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Pedro discovered he had inherited his father’s electric powers when he discovered his identity. His first act almost led him down a path of crime, much like his father. Templar saw him and recruited him to the second generation of Sentinels until it disbanded; however, it was Pedro who tried convincing Templar to reform the team. Templar denied, but after Electron had to save Harlette from a demon attack he called in the rest of the team. Their reunion was cut short when another demon horde blew up the base and knocked Electron out. Thankfully, the team did survived and they got transported to a hell dimension where the team confronted the evil demon, Damien. Gospel managed to overcome Damien’s influence and teleported the team into different areas of the hell dimension. Pedro was in a room with treasures, which he decided to steal in hopes of helping his family. Eventually, the team regrouped, but Pedro got knocked-out when his powers went haywire. When he did reawaken he was able to single-handily revitalize the team and take down an army of demons. The team succeeded at the cost of Gospel’s life, but with her last bit of energy she teleported the team home.

Back at home, Pedro tried to restart a relationship with Splash, but their powers got in the way like so many times before; Splash was angry and asked Pedro to leave. In his house, Pedro gave his mother some money, which she believed was from the Sentinels. The Sentinels got back together and went to the scene of their former base. Electron was sent ahead to scout, but got ambushed by the government superteam, Squadron 7. Pedro woke up, but the team was still failing until Splash came in and, with the help of Pedro, overpowered the team with their power combo. The two started to talk, but it got cut off when they were abducted.

When they were back on solid ground the males of the group found themselves in an alien prison with power inhibitors, but with the help of another alien they were able to escape and meet up with the girls. They were shocked when they found Harlette in the middle of several dead guards. Pedro was a bit disturbed to find that Splash was not with the rest, but towards the end he found her and she managed to save the team a second time. The team stole an alien ship and Pedro and Splash rekindled their relationship since Pedro still had his inhibitor on.

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