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Strongman: The Perfect Human

- Wielding the Strength of a Hundred Elephants and as fast as a race-car. Strongman has skin as tough as a Rhinocerous and is always ready to defend the American Ideal. In this Introductory adventure we meet Percy Van Norton who through the use of his Secret Book of Yogi teachings has molded himself into the world's most perfect man "Strongman". A Playboy by day, he encounters some robbers at a night club and proceeds to switch into costume and gives chase, he ends up encountering and foiling a band of Sea-raiders and recovering some missing pearls.

Buck Burke: This is the Best Crew of Natives I ever Handled, JoJo

- African Big Game Trapper, Buck leads a band of Natives in pursuit of Gorillas, Lions, and Elephants for Zoos. He shoots a crocodile and then a Lion who menaces the native village.

Secret Agent Z-2: I'm on Another Clue Sir

- A government Ace we join Agent Z-2 as he works a case of a plastic-surgery face replacement ring for known criminals scheme. Along with his trusty gal Friday Lola, they track Down and Dismantle the operation run by a certain Dr. Bolms.

Solar Legion: Terror Stalks the Trail of the Interplanetary...

- Adam Starr leads the Solar Legion in the far flung future of 2140. A type of interplanetary defense force the Solar Legion is tasked with defending Space-pioneers from Space pirates like this episodes villain Black Michael who wields a ray that melts enemy ships into flaming meteors. The Solar Legion is on a mission to wipe them out.

Don Matson: Danger Dive

Blue Streak: Sigmund Ruber Missing

- The Blue Streak is the sworn enemy of all ruthless dictators everywhere, and when he reads the latest news from Europe he sets out to rescue a famed Doctor from a concentration camp, along with his faithful servant and friend Tago he ventures to Bologvinia in his custom plane clear across the Atlantic. They battle the Evil General Molov and they rescue Dr. Ruger before making good their escape. We leave Blue Streak as he sets out to rescue victims of a torpedo attack

The Flying Trio: Look! That wild Chinaman power dived...

- Three Flying Aces and soldiers of fortune they are the only survivors of a corps of twenty airmen who defend Sylvania. They right wrongs and seek adventure.

Jane Drake Detective: Jane, You've got to stop this infernal meddling...

- The daughter of a prominent attorney, Jane Drake inserts herself into her father's cases in the role of detective, uncovering the truth of each case. In this case she helps capture some crooks who were siphoning gas from a gas company.

Alec and the Reign of Yang: Yang Threatens World

- Weird tale of a strange foreign leader named Yang and the lone merchant ship that stops him.

Shangra: We've had engine trouble with our plane sir!

- Two foreign correspondents crash land in rural Japan and encounter the strange Mystical powers of Shangra! Adventure, Mystery and near-death escapes follow.

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