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With all these new comicbook movie trailers coming out there's been allot of hype about the coming movies.

But which one got you the most excited to watch it?

Was it the brand new Man of Steel trailer, newest Iron Man trailer, or the most recent Wolverine trailer?

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Honestly, I can't choose between them.

Really liked them all, and I'm really looking forward to seeing these movies.

But, that's just me, which got you the most thrilled about the coming comicbook movie??

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Man of steel's trailer really got me excited, but I wish they do Superman right, we can't really know before the movie.

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Man of Steel by a long shot.

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Man of Steel's got me the most pumped. It showed just enough action and emotion without really giving too much away. I found Wolverine's to be boring, and I refuse to watch Iron Man 3's because it gives way too much away. All I can say for Iron Man 3 is that I liked the first trailer, but this new Man of Steel trailer has it beat, easily.

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I feel like most of IM3 has been given away by the trailers. The MOS trailer made it my must-watch movie of the summer.

Don't even care about the Wolverine movie, but I'll probably watch it anyway.

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Man Of Steel.

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I feel like most of IM3 has been given away by the trailers. The MOS trailer made it my must-watch movie of the summer.

Don't even care about the Wolverine movie, but I'll probably watch it anyway.

This, almost word for word.

Wolverine is a character who looks really cool on the big screen, but the Singer-verse that has his continuity all tangled up is A HORRIBLE, ABOMINABLE MESS.

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All of the trailers for Man of Steel were so awesome and got pumped up for the movie a lot.I didn't even like the Iron Man 3 trailers much.

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Man of Steel, no contest. The second trailer gave me goosebumps in that one scene where Superman flies past the Earth. Russell Crowe's narration of Jor-El's dialogue from All-Star Superman is just beyond epic.

I did enjoy the other two though. Iron Man 3 looks like a step up from its predecessor, as does Wolverine.

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Iron Man 3, the reason I'm not as equally excited about Wolverine or Man of Steel is because I normally don't read comic books featuring those characters, so I don't care as much about them.

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Iron Man 3 has me interested because of the Mandarin. Hopefully they don't puss out on his powers, cause seeing Iron Man face off against a magical (or at least a different kind of tech) threat would really give the third film a fresh feeling.

The third trailer for Man of Steel accomplished the task of making me care about the movie. Until then I was pretty ambiguous to it, but I'm kinda excited now.

Wolverine, while a good trailer, is gonna have to prove to me it's a good movie first. The first Wolverine movie pretty much threw the final load of dirt on the grave where my interest in the X-films was buried after X3. Even the first two movies, while good, are pretty low on my list of favorite comic book movies. Last Stand disappointed me and Wolverine Origins made me not care anymore. The Wolverine did have a good trailer, but nothing to get me excited about it.

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The Latest Man of Steel trailer brought tears to my eye with that touching scene of "can I still pretend I'm you son?" with Costner's character(who I forgot the name of) saying "of course your my son". If a trailer can bring a tear to your eye with no context on the scene then how much more so can the actual whole movie?

There were other good scenes but the one I mentioned above was the BEST in the trailer.

Iron Man 3 is 2nd comicbook movie wise but not as high a priority. Wolverine isn't even on my list. Star Trek is 2nd most anticipated movie of the year period followed by Hunger Games Catching fire the 3rd most anticipated movie of the year.

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I agree that IM3 has given away too much of the movie. I only watched the trailer once and am trying to forget about it before May.

Man of Steel does look great. How can you go wrong when it's Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner?

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I'm excited for them all. Still not feeling Supes costume though.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Man of Steel by a long shot.

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Has to be the iron man 3. I loved the preivous films and can't wait for this one :D

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Please don't f up MOS. and lol @ wolverine

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Out of the 3? Man Of Steel.

I'm not going to see Iron Man 3, and Wolverine has been done to death...

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@lvenger said:

@k4tzm4n said:

Man of Steel by a long shot.

...by a reaaally long shot.

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LOL @ wolverine, not even diehard fans would watch that tripe.

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Man of Steel, by far.

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Yeah, Man of Steel.

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In exactly the order you linked them I am most excited but all the same, I want to enjoy them all equally

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Man of Steel

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Man Of Steel.

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Man of Steel

Iron Man 3

The Wolverine

I will see them all, but Man of Steel looks amazing. Although I feel like much of Iron Man 3 is already known, it still looks like a great movie. The Wolverine trailer was great, but I have lost a lot of hope in a good X-Men related film.

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Going with Man of Steel too.

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Man of Steel

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The man of steel trailer (3) got me sooo hyped up even though I don't care much for the character

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I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but he just hasn't been in a lot of good movies. X2 is really the only quality effort in my opinion. The origins movie was beyond terrible. My expectations for this latest offering after watching the trailer aren't that much higher.

Iron Man 3 should be good because Robert Downey Jr. is just a rock-solid actor and it looks like he's got himself a more interesting villain, unlike in the last movie. However, I'm not sure how anyone can miss the blatant Batman influences in this trailer. Overall, I think it will be better than 2, but I don't know if it will achieve the fun of the original.

Then there's Man of Steel. I truly think this film is going to breathe new life into comic book movies. All three minutes feel so fresh, and so epic. It's so great to see that we're finally distancing ourselves from Christopher Reeve and trying something new. I expect this one to take home most of the accolades and money.

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Iron Man 3 is the one I'm looking forward to most, but I want Man of Steel to hurry up and come out because Superman Unchained comes out the same week.

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Man of Steel with ease.