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A group of Legionnaires arrive to find the five Superboy, Princess Projectra, Karate Kid, Brainiac 5 and Duo Damsel dead. They also find a man, their killer, standing still and an alien Seeron, who was able to stop time. The Seeron alien explains how he came to get help from the Legion and when he saw what happened, with the Legionnaires, he stopped time with his amazing powers. He pleads to the Legion that he needs help on his home planet and if they succeed, they will help the five poisoned members. The Legionnaires present agree, and go to the Seeron's homeworld to stop an invasion. Meanwhile, Invisible Kid and Shrinking Violet come to the headquarters, oblivious of the activities that occurred, and send the bodies of the five poisoned Legionnaires into space as a funeral. The Legion on the Seeron planet return and fix everything, with Ultra Boy using the Miracle Machine to 'wish' back the five floating funeral members. At the end of the day, all is well and it is revealed that Alek Korlo, a small-time crook that was apprehended by the Legion of Super-Heroes, was responsible for poisoning the Legion.

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