the epitome of technology, weaponry, and power. The general thoughts were interrupted however when the lead scientist on this project walked into the room wearing his pure white lab coat and black square glasses. “Ah General Rossi I thought I found you in here. Observing the Tormenta Project I see, don’t worry it seems that everything is find with the test subject.” General Edward Rossi turned towards the scientist a look of contempt on his aged face, “You better hope for you sake Professor Woods. The Government put a lot of money into this project and I’m afraid that if this turned out to be an disappoint then the lead scientist would take the blunt of the blame.” Professor Theodore Woods, a genius and intellect by all regards in his mid thirties who was put in charge of the Tormenta Project. Everything had been going smoothly until an unknown malfunction caused an error in the Rayo system. “Don’t worry General Rossi despite the malfunction the subject was properly bounded to the system. All the systems are functioning at full capacity.” Rossi looked back towards the two mirror his hands behind his back thinking of all the possibilities, “Has the cause of the malfunction been identified?” Professor Woods turned and began looking through the mirror as well a hint of nervousness in his voice, “No Sir it could not be found my men and I have chalked it up to a random factor something that neither of us could predict. It was a probability of .01 to 1000000000000000”

General Rossi ran through the probabilities and outcomes in his head deciding on the best option. “Other than your men does anyone know about the malfunction?” “No sir as of right now only you, me, and the team under the Tormenta Project are the only ones who know about it.” “Good destroy all the records and data on the project and the malfunction…then have the other scientist killed.” Professor Woods’s eyes widen a little some of these men were his friends he worked with them all his life how could he just have these people killed it didn’t matter though for national security all cost are necessary. ‘Yes sir” Rossi smirked a little at the scientist reluctant submission, “Good the only ones who can know about this project are you, me, and those that are above us and even then it only limited information there is no reason for anyone to know that the Rayo System isn’t a creation of the government. Or that the originally purpose was to override the test subject mind. The only thing they need to believe is that the Rayo System is government build sentient armor that was implanted into a test subject as an enforcer of the registration like the , the U-Men, and LeBeau.” Woods nodded solemnly all the lies, scarifies (both personal and human), and conspiracies this is what he signed up for to better this country. “Yes sir I understand. We are ready for field testing the subject sir.” Rossi smirked as this was the moment he had been looking forward to the field test of the Rayo System. “Yes begin the testing Professor Woods is the test subject ready…” “Hey!” Suddenly from the training room a voice broke the two conservation, “I told you before don’t refer to me like I’m some damn science project. I have a name and it’s not f*cking test subject!”

Inside the all white titled training room stood a young man clad in a blue and black high tech armor that covered him from head to toe. The eyes on the helmet glowing white and black, this was no ordinary armor this was the Rayo System a sentient armor of unknown origin or as the government claimed one of its latest technological accomplishments. The armor was attached to a young male about 23 years old via a delicate surgery but a slight malfunction prevents the armor from overriding his mind, unfortunately he would never know this, instead the armor sentient now spoke telepathically to the young man. In the other room Rossi mumbled to himself angry that one of the government most powerful weapons was being controlled by a 23 year old. Woods cleared his throat as he spoke through the intercom, “Are you ready to begin field testing test sub…” The wearer of the Rayo armor spoke again even more agitated than before, ‘Dios mio! My name is not test subject is Crow Cementerio call me test subject again and I swear to god I will carve in into the walls of this place!” Woods turned towards the general and tried to smile but the general scowl at the arrogance of their weapon agitated him so he just turned back to Crow Cementerio. “Yes Mr. Cementerio, are you ready for the field testing.” Crow crossed his arms and sighed a little, “Si” Woods continued as he turned his tablet which brought up Crow and the suits vitals and data as he began to explain the nature of the test, “Good, I’m sure that this has been explained to you but this testing will put the Rayo System through some basic attacks to make sure everything is function properly. You will be put up against two dozens armed and some attack droids and turrets. You are to attack and defend in anyway you deem necessary because they have been ordered to kill.” Crow began to laugh a little, “Dios Mio Doc! This is going to be too easy. Let’s just get this test over with so I can go take a nap.” Woods sighed a little annoyed at Crow’s lazy approached to wearing the ultimate weapon. “Yes okay Mr. Cementerio let’s begin.” Pressing a button on the tablet caused several doors of the training room to open up revealing two dozen armed to the Killers.

