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Founded by Frank Temerson in Holyoke, MA, in 1940. Had a confusing variety of imprints at various times, including Helnit and Nita Publishing.

There have been a few Holyoke characters that have been revived by DC Comics as well as Dynamite Entertainment under their Project Superpowers title

A portion of the stable of characters that were originally published by Holyoke are:

Ace Diamond

Ace Kids

Alias X

Black Friday

Black Fury and Kid Fury (Fox and Holyoke)

Black Out (Holyoke version)

Black Widow

Black Venus (Dynamite)

Blaze Baylor

Blue Beetle (between runs at Fox) (DC, Dynamite)

Blue Beetle (Nazi)

Blue Streak


Bull's Eye

Captain Aero

Captain Catapult

Captain Fearless

Captain K.O.

Captain Stone

Captain Storms

Cat Man and Kitten (Dynamite)


Cyclone (Dynamite)

The Deacon and Mickey

Death Mask

Death's Head (Holyoke version)

Doctor Diamond

Doctor Igor

Doctor Macabre

Dr. Diamond

Duke of Darkness

Eric van Doorn


Fangs the Wolf Boy

Flagman and Rusty



Green Hornet and Kato (Holyoke, Harvey, Moonstone, Dynamite)

Golden Archer

Golden Eagle (Holyoke version)

Grey Mask


The Hood (Dynamite)

Hurricane Harrigan

Inspector Cosmic


Juggernaut (Holyoke version)

Masked Leader

Magnificent Epod

The Menace

Mighty Mite

Miss Victory

Mr. Miracle

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Q (Holyoke version)

Mr. Slumber


Octopus (Holyoke version)

Pack Pearson, Space Adventure

Pied Piper (Holyoke version)

Phantom Falcon (Fiction House, Moonstone)

Phantom Flyer

Ragman (Holyoke version)

The Reckoner and Chipper

Red Cross

Red Knight I, II

Red Lash

Red Robe of Death

Robo of the Little People

Sky Rangers

Solar Legion

Strongman (Dynamite)

Tommy Tomahawk

Tornado Tom

V-Man and the V Boys (Fox and Holyoke)

Volton (Marvel)

Volton the Human Generator (Joe Kubert's 1st work)

Voris, the Fire Eater

Vultures Claw

Yellow Fang

Zaro, the Jungle Magician

Many of these characters have separate pages while others do not.

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