serberus08's Deadpool #3 - Dr. Strange Lives (Or How I Learned Deadpool Was Da Bomb) review

American History

This issue was another issue into the "wacked-out" adventures of the "Marvel Now' Deadpool. I'm glad that the series is written with the intention of a ridiculous and funny Deadpool storyline (with actually funny dialogues and jokes). I've been enjoying the puns and presidential satire that the arc has provided and for the american history lesson being given. The story has arced well so far, in this issue we have the solution revealed to the reanimated presidents and will see how it works in the next few issues.

The story has a different take (in a way) on Doctor Strange. Usually he seems to be poetic in his rhetoric, but in this issue he seems like an impatient and somewhat rude toward everyone (but when dealing with DP almost every character seems that way).

The art by Tony Moore is appropriate and fitting for the off-the-wall nature of Deadpool comics (no complaints here). Overall, a fun read with lots of potshots at the ex-presidents and classic DP mannerisms. I will be looking forward for the next issue of this Marvel Now title.


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