Crow smirked behind the blue armor of the Rayo System until a robotic voice suddenly spoke in his mind, Cementerio Crow Cape Killers units are armed and dangerous I suggest lethal force be used immediately. Probability of success with the high energy output cannon success 100%. The Rayo Solider shook his head as the began to circle him speaking out loud to the voice only he can hear. “No I won’t be a killer I refuse there has to be another way.” Meanwhile Professor Woods began to explain to Rayo System to Rossi, “The R system will analyze, asset, and measure all outcomes of a battle based on several factors all in a few milliseconds then suggest the most effective option to Mr. Cementerio.” The R system continue to suggest lethal force to Crow, Cementerio Crow attack from Cape Killer unit is immediate lethal force must be used to ensure 100% survival. Crow argued more as the Cape Killer closed in on him ready to fire, “ No damn it I won’t kill people!” The closest stared in shock as Crow argued with himself, “What the hell is wrong with this kid. Whatever men light this kid the f*ck up!” All at once the open fire with their fully automatic assault rifles catching Azul Weapon off guard. But with a superiorly enhanced reaction time he raised his arms creating two large rounded shields blocking the hail of bullets. Meanwhile Woods continued the various functions of the R system to Rossi, ‘The Rayo System armor renders most fire arms pretty ineffective its armor can block up to armor piercing bullets and tank shells. It is capable of sustaining Mr. Cementerio in the extremes of both cold and hot temperatures. It is capable of negating almost all kinds of energy and adapting to new ones along with its ability to absorb all kinds of electricity.”

The R armor began to argue with Crow telepathically, Cementerio Crow action must be taken to deal with the units immediately! Attack! Attack! Crow sighed a little then smirk ‘Yeah okay I agree this time we need to fight back!” Crow waited for the exact moment that the ran out of ammo and went to reload to attack, launching forward with lightning quick speeds his arms shifting from shields to swords and began to slice through the first couple with ease while Woods explained the offensive features to Rossi. “The suit can generate any weapon Mr. Cementerio can comprehend from lethal to non lethal, physical or energy based as long as he can comprehend it its possible. This is very vital to this ability Mr. Cementerio must see a weapon for him to create it while he can generate different variations of that weapon he can’t create something without a basis or without an understanding of said weapon.” Crow smiled as the weapons of the Cape Killers that he ran through fell apart sliced in several pieces but the Ultimate Weapon wasn’t done yet one of the swords shifted into a energy cannon and fired a blast of metallic blue lightning at the Cape Killers he just disarmed shocking them and rendering them unconscious behind the two way mirror both Woods and Rossi smirked, “As you can see General Rossi this is the Rayo System main ability the generation of a nigh unlimited amount of electricity, Mr. Cementerio can use this electrical energy in away he desires he can enhance the effectiveness of his weapons or generate electro-magnetic effects or fire a rail-gun blast. Also because the Rayo System is embedded into his spine he can use these powers in and out of the armor granted in a much less form without the armor. The R system can also absorb all forms of electricity to increase its power or redirect it, we believe it can even generate and manipulate natural lightning.”

