Has she been depowered?

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Look, I'm sure many people probably think that I'm some "crazy" Wonder Woman fan already from the title. Possibly, if what I think is true.

It seems that in the New 52, Wonder Woman has possibly been depowered. Now in Justice League,s he's been shown to be quite strong as she effortlessly defeats several Parademons. In her own title, though she hasn't fought very much, she was shown easily knocking down trees on Themyscira. So her physical strength doesn't seem to be much different.

However, I'm afraid that one of the best additions to Wonder Woman's toolbelt from George Perez was the ability to fly. She's WONDER WOMAN, not Mediocre Woman! She should be able to fly on her own power! I know Azzarello might be trying to highlight her athleticism, but please let her freaking fly still!

In Justice League #5, Hal Jordan has to use his ring to lift the other non-flyers, which is everyone except Superman( of course John Jones should be a flyer and should be there, but that's another topic entirely). So basically all Wonder Woman would appear to be is Aquaman except without the Atlantean abilities.

Also, PLEASE do not make the Invisible Jet her main source of transportation again. I don't necessarily hate the Invisible Jet, in fact it's one of the few elements I tolerate from Wonder Woman's crappy pre-crisis history, but to depower her to, most likely, MAKE HER MORE REALISTIC is just absurd and almost brings back memories of the vile "mod girl" era Wonder Woman.

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I don't think she was depowered. Though, they did remove her ability to fly. She now just has the ability to "hover." It was either flight or the invisible jet and since the jet has been around since the beginning, they went with the jet. So in a sense, yes, she was depowered.

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Don't think so

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@ArturoCalaKayVee@jointron33: She can still fly she just doesn't use it except for hovering because the writer wants to show off her warrior aspects rather than her female superman aspects. 
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I thought she had amnesia last I heard so maybe she not have knowledge of her powers.

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I always presumed that pretty much every character was depowered after Flashpoint, though some Pre-Flashpoint stories are apparently still canon so it's possible that they aren't. The reboot has only been here a few months. We should probably wait maybe a few years to get a better idea of how powerful they are.

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I thought since she discovered her true parentage she hasent realized the true extent of her powers, she is the child of a god afterall. I think it leaved room for 
writers to expand her powers if needed.

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Am I the only one who thinks it's lame that Zeus is her father now? I like my Diana born of clay.

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@lorex: i always didnt like the idea of her flying not cause i dount like her i just think flying shoudent be one of her powers..and just to add in the fact that her costume isnt the american flag any more is also good.

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@Z3RO180 said:

@lorex: i always didnt like the idea of her flying not cause i dount like her i just think flying shoudent be one of her powers..and just to add in the fact that her costume isnt the american flag any more is also good.

Well I see what you are saying but I would prefer her being able to fly instead of havig some stupid invisible jet.
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@lorex: yea no argument a see throw jet is mega lame

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O_O. ?

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I'm waiting for Razz to comment on this.

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