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After the success of Superman and Batman in 1938, dozens of new publishers sprang up and unleashed hundreds of new super heroes on the comic readers of the Golden Age. After the end of World War II, however, super heroes fell out of favor with readers. As quickly as they had arrived, the majority of these heroes and their publishers disappeared. Copyrights were not protected as adamantly in those days, and many of these characters and their adventures have since fallen into the Public Domain.

This allows any publisher or creator to use the characters and the original Golden Age material any way they wish. AC Comics was one of the first publishers to capitalize on this, by both reprinting Golden Age classics and incorporating these "forgotten" heroes into their new material as well. Other publishers have also taken to the idea and have created new universes featuring these characters, sometimes focusing on the characters of only one company, and other times picking the best characters from several companies.

Publishers represented in this list Include:


American Comic Group/ACG


Avon Comics/Realistic

Better/Nedor/Standard/Pines Publications

Biro Publishing/Lev Gleason/Comic House

Centaur Publishing

Charlton Comics (some titles are not PD)

Columbia Comics

Comic Media

Comics Magazine Company Inc

Croydon Publishing/Rural Home/Enwil Associates/REWL Publications

D.S. Publishing/D.X. Publishing/P.L. Publishing (Canada)/FAST FICTION/U.S. Publishing

Fawcett Comics

Fox Feature Syndicate

Fiction House

Gilberton Publications/Elliot

Harry "A" Chesler/Dynamic/Home Guide Publications/Magazine Press

Harvey Comics

Hillman Periodicals

Holyoke Publishing Company/Et-Es-Go Mags/Continental Magazines/HELNIT Publishing Co/TEM Publishing

Key Publications/Timor Publications/Gillmor Magazines/Stanley P. Morse/Aragon Magazines/Medal Comics/Stanmor Publications

Magazine Enterprises (M.E.)


Novelty Publications

Parents Magazine Institute

Prize Publications/Crestwood Publications/Feature Publications/Headline

Quality Comics

Spark Publications

St. John Publishing

Stanhall Publications

Star Publications/Accepted Publications

Sterling Comics


Superior Comics (Canadian)

Timor Publishing Company

Toby Press/Minoan

Trojan Magazines

Youthful Magazines


Public Domain Based Universes FemForce (AC Comics)

Protectors (Malibu Comics) - based exclusively around characters from Centaur Publications

Terra Obscura (America's Best) - based exclusively around characters from Standard/Better/Nedor Publishing

Project Superpowers (Dynamite Entertainment)

Next Issue Project (Image Comics)

Public Domain Characters [Character Name (Original Publisher)]

# 13 (Lev Gleason)

711 (Quality)


Abdul Alhazred (Necromicon Author)

Ace Harlem (All-Negro comics)

Ace Mccoy (Ace Magazines)

Ace of Space (Quality)

Ace Reynolds (Ajax/Farrel)

Achilles (Greek Myth)

The Actor (Sterling)

Adam Anteas Jr.( AKA the Bouncer) (Fox)

Adolf Hitler (??)

Adventure Inc. (Progressive)

Agent K-5 (Fox)

Agent Q-13 (Ace Magazines)

Agent ZX-5 (Fiction House)

Airboy (Hillman)

Air male and Stampy (Prize)

Air-Sub DX (Centaur)

Alderbarans (Nedor)

Algie (Chesler)

Airman (Centaur)

Alias the Dragon (Chesler)

Alice (In Wonderworld) (Lev Gleason)

Allan Quatermain (????)

Almuric (Robert E. Howard)

Amazing Man and Amazing Boy (Centaur)

Amazona (Fiction House)

American Ace (Funnies Inc.)

The American Crusader (Standard/Better/Nedor)

American Eagle (Prize)

The American Eagle and Eaglet (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Angel Eyes (Fiction House)

Ann Mason (Fiction House)

Annie Oakley (Charlton)

Ant Woman (Fiction House)

Apollo (Greek Myth/ACG)

Ares (Greek Myth/Charlton)

Argo (Centaur)

Argus Inc. (Howard)

The Arrow (Centaur)

Atlas (??)

Atlas the Mighty (Great)

Atom Blake (Fawcett)

Atom Wizard (Victory)

Atoma (Harvey)

Atoman (Spark)

Atomaster (Spark)

Atomic Man (Prize)

Atomic Thunderbolt (Regor)

Auro I (Fiction house)

Auro II (Fiction House)

The Avenger (Magazine Enterprises)

Ayesha (Fox)


Babe Boon (Prize)

Balbo, The Boy Magician (Fawcett)

Bald Eagle (Hillman)

Banshee (Fox)

Barghest (Nedor)

Baron Von Gatz (Fawcett)

Barry Finn (Centaur)

Barry Kuda (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Barry Lane (Lev Gleason)

Beast (Fox)

Beau Brummell (Fox)

Beggarking (Nedor)

Bentley of Scotland Yard (Archie/MLJ)

Bert (Ace Magazines)

Biff Banks (Quality)

Biff Bannon (Harvey)

Big Shot (Quality)

Big Chief Wahoo ( Easter Color)

Big Red Mclane (Fiction House)

Bill Battle (Fawcett)

Bill Colt (Hillman)

Bill Wayne Texas Terror (Lev Gleason)

Bird Man (Fox)

Blackbird (Fox)

Black Ace (Ace Magazines)

Black Angel (Hillman)

Black Axe (Fiction House)

Black Barton (Nedor)

Black Beauty (Fawcett)

Black Bucaneer (Rural Home Inc.)

