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Brief History

The X-Babies were created by Mojo for his own television broadcast. Known members of the group include Cike(Lil' Cyclops), Shower (Lil' Storm), Lil' Wolvie, Shugah (Lil' Rogue), Lil' Iceman, Lil' Longshot, Lil' Dazzler, Lil Colossus, and possibly more- the line up usually (though, not necessarily), reflects the current line-up of X-Men. They escaped from Mojoworld on several occasion and have sought out their older counterparts for aid.They often use "th" instead of an 's' such as "Thorm" instead of "storm"


The X-babies where first introduced in X-men Annual 12, but two years before, in Uncanny X-men annual 10, the real X-men where already transformed in younger versions of themselves (looking a lot like the X-babies).

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