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Howl of the Banshee



The Good

First of all, Yardin's cover is incredible. Yardin has been doing the covers for X-Factor for a quite a while now and quite frankly is not getting the acclaim he deserves.

This issue focuses on Theresa Cassidy, Banshee. For those that have been following X-Factor it really feels like Theresa comes full circle in this issue. Theresa Cassidy has really had a tough time of it. She's battled with alcholism, lost a child and lost her father, her namesake, the original Banshee. Essentially she's lost her faith in what she once believed in. In this issue she sacrifices herself to the Morrigan in an effort to save the mind of Lorna Dane and seemingly finds some sort of peace in herself in doing so.

There were some great scenes with the Morrigan killing her predecessor and taking her power. We got some great character development with Morrigan surrounding her relationship with her own father which mirrors that of Theresa and Polaris. I think Peter David handled the Irish Mythology of the Banshee well. It's actually very convoluted. Is the Banshee a witch? A ghost? A fairy? A goddess? I think Peter David touched on all those aspects and left things open.

Some interesting stuff happened with Havok and Polaris too. Havok basically confessed to Lorna that he's about to snap. Makes sense if you look at his recent history. Wasn't sitting right with me that he was so functional after witnessing the murder of his father by his brother in addition to those months he spend in a prison cell. Instantly made his character more likeable.

The Bad

Kirk's art is a little inconsistent in this. I think his facial expressions can be pretty off at times. One scene involving Polaris in particular stood out. She was levitating knives around her and one her eyes just looked like it didn't belong on her head. Also Theresa's costume, when she turned into the Banshee was a little uninspired. It looked very like one of the Phoenix Five's outfits. I also find it troubling that Lorna might already be over what happened to her mother but we'll be able to gauge that better next issue.

The Verdict

Another great issue by Peter David. I'm really excited to see where this series is going. Although Breaking Points was supposed to be wrapping up lots of dangling plots its seemed to have created more than it's wrapped up. So far though that is definately a good thing. Everyone should be picking up X-Factor!

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Posted by Trodorne

The series has been pretty strong all around probably one of the best "X-books" currently out there.

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