Black Cat (Harvey)

Black Cobra (Ajax-Farell)

Black Cobra (Harry a. Chesler/Dynamic)

Black Commander (Hillman)

Black Death (Nedor)

Black Diamond (Lev Gleason)

Black Dragon (Lev Gleason)

Black Dwarf (Harrry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Black Fury and Kid Fury (Fox)

Black Fury (Villain) (Fox)

Black Hood (GA MLJ version)

Black Jack (GA MLJ Version)

Black Kitten (Harvey)

Black Knight (Sterling)

Black Knight (GA MLJ Version)

Black Lion (Fox)

Blackout (Lev Gleason)

Black Orchid (Consolidated)

Black Owl (Prize)

Black Owl II (Prize)

Black Phantom (Magazine enterpises)

Black Rider (Fox)

Black Raiders (Holyoke)

Black Satan (Chesler)

Black Spider (Ace Magazines)

Black Terror(Standard/Better/Nedor)

Black Terror and Timothy (17th Century) (Nedor)

Black Terror and Miguel of Mexico (Nedor)

Black Venus (Aviation Press)

Black Witch (GA MLJ version)

Black Widow (Holyoke)

Blackout (Lev Gleason)

Blackout II (Holyoke)

Black-X (Quality)

Black Sheep Squadron (Hillman)

Blanda the Jungle Queen (Hillman)

Blast Bennett (Fox)

Blaze Barton (Quality)

Blaze Baylor (Holyoke)

Blimpy (Quality)

Blitz (Fox)

Blitz Buster (Ace Magazines)

Blue Beetle [Dan Garret I] and Sparky (Fox)

Blue Bolt (Novelty)

Blue Circle (Rural home Inc.)

Blue Fire (Centaur)

Blue Flame (Four Star Publications)

Blue Lady (Centaur)

Blue Rubbermen (Ace Magazines)

Blue Spark (Ace Magazines)

Blue Streak (Prize)

Blue Streak II (Holyoke)

Blue Tracer (Quality

Blast Bennet (Fox)

Bo Briantus (Nedor)

Bob Phantom (GA MLJ version)

Bob Preston (Holyoke)

Bogeyman (Croydon)

Bomber Burns (Hillman)

Bombshell, Son of War (Lev Gleason)

Boomerang (Holyoke)

Boy King and Giant (Hillman)

Boy Soldiers (GA MLJ version)

Boystate (Novelty)

Bozo the Robot (Quality Comics)

Brain Boy (Dell)

Brick Bat (Quality)

Bron (Fiction House)

Broncho Bill (United Features)

Bronze Man (Fox)

The Bronze Terror (Lev Gleason)

Brother (Hillman)

Broot (Fiction House)

Buck Burke (Holyoke)

Buck Johnson (Great Publications)

Buck Johnson (Harvey)

Buckskin Boys (Harvey)

Buck Brady of the FBI (Prize)

Buck Rogers (Eastern Color)

Buck Steele (Ace Magazines)

Bulletgirl (Fawcett)

Bulletman (Fawcett)

Bull's Eye Bannon (Fiction House)

Burma Boy (Rural Home inc.)

Buzz Allen Invisible Avenger (Hugo Gernsback)

Buzz Balmer (Progressive)

Buzz Crandall (Fiction House)

The Buzzard (Centaur)

Buzzard Barnes (Hillman)

Bwaani (Fox)

Black Tarantula (Fox)


The Cadet (Harvey)

Caleb Ketchum (Nedor)

Calico Kid (Magazine Enterprises)

Camilla I (Fiction House)

Camilla II (Fiction House)

Captain Aero (Holyoke)

Captain Atom (Charlton Pre-1977)

Captain Battle (Lev Gleason)

Captain Battle Jr. (Lev Gleason)

Captain Colt (Harvey)

Captain Combat (Cambridge House)

Captain Commando (GA MLJ version)

Captain Cookie (Swappers Quarterly)

Captain Courageous (Ace Magazines)

Captain Cutlass (Leading Enterprises)

Captain Dash (Ajax-Farrel)

Captain Fearless (Holyoke)

Captain Fearless (Lev Gleason)

Captain Fight (Fiction House)

Captain Flag (GA MLJ version)

Captain Flash (Sterling)

Captain Flight (Ajax/Farrel)

Captain Freedom (Harvey)

Captain Future (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Captain Gallant (Ace Magazines)

Captain Glory (Chesler)

Captain Kidd (Fox)

Captain K.O. (Holyoke)

Captain Midnight (Fawcett)

Captain Milksop (Croydon)

Captain Morgans US Rangers (Fiction House)

Captain Morgans Sky Rangers (Fiction House)

Captain Nazi (Fawcett)

Captain Nemo (??)

Captain Nippo (Ace Magazines)

Captain Power (Croydon)

Captain Red Blazer and Spark (Harvey)

Captain Red Cross (Harvey)

Captain Science (Youthful)

Captain 3-D (Harvey)

Captain Thunder (Fiction House)

Captain Triumph (Quality)

Captain Truth (Cambridge House)

Captain Valiant (Croydon)

Captain Venture (Fawcett)

Captain Wings (Fiction House)

Captain Wizard (Croydon)

Capt. Wonder (Bell Features)

Captain Yank (Columbia)

Catman (Centaur)

Cat-Man and Kitten (Holyoke)

The Cavalier (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Cave Girl (Magazine Enterprises)

Champ (Harvey)

The Chameleon (Novelty)

The Checker (Hillman)

Chip Collins (Fiction House)

Chop Suey (Holyoke)

Chuck Hardy (Centaur)

Chute Harmon (Holyoke)

Cinder Smith (F.E. Howard publications)

The Circus and Sue (Centaur)

Cisco Kid (Dell)

The Claw (Lev Gleason)

The Claw (Sterling)

Clay Duncan (Harvey)

The Cloak (Columbia)

The Clock (Centaur, Quality)

Cloud Curtis (Lev Gleason)

The Clown (Ace Magazines)

The Clown (Harvey)

Clown (Harvey)

Clue Catchers (Bell Features)

Cobra Kid (Ajax-Farrell)

The Cobra (Ace Magazines)

Colonel Kamikaze (Fiction House)

The Comet (GA MLJ version)

Commandette (Cambridge House)

Commando Cubs (Nedor)

Commando Ranger (Fiction House)

Commando Yank (Fawcett)

Commander Battle (ACG)

Commander Darke (Progressive)

Commander Steel (Anglo-American)

Commandette (Cambridge House)

Congo Jack (Ace Magazines)

Congo Lancers (Fiction House)

Congo Raider (Howard)

Conqueror (Hillman)

Copperheads (Ace Magazines)

Corpreal Flint (Ace Magazines)

Corliss Archer (Fox)

Cosmo Mann (Progressive)

Count Dracula (??)

