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Warbow was a Captain of the Royal Guard of Crystalium. He was a skilled crossbowman who served in the Chaos War. When his leaders, the twin princes Crystar and Moltar, found themselves fighting each other, Warbow sided with Crystar. He followed the Chaos sorcerer Zardeth, and managed to shoot out one of the evil man's eyes before the favor was returned. Ogeode, the old wizard of Order, saved Warbow's life and transformed him into a crystal warrior to help defeat Moltar's Magma Men. In his new form, Warbow had enhanced strength and endurance. He no longer needed to eat, drink or breathe. Unfortunately, his loss of an eye left his accuracy diminished.

Warbow appeared to be fond of Ambara, and was internally sad to see her affections belong to Crystar. Later, he became close to Ika, Ogeode's daughter.

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