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The Red Death

While searching for lingerie for her honeymoon, Alley Baggett unwillingly released a demonic spirit related to Marquis De Sade. While wearing an outfit she receives visions of the Marquis' torture sessions in 18th century. At the same time an apparition kills her friend and the shop clerk. While fleeing the shop she gets hit by a car. Only suffering minor injuries she is let home. There she receives another vision of murder, and waking she finds her boyfriend surrounded by the same apparition that killed her friend. She puts the suit on again in an attempt to find out who the killer was. But the suit possesses her, shortly after arrives a priest who calls himself an exorcist. She passes out, waking she is bound and the priest tells her a story about the suit. Evidently she can’t remove the suit anymore without dying. She receives another vision, and sees the killer, her fiancé Mark. She meets him at the graveyard, where he makes her believe that he has control over the demon. When she gets close she is knocked out again. When she wakes up, Mark wants her to lash a victim with a mace; she takes a mace and hesitates. Finally she overcomes the demon and kills her boyfriend, after that she is arrested.

After the grand jury verdict, “killed in self defense”, she flew to New York. And almost immediately she is pulled into another murder case. She gets another vision. Chasing one person from that she comes into possession of a mask called Red Death, it was supposed to hold secrets to the garments power. Putting it on she sees fourth murder victim and tries to tell the police. They won’t believe her, so she rushes on the murder scene, unfortunately she's too late. She again is arrested; there she comes to conclusion that all the murders have been priests with names of the martyrs. Braking out of jail she stops her friend's brother, thinking that he is the killer. He is however killed by someone and no testimony is received, police thinks that they got their killer. When she visits a bishop, she receives a vision again; the bishop was supervising the killings. But the priests all volunteered for that, they all wanted to be martyrs. Bishop then shoots her, and in the struggle she throws him out of the window.


The garment makes her stronger, faster and it protects her. She can survive getting hit by a car and even from getting shot. When this garment is used along with The Red Death, wearer's precognition powers are enhanced.

Real Life Inspiration

Alley Cat is named after, and visually based on, real-life glamour and nude model Alley Baggett.

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