Count Orlok (??)

Countess Siroon (Fawcett)

The Cougar (Ace Magazines)

Cosmic Carson (Fox)

Cowboy Sahib (ACG)

Craig Carter (Centaur)

The Crane (Hillman)

Crash Davis (Hillman)

Crash Kid (Rural Home Inc.)

Creature (Charlton)

Creature from the Black Lagoon (??)

Crusader (Hillman)

Crimebuster (Lev Gleason)

Crime Crusader (Croydon)

Crimson Abbot (Fox)

Cub (Fox)

Cyclone (Nita)

Cyclone II (Quality)


D-13 (Fox)

Dagar, the Desert Hawk (Fox)

Dandy (Chesler)

Danjoe (Howard)

Daredevil (Lev Gleason)

Dash Dartwell (Centaur)

David (Fox)

Dan Dare (Fawcett)

The Dart and Ace (Fox

Dash Darwin (Howard)

Dash Dixon (Hillman)

The Deacon (Holyoke)

Deadly Dreaded Dragon (Lev Gleason)

Deaglos (Lev Gleason)

Deathless Druid (Nedor)

Death Patrol (Quality)

Deep-Sea Dawson (Ajax/Farrel)

Defender (Hillman)

Defense Patrol (Fiction House)

Detective Crane (Hugo Gernsback)

Detective Dan Dunn (Dell)

Demo (Tower)

Destiny (Quality)

Destroying Demon (Quality)

Detecto (Centaur Comics)

Devil Dogs (Holyoke)

Devildogs Three (Great Publications)

Devil of the Deep (Centaur)

Devil's Dagger (Fawcett)

Diamond Jack (Fawcett)

Diana (Holyoke)

Diana the Huntress (Charlton)

Dickie Dean (Lev Gleason)

Dicky (Ace Magazines)

Dick Cole (Novelty Press)

Dick Hurston (Centaur)

Dick Royce (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Dick Star of the FBI (Progressive)

Dirk the Demon (Centaur)

Dirty Dalton (Magazine Enterprises)

Doll Girl (Quality)

Doll Man (Quality)

Dr Frost (Prize)

Doctor and Mac (Fiction House)

Doctor Death I (Dell)

Doctor Death II (Dell)

Dr. Destine (Double A)

Doctor Fu Manchu (Max Rohmer Character)

Doctor Horror (Lev Gleason)

Doctor Igor (Holyoke)

Doctor Keats (St.John)

Doctor Nemesis (Ace Magazines)

Doc Strange and Mike (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Doc Strong (GA MLJ version)

Don Davis (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Doll-Man (Quality)

Domino (Fox)

Domino Lady (Fiction House)

Don Winslow of the Navy (Charlton)

Don Quixote (???)

Dorian Gray (??)

Double-Up (Elliot)

Downbeat (Eastern Color)

Dracula (Bram Stoker)

Dragon (Quality)

Driftwood Davey (Rural Home Inc.)

Dr.Bertoff (Novelty Press)

Dr.Bio and his Spidermen (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Dr.Darkness (Centaur)

Dr.Death (Charlton)

Dr.Dekkar (Prize)

Dr.Diamond (Holyoke)

Dr.Doom (Fox)

Dr.Dracula (Lev Gleason)

Dr.Drew (Fiction House)

Dr.Fission (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Dr.Fosfor (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Dr.Frost (Centaur)

Dr. Frost (Prize)

Dr. Fung (Fox)

Dr. Garcia (Holyoke)

Dr. Grimm (Gilberton/Elliot)

Dr.Hypno (Centaur)

Dr. Loy (Centaur)

Dr. Loy's Monster (Centaur)

Dr. Macabre (Holyoke)

Dr. Magno (Centaur)

Dr. Mercy (Croydon)

Dr.Miracle (Harvey)

Dr Mood (Fawcett)

Dr.Mortal (Fox)

Dr.Mystic (Centaur)

Dr.Oxyo (Ace Magazines)

Dr.Plasma (Hillman)

Dr.Synthe (Centaur)

Dr. Nemesis (Ace Comics)

Dr. Vampire (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Dr Watkins (Centaur)

Dr. Wratt (Fiction House)

The Duke (Lev Gleason)

"Duke" Peters (Centaur)

Duke of Darkness (Holyoke)

Dusty the Boy Detective (GA MLJ version)

The Dwarf (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy (Harry 'A' Chesler)

Dynamic Boy II (Chesler)

Dynamite Thor (Fox)

Dynamo (Tower Comics)

Dynamo (Fox)

Dynamo Hill (Lev Gleason)


Earl the Bunny (Hillman)

The Eagle and Eaglet (Fox)

Echo (Chesler)

Edison Bell (Novelty)

Edpo (Columbia)

El Carim (Fawcett)

El Tigre (Chesler)

Electric Ray (Centaur)

Electro Man (Hillman)

El Kuraan (Croydon)

Emperor Seng I (Prize)

Enchanted Dagger (Chesler)

Erick Rotgat (Centaur)

The Ermine (Centaur)

Zardi, the Eternal Man (Centaur)

The Eye (Centaur)


The Face (Columbia)

Faceless Phantom (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Fantom of the Fair (Centaur)

Fargo Kid (Quality)

Fate (Ace Magazines)

Fearless Flint (Eastern Color)

Ferret (Centaur)

Fighting Yank (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Fireball (GA MLJ version)

Fibber's Club (Nedor)

Fire-Eater (Great Publications)

Firefly (GA MLJ Version)

Firebrand (Chesler)

Firebrand (Quality)

Firehair (Fiction House)

Fire-Man (Centaur)

Fishmen (Holyoke)

The Flag (Ace Magazines)

The Fox (Archie/MLJ)

Flag-Man (Holyoke)

The Flame and Flame Girl (Fox)

Flame II (Ajax-Farrell)

Flaming Claws (Fiction House)

Flamingo (Aviation Press)

Flash Lightning (Ace Magazines)

Flip Falcon (Fox)

Flint Baker (Fiction House)

Fly-Man (Harvey)

Flying Cadet (Hillman)

Flying Dutchman (Hillman)

Flying Fist and Bingo (Prize)

Fantomah (Fiction House)

The Fox (GA MLJ version)

Four Comrades (Nedor)

Frankenstein's Monster (??)

