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Batman and The Outsiders:Else Worlds #3


Gotham Central Hospital,15 minutes after Black Lightning was Stabbed...

Tara drove up to the ER entrance of Gotham Central Hospital,grabbed BL and jumped out of the Batmobile.Sh ran to the entrance with BL in her arms.She ran inside to the nearest doctor...

Tara-"He was stabbed nearly 20 minutes ago.He needs treatment now!"
Tara-"Thank you!"
Doctor-"N..no problem"

As he finished Tara rushed out of the hospital and jumped back into the Batmobile racing to the Batcave to meet up with her fellow Outsiders.

Skyline of Gotham City,5 minutes after Batman lept out the window,after Jason Todd
Batman skipped across the gaps between the buildings as he pursued Jason Todd,The Red Hood who was after Deathstroke the Terminator.Batman had crossed five buildings and hadn't seen a single trace of Jason.He didn't see anything until he got to the rooftop of Elliot Industries.That's where the trail of blood started.Batman followed the trail across three buildings until he saw the body of Jason laying on the third roof.Batman immediately got on his Cellphone that connected straight to the Batcave to call for help...


Halo-"Batman?What happened?Is Ja--"
Batman-"Gabrielle,listen to me.I found Jason he is bleeding out on the rooftop of Wayne Tech.I need you to send someone here in the Batcopter while i go after Slade."
Halo-"Okay.I'll send Terra"

When Batman was done on the phone he turned on the tracker that he had flipped on Deathstroke with the last hit he had dolled out to him.He flipped it on and followed it to Gotham Central Hospital Deathstroke had gotten there just a second earlier than Batman had.Batman blew through the front door.When he got in he saw that Deathstroke had slaughtered everyone.Batman followed the tracker to the room of one Jefferson Peirce.He tore through the curtain to reveal Deathstroke standing over Black Lightning prepared to thrust the blade deep in his chest...

Batcave,10 minutes after Jason Todd was picked up from the roof of Wayne Tech.

Tara and Gabrielle had stitched up Jason's wound and he was retuning to consciousness.

Tara-"Jason?Jason?Are you awake?"
Jason-"Wha...What happened?"
Halo-"You were stabbed by Deathstroke."
Jason-"Did he get away?"
Halo-"Batman went after him but we haven't heard anything since he called for us to pick you up."
Jason-"Damn it!He can't get away!He must be punished for what he did to BL and to me!"

With that Jason again fell unconscious,and everyone went back to waiting and hoping for word from Batman...

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