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The twin princes Crystar and Moltar rule the planet Crystalium from the capital city of Galax. However, they are torn over whether to ally themselves with the good wizard Ogeode, whom Crystar favors, or the evil wizard Zardeth, Moltar's choice. They argue and when their uncle, Lord Feldspar, sides with Crystar, Moltar cracks him hard against the wall. In a rage, Crystar retaliates and Moltar stabs him. Fortunately, Ogeode is able to place the dying Crystar in the Prisma-Crystal which, after several hours. turns him into living crystal, thus saving his life. Feldspar and Crystar's aides Warbow, Stalax, Koth and Kalibar are also turned into crystal beings to serve awith their leige. In the meantime, Zardeth has turned Moltar and those faithful to him into powerful beings of molten rock. Eventually, Crystar triumphs over Zardeth and peace returns to Crystalium. Crystar's wife is named Ambara.

Crystar's primary weapon is a sword. He also has a crystal dragon that pulls his chariot on land and in the air.

Remco Toys

In 1983, Remco's Crystar toy line was released concurrent with the publication of the comic book. There were eleven issues of the magazine published, the last of which was an improbable paring with Canada's premiere super-team Alpha Flight.

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