Freelance (Double A)

Freezum (Novelty)

Frost (Centaur)

Fu Chang (GA MLJ version)

Futuro (Great)


G-2 (Quality)

Gabby Flynn (Centaur)

Gail Porter (Rural Home Inc.)

Gale Allen (Fiction House)

Gang-Buster Robinson (Fox)

The Garroter (Nedor/Better/Standard)

Gay Desperado (Chesler)

Gary Morgan (Harvey)

George Benson (Fox)

Ghazia (Fiction House)

Ghazia's Mummy Army (Fiction House)

The Ghost (Lev Gleason)

The Ghost (Nedor)

Ghost of Ivanhoe (Elliot)

Ghost Woman (Cambridge House)

The Gimp (Fox)

Girl Commandos (Harvey)

Gladiator (Fox)

Glory Forbes (Fiction House)

Golden Archer (Holyoke)

Golden Arrow (Fawcett)

Golden Knight (Fox)

Golden Lad (Spark)

Golden Girl (Spark Publications)

Gordon Fife and the Boy King (Centaur Comics)

Gorrila with a Human Brain (Fox)

Great Cthulhu (Works of H.P. Lovecraft)

The Great Voodini (Prize)

Great Question (Centaur)

Great Zarro (Great)

The Green Eyed Man (Hillman)

The Green Dragon (Lev Gleason)

Green Ghost (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Green Ghoul (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Green Ghoul (GA MLJ version)

Green Giant (Pelican Press)

Green Knight (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Green Lama (Prize, Spark)

Green Light (Elliot/Gilberton)

Green Mask & Domino (Fox)

Green Sorceress (Novelty)

The Grey Comet (Magazine Enterprises)

Grim Reaper (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Green Turtle (Rural Home Inc.)

Gunmaster (Charlton)

Guy Gorham (Great Publications)


Halo (Holyoke)

Hale of the Herald (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Hale the Magician (Chesler)

The Hand (Fox)

The Hand (Harvey)

Hangman (GA MLJ version)

Hap Hazard (Ace Magazines)

Harland Holland (??)

The Hawk (Fiction House)

Headless Horseman (??)

Herakles (Greek Myth)

Hercules (Quality)

Herbie Popnecker (ACG)

Hermann Goring (??)

The Heap (Hillman)

He-Man (Swappers Quarterly)

Hermes (Greek God)

Hip Knox (Hugo Gernsback)

The Hood (Centaur)

The Hood (Holyoke)

Hooded Horsemen (ACG)

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (Fawcett)

Human Meteor (Harvey)

Hunchback (Fawcett)

Hunchback of Notre Dame (??)

Hunt Bowman (Fiction House)

Hurricane Hart (Hillman)

Hurricane Harrigan (Holyoke)

Hurry-Up Harrigan (Ace Magazines)

Hydroman (Eastern Color)

Hyper the Phenomenal (Hyper)

Hypnotist (Nedor)


Ibis the Invincible (Charlton)

Igor (Holyoke)

Impossible Man (Croydon)

Inferno (GA MLJ version)

Inspector Bentley of Scotland Yard (GA MLJ version)

The Invisible Hood (Quality Comics)

The Invisible Man (??)

Invisible Scarlett O'neil (Eastern Color)

Invisible Terror (Chicago mail order Co.)

Iron Ace (Hillman)

Iron Lady (Hillman)

Iron Maiden (Tower Comics)

Iron Mask (Magazine enterprises)

Iron Mask (Sterling)

Iron Vic (United Features)

Iron Jaw (Lev Gleason)

Iron Skull (Centaur)

Ivory Hunters (Fiction House)


Jack Dale (Hillman)

Jack of Spades (Consolidated)

Jackie Law and the Boy Rangers (Hillman)

Jane Arden (Eastern Color)

Jane Drake Detective(Holyoke)

Jaguar Man (Fox)

Java Bean (F.E. Howard publications)

Jaxon of the Jungle (Prize)

Jeanie (Gem)

Jeb Tinker (Centaur)

Jeff Barter (Progressive)

Jeff Waring (F.E. Howard publications)

Jerry Morris (Lev Gleason)

Jester (Quality)

Jet Powers (Magazine Enterprises)

Jill Trent (Nedor)

Jim Cannon (Harvey)

Jimmy Cole (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Jinx (Lev Gleason)

Jitters (Eastern Color)

Joan Mason (Fox)

John Carter, Warlord of Mars (Dell)

Johnny Rebel (Chesler)

Jo-Jo the Congo King (Fox)

Judge (Enwil)

The Judges of the Dead (Fawcett)

Judy of the Jungle (Nedor)

Jupiter, the Master Magician (Prize)

Jun-gal (Rural Home)

Jungle Demon (Fiction House)

Jungle Lil (Fox)

Jungle Prince (Centaur)

Jungleman (Harvey)

Junior Patrol (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Just'N'Right (Quality)


K-7 (Hillman)

K-9 (Harry A. Chesler)

Kalthar the Giant Man (GA MLJ version)

Kaanga (Fiction House)

Kangaroo Man and Bingo (Great Publications)

Kardak the Mystic (GA MLJ version)

Karl Von Keilman (Holyoke)

Kay Mckay (Ace Magazines)

Kayo Kirby (Fiction House)

Kazanda (Fiction House)

Ki-Gor (Fiction House)

Kid Eternity (Quality)

Kid Muscles (Charlton)

Kid Terror (Ace Magazines)

Kid Tyrant (Novelty)

Kid Wizards (Spark)

King Anthony (Bilbara)

King Arthur (??)

