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2nd Generation

The second generation of the Sentinels was formed by the second Templar, Payens Molay. They were shortlived however when a member of the team was killed, Switchfast. The team did reform later after Harlette was attacked by a mysterious demon. When the team was in their first meeting since Switchfast's death they were ambushed by several of the same demons and Sin was kidnapped. One of the demons left behind a seed-type thing that turned into a bomb and blew up the headquarters. The team did survive, however, because of Templar's quick thinking and an evolution in Firebomb's powers. The team regrouped and Gospel teleported them to a mysterious area. It turned out she had teleported them to Damien's, Sin and Gospel's father and villain to the Sentinels, dimension. Damien paralyzed the group in the area and began explaining how he wanted to expand his kingdom by using Sin's powers; however, with the last of her powers, Gospel teleported the team randomly inside the dimension. Each of the Sentinels were attacked by demons in the various areas they were teleported. Harlette was the only one left and she helped to disrupt Damien and buy the Sentinels time. The team regrouped shortly after Phazer showed up to save Harlette. They fended off Damien and his demon legions until Gospel used her power to the fullest extent to remove her brothers curse and ensnare Damien at the cost of her own life. WIth the power of Templar's soulblade Damien was defeated. With the last of Gospel's powers she transported the team back to the real world.

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