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Golden Age

Beautia working as a tutor

Beautia was the first of Dr. Sivana's children to encounter Captain Marvel, Billy Batson was accompanying a scientist (secretly Sivana) on a journey to Venus, and he became the world's MIghtiest Mortal to overcome him and the mysterious Empress of Venus - Beautia. To begin with, Beautia aided her father in his schemes, but later she fell for Captain Marvel and opposed her sire.

Beautia renounced a life of crime and became a social worker. However, she once had the misfortune to catch the eye of Captain Nazi, who saw her as the perfect Arayan type - tall and blonde. He tried to win her, but she helped to arrange his defeat at the hands of Captain Marvel Jr.

Beautia knows the Marvel Family's secret identities, but she is sworn to silence and will never betray them.

Modern Age

Beautia has been used only sparingly since the acquisition of Fawcett Publications by DC comics and the relaunch of Captain Marvel. She is still portrayed as the daughter of Doctor Sivana, except that depending on the iteration she is sometimes portrayed as one of only two children (her and Magnificus) who are alive. Alternately it is shown that all of her family still lives, including her mother Venus. She has appeared only occasionally since Crisis on Infinite Earths but true to her golden age character is generally shown as well intentioned.

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