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If college student Suekichi graduates, he will inherit a $4.5 million inheritance from his great-grandfather- but sexy Aya would rather give him an advanced education in the arts of love!

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Suekichi prefers his work as the producer of an avante-garde theater troupe to studying- perhaps because he has a big crush on the troupe's dedicated leader, Ms. Shimomura. At the same time, Suekichi can't resist the seductive charms of Aya, even though he suspects she's only in love with his money...

Suekchi borrows one million yen from Aya to bring the troupe back from the brink of bankruptcy, but the combined stress of being broke and in debt to a woman who drives him crazy and extorts interest payments in sex leaves his head as bald as a cue ball. And being stalked by a strange man claiming to be Aya's ex-husband doesn't help matters any!

Chapter Titles

  • Act One - Payback Time
  • Act Two - Who's That Girl
  • Act Three - Exodus
  • Act Four - The Merchant of Penis
  • Act Five - The Great Bald Spot
  • Act Six - Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Act Seven - Puppy Love
  • Act Eight - With An End To The Money, An End To The Relationship
  • Act Nine - The Curse of Aya or The Curse of the One Million Yen
  • Act Ten - A Phantom Aya By My Side
  • Act Eleven - New Summer Look
  • Act Twelve - A Very, Very Long Orgasm
  • Act Thirteen - 99 Degrees Fahrenheit







Story Arcs

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