King Cole Jr. (Novelty Press)

King Oleary (Special Action Comics)

King of Beasts (Charlton)

King of Darkness (Centaur)

King of Futuria (Nedor)

King Tonga (Fiction House)

Kinks Mason (Fiction House)

Kitty Kelly (Ajax-Farrell)

Kismet (Elliot)

Kona (Dell)

Konga (Charlton)

Koroo the Black Lion (Bilbara)

Koth (Centaur)

Krooga (Fox)

Kroll Mull (Nedor)


Lady Fairplay (Progressive)

Lady Luck (Quality)

Lady Satan (Harry A. Chesler)

Lady Serpent (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Lance Cooper (Harry A. Chesler)

Lance Hale (Lev Gleason)

Lance Lewis, Space Detective (Lev Gleason)

The Lancer (Ace Magazines)

Lance O'Casey (Fawcett)

Lance Rand (Holyoke)

Landor Maker of Monsters (Harvey)

Larry Hunter (Centaur)

Lightning Girl (Ace Magazines)

Lava Man (Eastern Color)

Lefty Larsen (Hillman)

Lem (Fox)

Leopard Men (Fiction House)

The Liberator (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Lightning (Tower)

Lightning (Fiction House)

Lion Man (All-Negro comics)

Little Dynamite (Lev Gleason)

Little Match Girl (??)

Little Nemo (??)

Little Leaders (Holyoke)

Little Wise Guys (Lev Gleason)

Lieutenant Hercules (Spark)

Living Bolt (Nedor)

The Lizard (Ace Magazines)

Lockjaw (Hillman)

Lois Blake (Novelty)

London (Lev Gleason)

Lone Eagle (Nedor)

Lone Rider (Ajax-Farrell)

Lone Warrior (Ace Magazines)

Longbow (Fiction House)

Long John Silver (Charlton)

Luckyman (Cambridge House)

Lucky Landers (Holyoke)

Lucky Lawrence (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Lucky Wings (Green Publishing)

Lu-Nar (Fox)

The Lynx (Hillman)

Lynx and Blackie (Fox)


Mach Duff (Hillman

Mack Martin (Ace Magazines)

Mad Hatter (O.W. Comics

Mad Ming and Joey (Centaur)

Madame Doom (Quality)

Madame Strange (Great Publications)

Mad Ming (Centaur)

Mad Mong (Elliot)

Madam Zero (Fiction House)

Madame Fatal (Quality)

Madame Satan (GA MLJ version)

Maestro (Ace Magazines)

Magic Agent (ACG)

Magician from Mars (Centaur)

Magician from Bagdad (Harvey)

Magic Morro (Dell)

The Magnet (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Magnificent Epod (Special Action Comics)

Magno Davey (Ace Magazines)

Major Inapak (Magazine enterprises)

Major Mars (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Major Victory (Harry 'A' Chesler

Malu the Slave Girl (Avon)

Man-Apes (Fiction House)

Man-God (Hugo Danner) (??)

Manhunter (Quality)

Mann of India (Eastern Color)

Mantoka (Centaur

Man in Black (Swappers Quarterly)

Man in Black (Harvey)

Manowar, The White Streak (Novelty Press)

Man O Mars (Fiction House)

Man o' Metal (Eastern Color)

Man of War (Centaur)

The Manx (Fox)

Manzar (Fiction House)

Marie Antoinette (???)

Mark Lord (Fiction House)

Mark Murdock (Ace Magazines)

Mark Swift (Fawcett)

Marksman (Centaur)

Marksman II (Quality)

Margo the Magician (Quality)

Mars-God of War (Fiction House)

Mars Mason (Harvey)

Martan the Marvel Man Vana (Dell)

Marto (Novelty Press

Marvin the Great (Spark)

The Marvel (GA MLJ version)

Marvelo (Columbia)

Marvo 1-2 GO (Hugo Gernsback)

Marvo the Magician (Ace Magazines)

The Mask (Fox)

The Mask (Nedor)

Masked Angel (Hillman)

Masked Leader (Holyoke)

Master Key (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Masked Angel (Hillman)

Masked Marvel (Centaur)

Mastermind (Ace Magazines)

Masked Raider (Charlton)

Master Man (Fawcett)

Master Man (Quality)

Maureen Marine (Rural Home Inc.)

Mechomen (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Mekano (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Menace (Holyoke)

Menthor (Tower Comics)

Merciless the Sorceress (Fox)

Mercurians (Fiction House)

Mercury Man (Charlton)

Merlin the Magician (Quality)

Meteor/Merury (Lev Gleason)

Mickey (Holyoke)

Mickey Matthews (Holyoke)

Micro-Face (Hillman)

Midnight (Quality)

Mighty Man (Centaur)

Mighty Mite (Holyoke)

Minimidget (Centaur)

Minute Man (Fawcett)

Miraco the Magician (Centaur)

Mirrorman (Sterling)

Mirror Man (United Features)

Misery (Hillman)

Miss Fury (Timely)

Miss America (Quality)

Mister E. (Harry A. Chesler)

Miss Masque (Standard/Better/Nedor)

Miss Muscles (Charlton)

Mister Lucifer (Bailey Publications)

Mister Midnite (Lev Gleason)

Mister Scarlet (Fawcett)

Miss Victory (Holyoke

Mitey Powers (Hugo Gernsback)

Moe Lynn (Ace Magazines)

Moe M. Down (Great Publications

Mojo (Nedor)

Monkey Men (Fiction House)

Moon Girl (E.C.)

