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X-tastic! 0

X-23 #1 is is straight up X-tastic! Liu has a grasp of every character that appears in this book. Words cannot describe the awesomeness! The art is pretty good too; although for the majority of the book the artist gives X-23 blue eyes instead of green. Its the minor complaint on a great issue....

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X-23 #1 0

I am going to off the bat explain why I did not give this a five.  It's the art.  In some cases character look sickly and thin while others are just out of proportion.  The coloration was wonderful, but you can only do so much with the base that's given.  I loved the story telling.  Liu was not afraid to jump in and get the ball rolling.  This issues leaves me wanting more.  She tied in Kurt's death beautifully and how it's influencing Ororo.  There's even some progress with the relationship bet...

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X-23 #1 Review 0

    Coming off the start of Second Coming Wolverine tells X that she has spent too much of her young life being told what to do, and being an adult. So now it's time for X-23 to be a kid. I will continue to say that I liked this book a lot more than her brother Dakens new book, but did not like either book as much as the first issue of the new Wolverine book. I really liike the dream sequence at the start here, although one problem I had was how I do not recall Laura being dramatized like thi...

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Deconstructing Laura 0

 Good issue. Marjorie Liu gives a pretty good portrait of Laura's world show us how all the players of her enviroment react to the enigmatic girl. Instead of relapse in the things that allready we know, the writer developes the feelings of the kids and other inhabitants of Utopia about her. Not like comics characters but real youngs of they're old. Perhaps it's not a relevant tale to the fate of the mutankind, but after all the last events I miss know how the characters mature with them. ...

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In Very Good Hands 0

The Lead Up-Everything that is important in x-23's past but most importantly New X-men and when she was a part of Yost's and Kyle's run on X-force. Luckily for you if you haven't read all of these stories there is a good summary at the end of the comic but those other ones are worth a read! Art-This artist does a great job of drawing X-23 as a girl again. And she hasn't been drawn quite this way since NYX. And I can only tip my had to Will Conrad to make her outfit quite similar to her Out...

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Move aside Logan, here comes X-23 0

This is a review coming from a guy who haven't really kept up with X-men in a while, Other than the Second Coming arc. My knowledge of the character X-23 aka Laura Kinney only goes back to the canceled series MYX, X-23: Innocence Lost, Wolverine and the X-men, and the last couple of issues of X-Force during Second Coming (and recently being added to the roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3 FTW).  Pros: This takes place right after Second Coming and after Wolverine "disbanded" X-Force. Laura is trying to...

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What a great start. 0

This is the first issue of the X-23 ongoing and my first X-Men related book and no Deadpool doesn't count.  The Story:We start the series with Laura running on a road,followed by wolfes,on the side we see a bunch of skeletons and also a giant wave behind her.Then she enters a cave were we see Logan saying that if she can become his right hand in Hell if she simply accepts.Then we see that it was just a dream and that most of the other mutants from the New X-Men are having a party but she isn't i...

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X-23... nuff said 0

While it seems like there's been a lot said on the comics I've picked up this week but ah one for this one couldn't do harm and I had to put my two cents on a character I've been following since before most were giving her due dates on her death scene.   Plot After Second Coming Laura needs time to cool off after all the killing she did back in X-Force and how she's finally gained her conscience, as we follow her through her journey talking to friends and mentors we learn Laura can't go back to ...

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XD 0

OMFG!!!! YAYYY  I'M SO EXCITED   x 23 is defiantly my favorite of the x men it is super awesome to see her get her own series.  Because I was really disapointed when I heard psychlocke was replacing her  in the x force,  but ah man this should be sweet I can't wait...

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Not as sharp as desired... 0

So who is this X-23 lady?  I must admit I truly knew next to nothing about Logan's little girl leading up to this, her own on-going season.  Personally, since her inception, I've always thought of X-23 as a bit of a cash-in attempt.  "Everybody likes Wolverine, so let's make a girl version of him!"  Yes, I know she was originally created to be on X-Men: Evolution (much like Harley Quinn was created for Batman: The Animated Series), but I still was a little leery about actually accepting the char...

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I really liked this issue 0

   I have to say the story is wonderful; but I would really rather Will Conrad take more time with his art work.  Some of the art is amazing but some is really terrible.  I would have really liked to see what he could have done if he used both barrels.  I love this new book, especially because the story seemed to evolve so naturally right out of the main X-Men storyline.  I can't wait to see what's next....

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"I am something else" 0

100 Words Or LessX-23 is haunted by nightmares filled with blood and fire and fear. Are these nightmares just a result of the tormented past Laura has suffered through or is it something more sinister? Back on Utopia, X-23 suffers the backlash from her friends after they find out she was part of Cyclops' black-ops X-Force team. She feels alone, even though Storm, Emma, and Cyclops try to give her comfort. In an effort to help her, Cyclops sends her to a half-way house for ex-mutants. So Then I S...

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Am I a bad girl? 0

The Story - As Laura tries to figure out if she can fit in the X-Men, scpecially with her relationship with Hellion and the other younglings, she´s tormented by dreams from the depths of hell, or is that just what has ever controled her? Scott, consumed by guilt, tries to show Laura that there´re other ways, but everything appears to lead to killing for X-23. The Writing - This was an interesting book,´cause it´s all about dialogues. Marjorie Liu made a consistent opening series with mostly dia...

11 out of 11 found this review helpful.

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