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Current Event

Starman is presently starring in the ongoing Legion of Superheroes series since the rebooted DC universe in the new 52. The Legion is presently fighting a Daxamite and a group of Controllers on the planet of Panoptes.


Original Star Boy

Thom was born on a orbital satellite over the planet Xanthu in the 30th century. His parents were astronomers and Thom was born with the meta ability to control gravity. After crashing his parents' space cruiser through the tail of a comet, Thom also gained abilities that rivaled that of ancient Kryptonians. Feeling heroic, he adopted the name Star Boy and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Starman was created by Otto Binder and George Papp.

Character Evolution

Original Continuity: New Earth

Star Boy (Pre-Crisis)

Early on, Thom traveled to the 20th century to visit Superboy but was blackmailed into being Lana Lang's boyfriend to make the Boy of Steel jealous. Her ruse failed quickly. While his Kryptonian powers faded and failed him soon after, the Legion elected to keep him after he recovered from his injuries and perfected his mass shifting. Star Boy fell in love with a beautiful new recruit named Dream Girl. Dreamy joined the Legion under false pretenses and ultimately resigned, but Thom still had feelings for her. Dreamy's biggest fan, Kenz Nuhor, was rejected by her because she reciprocated Star Boy's love and so Kenz set out to kill Star Boy. He lured Thom into a trap and would have killed him had Star Boy not shot and killed Kenz in self defense. Having violated the Legion code against killing, a trial was held and Star Boy was found guilty and expelled from the Legion.

Reboot: Earth-247

Star Boy (Earth-247)

On Earth-247, Thom Kallor was one of the few denizens of Xanthu to be born with a superpower. He was recruited quickly by the government as an adolescent to be a part of the Uncanny Amazers and was up for the title of Planetary Champion when the Legion of Super-Heroes was founded. Thom was not Xanthu's initial pick as draftee into the Legion, but upon Kid Quantum's death they opted for Star Boy to be their new representative. As Thom prepared to set off for Earth, a mourning Kid Quantum II rigged Thom's space cruiser so that he couldn't turn its music off. This distraction caused Thom to crash, where he spent several weeks in a body cast recovering. During that time, he was nursed with some exotic whale that sped up his recovery but also granted him Kryptonian-like powers which he discovered upon properly joining the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Threeboot: Earth-Prime

Star Boy (Earth-Prime)

The Star Boy of Earth Prime differed from other realities in that he was of African descent. His origin otherwise was never specified to be any different. He was still from the planet Xanthu. Thom was a member of the Legion again and a big supporter and defendant of initial leader Cosmic Boy. Dream Girl had expressed interest in him before her death, though it was never stated Thom reciprocated. He sided with Cosmic Boy when the Legion stood divided between Cos and Brainiac 5 but pulled together with the rest of his team to defeat Terra Firma. He traveled to Winath months later to search for the missing Cosmic Boy and instead found Lightning Lord, who was charged with the war crimes previously placed on Cos. Wielding the power of gravity like Thom did made him instrumental to several of the Legion's later victories, especially when guided by Brainiac 5's precise calculations. He was often paired with Light Lass for the most dynamic results.

Retroboot: New Earth

Starman (New Earth)

Infinite Crisis restored an analogue of the original Legion to continuity. Following the Magic Wars, Star Boy rejoined the team and was one of several Legionnaires who assisted Brainiac 5 on a covert mission to the 21st century. While traveling through time, Star Boy became unhinged and came to reside on Earth-22, the Kingdom Come reality. He later used his powers on his costume again to travel to New Earth proper. Shortly upon arriving, Thom discovered that the ancient medicine of that era wasn't enough to keep his schizophrenia in check and he had to cope with his mental illness. This made him lucid enough that he forgot his initial mission, instead taking on the name "Danny Blaine" from a Xanthu pulp hero and deciding to defend Opal City like the Starmen before him. He even took on their codename.

Homeless, he was quickly taken in by Opal's Sunshine Sanitarium to help with his mental confusion. It was there he fell in love with sloppy joes. Shortly thereafter, his heroic efforts in Opal caught the attention of the reformed Justice Society of America and Thom was recruited.

Major Story Arcs

Original Continuity: New Earth

Star Boy x Dream Girl

Upon his expulsion, Thom was met by Dream Girl and recruited into the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The pair later left the Subs and donned suits of armor to hide their identities as they joined the Legion as Superboy and Supergirl's replacements, per their request. Following Thom's adventure as Sir Prize, the Legion elected to bring Star Boy and Dream Girl back onto the team despite their past actions. Star Boy served on the Legion for many years and continued his relationship with Dream Girl, even during a strained part of their relationship years later when Dream Girl was elected Legion leader. She eventually offered Thom the job of her deputy leader so they could spend more time together, which he only begrudgingly accepted because her term was almost over. On a mission to Xanthu and following a rough patch with Dreamy, Thom was commanded by his people's government to serve as their new planetary champion. Star Boy accepted the position and resigned from the Legion to care for his homeworld. He warded off Atmos in battle several times to keep the title, though he lost Dream Girl to the other hero.

Five Years Later

Star Boy rejoined the Legion following the Magic Wars but only served for a short time. With the Legion falling on dark times, Thom returned to Xanthu. He fell in love with and later married Yvyya, the owner of the Naltorian Dreamers batball team. Thom retired from heroics and became their coach, though he did come out of retirement during Zero Hour. With his timeline collapsing, Star Boy joined his past teammates in helping to rescue Cosmic Boy and ultimately sacrificed himself to reboot the universe.

