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Fire breathers.

Dragons are creatures of legends and are most famous for their reptilian traits and their ability to breath fire. There are several distinctive traditional dragons, for example the European dragon that is connected to Greek mythology and the Chinese dragon that is most famous in Japan, China, and Asia. Dragons are most famously portrayed as large lizard-like creatures, with bat-like wings. Some dragons, which are known as Wyverns, have no front legs.

Many dragons are shown as poisonous, with large, reptilian eyes hatching from eggs and having a large, scaly feather-like body. They are usually shown watching treasure carefully, which is the origin of the word dragon meaning "to watch carefully."

Hatching from an egg.

Dragons are often winged, with European dragons having two large wings. They often have spiritual resemblance in some religions and cultures and represent the forces of nature and the universe.

They are also associated with wisdom and longevity in some regions and are even said to be wiser that human beings. Dragons are often though to possess magic and supernatural powers and some dragons are capable of human speech.

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