Morris Green (Centaur)

Mosquito (Hillman)

Moth-Man (Fox)

Mother Hubbard (Chesler)

Mouthpiece (Quality)

Mr. Crime (Lev Gleason)

Mr.Death (Fox)

Mr.E (Chesler)

Mr.Ego (Fawcett)

Mr. Face (Columbia)

Mr. Justice (GA MLJ version)

Mr.Miracle (Holyoke

Mr Monster I (F.E. Howard Publications

Mr.Murdo (Regor)

Mr.Muscles (Charlton)

Mr.Nobody (Holyoke)

Mr Ree (Rural Home Inc.)

Mr. Risk (Ace Magazines)

Mr. Satan (GA MLJ version)

Mr. Slumber (Holyoke)

Mr. X (Standard Better/Nedor)

Mr.Q (Bilbara)

Msieu Lepee (Croydon)

Muggsy (Hillman)

The Mummy (Ace Magazines)

The Mummy (??)

Mundoor (Fiction House)

Muscle Man (Sterling)

Mussel-Man (Rural Home Inc.)

Music Master (Eastern Color)

Mysta of the Moon (Fiction House)

Mystery Man (Fox)

Mystery Shadow (Victory)

Mystico (Standard/Better/Nedor)


Najar (Holyoke)

Napoleon and Uncle Elby (Eastern Color)

Nat Zittler (Fiction House)

Nathan Hale (Lev Gleason)

Nature Boy (Charlton)

Nature Girl (Charlton)

Navy Jones (Fox)

Nazi Shock Gibson (Harvey)

Neon the Unknown (Quality)

Nelvana (Bell features)

Nelvana of the Northern Lights (F.E. Howard publications)

Neptina (Harvey)

Nightbird (Fox)

Night Hawk (Chesler)

Nightmare (Hillman)

Nightro (Lev Gleason)

Nightshade (Centaur)

NoMan (Tower Comics)

Nordac the Giant (Elliot)

Number one Son (Prize)

Nyoka the Jungle Girl (Fawcett)


Octobriana (??)

Octopus (Fox)

The Old Hag (Holyoke)

The Old Man of the Pyramids (Ace Magazines)

Oracle (Nedor)

Oran of the jungle (Fiction House)

Ornitz (Nedor/Better/Standard))

The Owl (Centaur)

The Owl (Dell)

Owl Girl (Dell)


Page Parks (Novelty Press)

The Panther (Centaur)

Panther Woman (Fox)

Pat Patriot (Lev Gleason)

Patsy Pinup (Fiction House)

Patty O'day (Fox)

Paul Bunyan (Charlton

Paul Bunyan (Quality)

Paul Revere Jr. (Ace Magazines)

Pecos Bill (Charlton)

Peewee Wilson (Ace Magazines)

The Penguin (Fawcett)

Pen Miller (Qualty)

Perisphere Payne (Fox)

Pied Piper (Holyoke)

Pinky (Fawcett)

Planet Payson (Fiction House)

Plymo the Rubber Man (Centaur)

Popeye (King Features)

Power Nelson (Prize)

Phantasmo (Dell)

Phantom Detective (Better/Nedor/Standard)

Phantom Eagle (Fawcett)

Phantom Falcon (Fiction House)

Phantom Falcons (Fiction House)

Phantom Flyer (Aviation Press)

Phantom Lady I (Quality)

Phantom Lady II (Fox)

Phantom Lady III(Ajax-Farrell)

Phantom Princess (Centaur)

Phantom Ranger (Hillman)

Phantom Rider (Centaur)

Phantom Rider II (Fox)

Phantom Soldier (Nedor)

Phantom Sphinx (Harvey)

Phantom Sub (Novelty Press)

Phara (Fox)

Pied Piper (Holyoke)

Pinkie Parker (Hillman)

Pioneer (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Plastic Man (Quality

The Porcupine (Hillman)

Power Nelson(Prize)

The Prankster (Rural home Inc.)

Press Guardiana.k.a. The Falcon (GA MLJ version)

Presto Kid (Magazine Enterprises)

Presto Martin (Lev Gleason)

Princess Pantha (Standard/Nedor/Better)

Private Jones (Holyoke)

Private Parker (Hillman)

Prof. Josiah Rhonne (Regor)

Professor Blair (Novelty Press)

Professor%26nbsp%3B Supermind Son (Dell)

Professor Taft (Centaur)

Professor X (Novelty Press)

Puppeteer (Fox)

Punch and Judy (Hillman)

Purple Plague (Ace Magazines)

Punch Powers (Howard)

Purple Shirts (Quality)

Purple Tigress (Fox)

Purple Zombie (Eastern Color)

Pussy Katnip (Fox)

Puzzler (Nedor)

Pyroman (Nedor)


Queen Marie (Centaur)

Queen of Diamonds (Archie/MLJ)

Queen of Evil (Fox)

Quicksilver (Quality)


Rackman (Hillman)

Radar (Fawcett)

Radior (Dell)

Ragman (Holyoke)

Rainbow (Centaur)

Rainbow Boy (Eastern Color)

Rajah the Arabian Knight (Columbia)

Randall Ross (Centaur)

Ranger Girl (Fiction House)

Rangers of Freedom (Fiction House)

Rattler (GA MLJ version)

Raven (Tower)

Raven (Ace Magazines)

Raven (Quality)

Ray (Quality)

Reckoner and Chipper (Holyoke)

Red Ann (Nedor)

Red Bee (Quality)

Red Blaze (Centaur)

Red Blazer (Harvey)

Red Comet (Fiction House)

Red Cross (Holyoke)

Red Demon (Harvey)

Red Gaucho (Fawcett)

Red Hawk (Rural Home Inc.)

