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Kate Goodwin, formerly Clark, is a trans woman. She gained her powers when, working as a prostitute, had sex with Rebis, a radioactive intersex person. Kate's interaction with hir gave her the ability to coagulate liquids and dissolve solids. She decided to use these abilities as a superhero, calling herself Coagula, a term coming from the latin, alchemic term "Solve et Coagula", meaning "dissolve and coagulate". Kate originally tried out for the Justice League, but she was rejected.

Some time later, Kate had to use her abilities to stop a rampaging villain called the Codpiece, an insecure and psychotic man wearing a high-tech, specially designed codpiece with many weapons built inside. Kate became acquainted with the Doom Patrol during the battle, ironically the same team which Rebis had belonged to. During her time on the team, Kate also became better acquainted with a third ability she gained from Rebis. Whenever she interacted with computers or television she could make them offer glimpses into the future, or allow things of mystical nature by seen for what they really were.

While she was initially identified as lesbian, as the series went on it became clear that Kate was bisexual. She fell in love and pursued a relationship with Robotman, helping him come to terms with his past relationship with Crazy Jane, the loss of his second robot body, and helping him create a new one. The two had an adventure where they shared the same body, allowing them glimpses into the other's life and giving them each a better understanding about each other.

A while after the Doom Patrol split, Kate and Cliff take fellow teammate Dorothy Spinner on a camping trip with the intention of telling her she is adopted . However, after hearing this, Dorothy suffers a mental breakdown. This causes her to generate a powerful psychic explosion, completely obliterating Kate, supposedly killing Cliff, and putting Dorothy into a brain dead coma.

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