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Gung-Ho was a tough kid and later became known as fierce brawler and knife-fighter in New Orleans. He joined the Marines at age 18, and graduated top-of-class from Parris Island. He went through additional training in Recondo School, Airborne School and Marine Ordinance School.

Gung-Ho participated in many missions, including fending off an attack Washington, DC, and defending the Pit against a Cobra army. Gung-Ho became known for his great strength after, among other things, tearing the door off a sports car (a "Cobra", of course) and pounding a support beam into place with his bare fists to stop a ceiling from collapsing.He was one of the many Joe's sent to Sierra Gordo to clear up multiple hotspots.Baroness almost killed the entire group during a bombing run from a Rattler,luckily the group managed to escape.

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