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    @jonny_anonymous said:Why did they need to use a the Batman of Japan in China? Was there no actual Chinese characters they could have actually used?I was wondering the same thing. I actually thought I...

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    @jonny_anonymous said:Those few panels with Daredevil are better than anything Waid has done since he started writing the character.QFT!!!!

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    @punyparker said:Amazing Spider-Man =Worldwide:$757,930,663 Amazing Spider-Man 2 =Worldwide:$690,915,363 Yeah...Im not sure if its going to make 700M it might,but I doubt it'll make much over 700M t...

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    @batkevin74 Nice wrap up. Wonder what's next?

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    @blackwind said:I'm at the final arc of Rave Master. If Haru has dodged any of Endless' beam attacks, I'm confident he will be far too fast for any Bleach character.And even then he has at least isla...

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    Four of those video game books you added already existed, you need to search before adding.
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    The Dark Knight FallsAs John Blake takes the mantle of Batman he faces off against Edward Nigma the Riddler in a battle of wits for Gotham. Barely winning, his celebration is cut short when it is dis...

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    Not silver surfer

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    @comicstooge: No it isn't, but considering who it was he actually beat.... I think it's worth at least noting. In the books, when it comes to swordsmanship Loras is compared repeatedly and favorab...