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Mikula is a mutant with psychic and levitation powers.
Mikula Golubev was born with psychic powers including the ability to levitate objects. He is a member of the Russian super team Bogatyri led by Dr. Volkh.  They infiltrate a Canadian Distant Early Warning base to set motion Operation Polaris where they plan to start a new Cold War and start a deadlier Ice Age to freeze the entire North American Continent. Mikula and his team would come into conflict with Wolverine and members of the West Coast Avengers. Mikula nearly kills the US Agent with his mutant abilities but he is saved by Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch. Wolverine and the West Coast Avengers thwart their plans with the assistance of the United States and Canadian military. The current whereabouts of Mikula Golubev are unknown.   


Mikula Golubev was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and David Ross in 1992 and first appeared in Avengers West Coast # 87. 

Powers & Abilities

Mikula Golubev is a mutant with psychic abilities, telekinesis and levitation. Mikula wears an electronic collar device with two antennae around his neck but for what purpose is unknown. It possibly was used to increase or focus his mutant abilities.

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