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When an injured grizzly bear was brought to the Multicorp agency, the bear was slated to become part of a rehabilitation project that would not only heal the bear but give him human level intelligence. He was named Wreckless and given a suit of armor to enhance his natural abilities, and was made a part of the Brute Force environmental protection team.  Wreckless is the strongest member of the team, and the least intelligent. While easily angered and quick to lash out, Wreckless has a playful side and enjoys being around other bears. 


 Natural Animal Abilities: Being a bear gives Wreckless incredible strength, an amazingly keen sense of smell, and claws.
Armor: The armor enhances all of Wreckless's abilities, and gives him a Bearzooka-laser blaster and can transform into a transport mode for rapid travel. Wreckless's armor's transport mode is a tank.

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