Meanwhile the Lightning Storm shifted his sword and blast into clawed hands that were generating electrical energy with a burst of speed he slice and clawed at the Cape Killers the electrical energy shocking their entire body but all these attacks were actually non-lethal. The walls and ceiling opened up deploying turrets and small hovering attack droids. Suddenly crystal white wings formed on Crow back and he took flight forcing a machine gun on his arm he began to shoot the droids out of the sky and slice the turrets completely half, occasionally swooping down to take out the . Professor Woods walk away from the two-way mirror satisfied with the results of the testing. “The R System enhances Mr. Cementerio speed via electrically accelerating his body faster than a bullet even without the armor his reflexes are what are really impressive he can dodge attacks moving at lightning speeds. His strength is also increased he can lift half a ton without the suit and with the suit up to two tons. This can be increased as well with more electrical enhancement but he risks straining his body. His flight mode allows him to travel at Mach 1 and we believe that depending on the circumstance for example space flight he can go even faster.” Rossi smirked as he watched the training room be lit up with several explosions from the young man destroying the droids with the Rayo System armor this truly was the epitome of technology meets power and to top it off the wielder of this weapon wasn’t just some kid, even though he wanted to completely override the kid mind it wasn’t a total loss, he was trained an expert shot rarely missing and fighter with a perceptive mind. He ran through all the scenarios and advantages the Pro-Reg side now would have in battle while Woods continue about the system functions including the ability to cloak itself from 21 century technology, interface with most technology, translate any language, heal via a stimulated nervous system, and several other things that were just bell and whistles. He interrupted the professor with a stern look on his face, “Does it have any weaknesses?”

Professor Woods clear his throat as his look over his data, ‘Yeah there are several known weaknesses the first and most prominent it a weakness to magic. The Rayo System doesn’t understand it, while it has some ability to disrupt or absorb some magic energy it very vulnerable to it. Also it seems to refuse harm nature in anyway we believe this is because of the sentient side of it. Also we are its weakness.” Rossi turned a little curious to Woods and it seemed the professor know what the war veteran would ask, “We programmed the Rayo System to interfere with Mr. Cementerio if ever begins to look into what we originally intended or disobey orders in the form of several migraines and headaches. Also we can shut it down via an emergency cutoff.” The general smirked now they had an ultimate weapon and the ability to keep it on a leash suddenly the noise from the training stopped both general and professor turned saw that Crow and the Rayo armor had beaten all the Cape Killers, droids, and turrets leaving only one man standing what was even shocking was that all the Cape Killers were beaten they were still alive. Professor Woods turned on the intercom, “Excellent job Mr. Cementerio but why did you leave them alive they were ordered to kill you.” Crow dispersed the armor a little pain shooting through him as he revealed himself a lightly tanned skin 23 year old with dark brown hair, cobalt blue eyes, and a lean and slightly muscled body. He wasn’t wearing a shit revealing the small blue pack on embedded in his spine that was the dispersed Rayo Systerm, he had on a pair of Nike basket ball shorts and converse sneakers. Turning towards the two way mirror his trade mark smile was there but there was a stern look in his eyes, “I won’t kill, I refuse to shed blood because it is the logical or for the greater good. I’m not a killer and to become one I turn into what we are fighting against.” Crow began to walk away towards the exit which would take him back to his room when suddenly the Killer still standing charged at him from behind. Killer solider attacking from rear displaying dishonorable tactics I suggest you retaliate with a sword through the chest. Crow shook his head disagreeing with the sentient armor as he waited for the right time then turned shoving the solider forward then as the turned around he followed up with a surprise super kick straight to the jaw knocking him out.

Crow continued walking back to the exit yawning and stretching a little since the operation about 3 weeks ago it was nearly non stop testing and little rest this was the final test and now he was going to sleep. Meanwhile Rossi and Woods began discussing the next step now that all the testing was successful; Rossi smirked a little now was the time to put the Rayo armor out in the public eye as a new young hero fighting for the Pro-Reg side and truth, justice, and the American way. “Now the Rayo armor will be sent to as a hero joining the Authority all we need is a name for our new hero.” While both Woods and Rossi tried to think of a code name for Mr. Cemeneterio and the Rayo armor Crow had a suggestion of his own; “My code name is Azul and there is no ifs ands or buts about it.” The general and scientist thought about it for a minute and felt it had a ring to it. Woods spoke through the intercom, “Okay Mr. Cementerio Azul will fine from now on your code name and hero name is Azul.” Crow just smirked as he walked through the exit waving his hand adding a final word to the two that he hoped he would never see again, “Damn straight.” And with that the Tormenta Project was renamed Project Azul.

Project Azul
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@Quintus_Knightfall: Thank you that means a lot coming from you :) I wanted a cool way to explain his powers, origin, weaknesses, etc.