Red Knight (Holyoke)

Red Mask (Nedor)

Red Mask (Magazine Enterprises)

Red Panther (Fiction House

Red Reeves Boy Magician(Lev Gleason)

Red Regent (Nedor/Better/Standard)

Red Riley (Centaur)

Red Robbins (Fox)

Red Rocket (Four Star Publications)

Red Rogue (Cambridge House)

Red Rube (GA MLJ version)

Red Torpedo (Quality)

Red Seal (Novelty)

Red Seal Giant (Chesler)

Red Star (Green)

Reef Kinkaid (Centaur)

Reef Ryan (Fiction House

Red Ryder (Dell)

Retribution (Ace Magazines)

Ricky Davis (Sterling)

Rick Masters (Progressive)

Richard Grey Jr. (Black Condor I) (Quality)

Rigor %26amp%3B Mortis Alchemists (Regor)

Rio Rita (Fiction House)

Rip Regan (Powerman) (Fiction House)


Rock Raymond (Ajax-Farrel)

Rock Wayburn (Centaur)

Rocket Boy (Chesler)

Rocket Riley (Hillman)

Rocketman (Ajax-Farrel)

Rocketman %26amp%3B Rocketgirl (Harry A. Chesler)

Rocky Hall (Fiction House)

The Roman (Fiction House)

Rosie the Riveter (??)

Royal Watch (Fiction House)

Roy Lance (Fiction House)

Roy the Super Boy (GA MLJ version)

Red Man of the Rockies (Centaur)

Rex Dexter (Fox)

Rex Elliot (Harvey)

Rocky X (Lev Gleason)

Robin Hood (???)

Rodent (Lev Gleason)

Roy Lincoln (Quality-Human Bomb)

Rubberman (Hillman)

Rufus (Chesler)

Rulah (Fox)

Runaway Ronson (Novelty Press)

Rurik the Sea King (Harvey)

Rusty (Holyoke)

Rusty Ryan (Quality)


Samson (Fox)

Samson II (Ajax-Farrell)

Sarge Steel (Charlton)

Satan (Harvey)

Satanas (Croydon)

Saturninans (Nedor)

Scarab (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Scarlet Ace (Centaur)

Scarlet Arrow (Harvey)

Scarlet Avenger (GA MLJ version)

Scarlet Phantom (Harvey)

Scarlet Seal (Quality)

Scarlett Sentry (Chesler)

Scott Dalton (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Scoop Scanlon (Holyoke)

Scoot Suit Sammy (Quality)

The Scorpion (Hillman)

The Scourge (Nedor/Better/Standard)

Sea Devil (Fiction House)

Sea Eagle (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Secret Agent 2B-3 (Ajax-Farrel)

Secret Agent D-13 (Fox)

Secret Agent M-11 (Prize)

Secret Agent 7-X (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Secret Agent Z-2 (Holyoke)

Secret Circle (Great Publications)

Senator Henry Knight (Quality)

The Sentinel (Centaur)

Sergeant Flagg (Hillman)

Sergeant Spook (Novelty Press)

The Shape (Charlton)

Shaman and Flame (Spark)

Shangra (Holyoke)

The Shark (Centaur)

Shark Brodie (Fiction House)

She (1905 Novel "Ayesha")

Sheena (Fiction House)

Sherlock Holmes (Charlton)

The Shield (GA MLJ version)

Shinto Samurai (Ace Magazines)

Shock Gibson (Harvey)

Shop Keeper (Fawcett)

Shorty Shortcake (Fox)

Simba (Fiction House)

Sinbad the Sailor (??)

Sing Song (Magazine Enterprises)

Sinistro (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Sinistros Beast Men (Nedor/Better/Standard)

Silver Knight (Nedor)

Silver Streak (Lev Gleason)

Skeleton Key (Consolidated)

Skyrocket Steele (Centaur)

Sky Chief (Chesler)

Sky Girl (Fiction House)

Sky Hawk (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Sky Smith (Ace Magazines)

Skyman (Columbia)

Sky Wizard (Hillman)

Skywolf (Hillman)

Slaphappy Grandpappy (Rural Home Inc.)

Sleepy (Hillman)

Slug Nutty Sam (Fiction House)

Smoke Carter (Harvey)

Sniffer (Lev Gleason)

Snowman (Swappers Quarterly)

Solar Legion (Holyoke)

Solarman (Centaur)

Soldier Unknown (Ace Magazines)

Sorceress of Zoom (Fox)

Soundwave (Sterling)

Sniper (Quality)

Spacehawk (Novelty Press)

Space Man (Dell)

Space Smith (Fox)

Spade of the Secret Service (Hillman)

Spanner Preston (Bell Features)

Spark Stevens (Fox)

The Sparkler (Centaur)

Sparkman (United features)

Sparky (Fox)

Spark O'leary (Centaur)

Special Agent Number 1 (Special Action Comics)

Spectro (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Speedboy (Prize)

Speed Centaur (Centaur)

Speed Savage (Bell Features)

Speed Taylor (Harvey)

The Sphinx (Nedor)

The Spider (Quality Comics)

Spider Queen (Fox

Spider Widow (Quality)

Spider Woman (Chesler)

Spike Marlin (Harvey)

Spirit of 76' (Harvey)

Spirit Man (Lev Gleason)

Spitfire (Harvey)

Spookman (Charlton)

Spring Heeled Jack (??)

Spy Fighter (Fiction House)

Spy-Hunters (Centaur)

Spy Smasher (Fawcett)

Stony Craig (Eastern Color)

Strange Twins (Quality)

Strongman (Holyoke)

Strong Man (Magazine Enterprises)

Stampy (Prize)

Stardust the Super Wizard (Fox)

Stars and Stripes (Centaur

Star Pirate (Fiction House)

Steel Fist (Rural Home Inc.)