Reboot: Earth-247

Star Boy in the 21st century

As a Legionnaire, Star Boy was inducted with the draft dodging Gates and was often scrutinized by Leviathan, who felt responsible for the death of Thom's predecessor and refused to let Thom end up like Kid Quantum. Star Boy helped assemble the Fatal Five and was one of many Legionnaires spared being trapped in the 20th century. When the Legion held open auditions for the first time, Star Boy was on the judging panel and it was there he met his future girlfriend, Dreamer. Thom was smitten with her and they began to date shortly thereafter. He returned to Xanthu several times to both cement his position in the Legion and to help ward off an invasion. He was distraught when Xanthu ceded from the United Planets to the Allied Planets and refused a call to return home with the other Xanthian Legionnaires. One visit to Xanthu also led him to team up with Jack Knight, a time-lost hero named Starman. Thom then learned of his destiny to one day be the Starman of the 21st century.

Robotica Invaded

Star Boy vs Robotica

Eventually, Thom's Kryptonian superpowers began to haywire. Due to his liability in the field, Star Boy was sidelined. These powers ultimately faded and Thom returned to active duty in time to be captured during the Blight Invasion. He was later freed but elected to leave the Legion when Dreamer began having nightmares. They traveled to Xanthu and worked with the Khunds to fine-tune both Dreamer and Thom's powers. Instead of just inducing mass, Star Boy learned how to decrease it as well. When Robotica invaded Xanthu, Star Boy ultimately stayed behind with former teammate XS when the planet was evacuated. They were saved from their exile weeks later by a reformed Legion, which Thom rejoined and later Dreamer joined as well. Thom was spared from the destruction of Earth-247 because the Legion had been lost in the timestream on an adventure. He pushed into the Multiverse with his Legion to become the new Wanderers.

Retroboot: New Earth

Starman carry out R.J. Brande's Last Will and Testament

Starman in the past

Shortly thereafter, Thom's dreams became haunted and it led him on the trail of Dream Girl, who had been captured by Dr. Destiny. Freeing Nura, Thom was reminded of his original mission in the past. He rejoined with the other Legionnaires and they successfully used lightning rods to gather the essence of the deceased Bart Allen. When the other Legionnaires returned home, Thom remained in the past with the Justice Society to aid Brainiac 5 in one other contingency. Thom took a job as a grave digger and dug up the body of Conner Kent and took it to a rejuvenation chamber in the Fortress of Solitude which would resurrect the hero over the span of a 1,000 years. All the while, he continued to act as Starman and assisted the JSA with threats such as Gog and the new Injustice Society. Gog even restored Thom's sanity for a time. Already in the 21st century, he became a de facto member of the Legion on a mission in the past to carry out R.J. Brande's Last Will and Testament, protecting the bottled cities Brainiac had stolen. With his last mission in the past finally complete, Starman was presumed to return to the future.

Powers and Abilities

Gravity Control

Star Boy possesses the ability to control the gravitational force of an object. He does so by borrowing the gravity from stars and redirecting this force onto a designated area. He can sink cities and pinpoint it to objects smaller than pebbles. He is capable of drawing enough mass to create a black hole by recreating the weight of a collapsing star. Thom wears a suit crafted together by three different Brainiac 5's that is a map of the multiverse. It is fine tuned so that Thom's mass induction ability when properly applied can create small wormholes into these realities or transport himself. It is a skill he has yet to refine.


Previously, after crashing through a comet tail, he gained the powers of a Kryptonian as well as the ability to breathe fire. In the postboot, he also gained electrical vision. In both iterations, these abilities were only temporary.


As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Star Boy possesses a Legion Flight Ring. The ring gives its wearer the ability to fly, the speed and range of which is determined by the wearer's willpower. It also acts as a long-range communicator (enabling constant vocal contact with other Legionnaires, even across vast distances of space), a signal device, and a navigational compass, all powered by a micro-computer built inside the ring.

Other Versions

Five Years Later / Batch SW6

Star Boy (Batch SW6)

Zero Hour created a blip which added a young Star Boy to the SW6, time-displaced Legionnaires team. Thom merged with this young counterpart as part of his sacrifice.

Superboy's Legion

Star Boy is a member of the Legion.

Other Media


Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes

Star Boy - animated

Star Boy was one of many Legionnaires in the Legion's cartoon, which was broadcast for two seasons. He represented the Earth-Prime version of the character and possessed general gravity powers, able to make things heavy or lightweight. In the first season, he joined the Legion alongside Matter-Eater Lad in the episode "The Substitutes." He assisted the Legion and Fatal Five in defeating the Sun-Eater in both parts of "Sundown." He had no lines in the first season but was voiced by Bumper Robinson when he was upgraded to a recurring character in season two.

He was captured on Takron-Galtos, but ultimately freed in part two of "Man From the Edge of Tomorrow" and was a jury member in Timber Wolf's trial in "Cry Wolf." His first speaking role was protecting Imperiex's creator in "Unnatural Alliances." He fought Mordru in "Trials" and the Dark Circle in "Dream On", having speaking parts in both. After being knocked unconscious by a possessed Brainiac 5, Star Boy stood with the Legion against Brainiac in "Dark Victory.

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