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Copy says:

"Apparition says:
"i say thor"
Thank you Appy."

Same goes for me!

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I say Thor would win this. He is a lot more durable than some of you think he is.

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"GL corpse"

Exactly...Thor wins by the way Thor can transmute any energy form and being the "best GL' doesn't compare to thousands of years of combat against the type of foes Thor has battled...

Then Thor snatches the ring and puts it on...

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I've gotta go with Classic Thor on this one.  I've seen him move at incredible speed when he wants to (I realize Hal also has impressive speed).  However, I think if Thor were to go into berserkergang, it might overwhelm Hal.  Both are seasoned vets, so this would be a good battle, but my gut goes with classic Thor.