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When Codpiece was in high school he asked one of the most popular girls out on a date. The girl, not knowing what excuse to give him told him she couldn't go out with him because he wasn't "big enough." This surprised him. He han no idea how she could know about his lack of endowment. It turns out she did, in fact mean that he wasn't tall enough. Codpiece started becoming more sensitive to the issue of his "manhood's" small size.

In college, he finds himself in another failed relationship. When confronting his "girlfriend" asking if they were breaking up, she informed him that they were never together to begin with. They had only gone on three dates. Codpiece naturally assumed she was leaving him because he was too small even though she had no way of knowing.

As an adult and still insecure about his size. He continued trying to thrust himself upon women who quickly turned him away.  All the while, Codpiece simply assumed it was because of his body.

Codpiece goes to a plastic surgeon asking him if he can do anything about his situation. The doctor tells him that they could try implants or he could try some stretching exercises. When he suggests counseling before taking drastic measures, Codpiece thinks the doctor is making fun of him. He thinks he's insinuating that he needs to get his head "shrunk" to match the rest of his body.

He tries paying for some female companionship but even that goes wrong when he fails to perform. The woman tells him not to get hung up on it as it ruins his concentration. She suggests he get something to "pad the protection." Codpiece doesn't take this well.

Angered more than ever, Codpiece, built a robotic suit, complete with a transforming weapon in jutting out from his groin area. The weapon (a self-made codpiece) included several gadgets such as a spring-loaded boxing glove, an intimidating drill, giant scissors, an ultra sound emitter and a rocket firing canon.

After robbing a bank and causing chaos, a transsexual superhero named Coagula comes to the rescue and destroys his groin weaponry with her special dissolving powers.

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