Steel Shark (Hillman)

Steel Sterling (GA MLJ version)

Steve Hagen (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Storm Curtis (Prize)

Stormy Frost (Harry a. Chesler/Dynamic)

Stuart Taylor (Fiction House)

Stuntman (Harvey)

Strut Warren (Fiction House)

Stupid Manny (Hillman)

Sub-Zero Man (Novelty Press)

Sub Saunders (Fox)

Sue (Ace Magazines)

Suicide Smith (Fiction House)

Sunny (Fox)

Super-American (Fiction House)

Super-Ann (Centaur)

Super-Brain (Fiction House)

Super-Fiend (Fox)

Super-Gorillas (Fiction House)

Super-Horse (Novelty Press)

Supermouse (Nedor)

The Surgeon (Ace Magazines)

The Swami (Ace Magazines)

Swiftarrow (Spark)

Swing Sisson (Quality)

Swoop Smith (Lev Gleason)

The Sword (Ace Magazines)

The Sword (Quality)


Tabu (Fiction House)

Tang the Wonder Horse (F.E. Howard publications)

The Target (Novelty Press)

the Targeteers (Novelty)

Taanda (Avon)

Tarantula (Tower)

Tara the Pirate Queen (Nedor)

Tarna (Nedor)

The Teacher (Ace Magazines)

Ted Dawson (Fox)

Ted Kane (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Ted O'neil (Prize)

Ted Parrish (Harvey)

Tegra Jungle Empress (Fox)

Terry Kane (Double A Comics)

Tex Maxon (Fox)

Texas Slim (Magazine Enterprises)

Tex Trainor (Hillman)

Texas Tyler (Harvey)

Thesson, Son of the Gods (Nedor)

Thor (Norse Myth/Fox)

Three Aces (Harvey)

The Three Cheers (Ace Magazines)

Thun'da (Magazine Enterprises)

Thunderbrand (Croydon)

Thunderfoot (Quality)

Thunderhoof (Nedor)

Tiger Girl (Fiction House)

Tiger Hart (Fiction House)

Tiger Man (Fiction House)

Tigress (Holyoke)

The Time Traveller (H.G. Well's The Time Machine)

Tiny Terror (Nedor)

Tarzan (United Features)

Topper (Fox)

The Torcher (Ace Magazines)

Torpedo Man (Ajax-Farrell)

Tornado Tim (Elliot)

Tomboy (Sterling)

Tommy Paige (Rural Home Inc.)

Tommy the Amazing Kid (Centaur)

Tom Strange (Nedor)

Tor (Quality)

Torch (Nedor)

Torchy (Quality)

Toreador (Rural Home Inc.)

Tornado Tom (Holyoke)

Tortug (Fiction House)

T.N.T. (Centaur)

T.N.T. Todd of the F.B.I. (Centaur)

Triple Terror (United Features)

Tugboat Tessie (Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic)

Tumbler (Fox)

Tygra (Standard/Nedor/Better)

Typhon (Fox)

Tyro Team (Charlton)

Twelve Olympians (Ace Magazines)

Twilight (Hillman)

"Two Site" Gallager (Nedor)

Twister (Novelty Press)


Uncle Sam (National)

Undersea Agent (Tower)

Undercover Girl (Magazine Enterprises)

Undercover Man (Centaur)

The Unknown (Ace Magazines)

The Unknown (Quality)

Uno (Ace Magazines)

USA the Spirit of Old Glory (Quality)

U.S. Jones (Fox)


V-Agent 13 (Fox)

Vapo-Man (Centaur)

V-Boys (Fox)

V-Man%26nbsp%3B (Fox)

Vivian Lachan (ACG)

Valkyrie (Hillman)

Veiled Avenger (Chesler)

Veiled Prophet (Hillman)

Victor Frankenstein (??)

Voice, the invisible Detective (Dell)

Voice I (Quality)

Voice II (Centaur)

Vooda (Ajax-Farrell)

Voodoo Man (Fox)

Volton (Holyoke)

Vulcan (Ace Magazines)

Vulture (Ace Magazines)


Walt Worthington (Harvey)

Wambi the Jungle Boy (Fiction House)

War Eagle (Lev Gleason)

War Nurse (Harvey)

Warlock the Wizard (Fawcett)

Wasp (Harvey)

Wasp (Lev Gleason)

The Web (GA MLJ version)

Werewolf Hunter (Fiction House)

Wildfire (Quality)

Whistler (Quality)

White Flash (Elliot)

White Hunters of the African Safari (Fiction House)

White Indian (Magazine Enterprises)

White Killer (Fox)

White Mask (Harvey)

White Panther (Fiction House)

White Rider (Novelty Press)

Whiz (Lev Gleason)

Whiz Wilson (Ace Magazines)

Wildfire (Quality)

Willy Wanderlust %26amp%3B Boitram (Regor)

Wiggles the Wonderworm (Rural Home Inc.)

Wings Wendall (Quality)

Winged Warriors (Howard)

The Wizard (GA MLJ version)

Wizard (Villain) (Lev Gleason)

Wizard of Oz (??)

Wolf Carson (Lev Gleason)

The Wolf Man (??)

Wonder Boy (Quality)

Wonderman II (Better/Standard/Nedor)

Wonder Man (Fox)

Woman in Red (Better/Nedor/Standard)

Wraith (Fox)


X, The Phantom Fed (Ace Magazines)

X of the Underground (Quality)


Yank Doodle (Prize)

Yank Wilson (Fox)

The Yankee (Harry a. Chesler/Dynamic)

Yankee Boy (Chesler)

Yankee Doodle Jones (Chesler)

Yankee Eagle (Quality)

Yankee Girl (Harry A. Chesler)

Yankee Longago (Lev Gleason)

Yellow Spot (Chesler)

Yarko the Great (Fox)

Yellowjacket (Charlton)

Young Robin Hood (Lev Gleason)


Zago, Jungle Prince (Fox)

Zan Marzov (Fiction House)

Zaan of the Jungle (Ajax-Farrel)

Zambini the Miracle Man (GA MLJ version)

Zanzibar (Fox)

The Great Zarro (Great Publications)

Zator (Centaur)

The Zebra (Harvey)

Zegra Jungle Empress (Fox)

Zeus (Greek Myth)

Zero (Quality)

Zip-Jet (St.John)

Zombies (Concept)

Zongar (Lev Gleason)

Zog (Centaur)

Zomba, the Jungle Fighter (Great)

Zor the Mighty (Cambridge House)

Zorro (Dell)

Zippo (Hillman)

Zudo (Better/Nedor/Standard)

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