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"When I'm in full under-cover mode you can forget about the needle in the haystack; I become just another piece of the straw in the haystack."


Crosshair was born in in Brockton Massachusetts.He goes to intense lengths to blend himself into his environment in the field. To such an extent that he tries to become the field. That even an enemy who is standing as close as five feet away from him wont even be aware of his presence. Studying his targets in close detail, to such a degree that he will be able to make accurate predictions where the target is going to move, how they are going to move and at what pace. Though perhaps this can prove a little problematic as Crosshair tends to behave in this way in the barracks as well. As fellow GI Joe team members have been rudely surprised to find Crosshair looking over their shoulder, when they thought themselves alone.

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