Sensation Comics # 1 First appearance of Wonder Woman.

The 80s Reimagination

Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals The reimagination of Wonder Woman's origin by George Perez.

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods Continuing from "Gods and Mortals" the second volume from Perez' remarkable run features the return of Cheetah.

Wonder Woman: Beauty and the Beasts The third volume from Perez' run. Featuring Superman,Darkseid,Silver Swan and more.

Wonder Woman: Destiny Calling The fourth and final volume from Perez' run begins with a mystery, as Wonder Woman's publicist has been murdered and Diana is determined to solve the hideous crime.

Modern Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: Down to Earth The first arc of the highly-praised run of Greg Rucka. It introduces new members and re-introduces old friends and foes to Wonder Woman's supporting cast. Diana is writing a book about her belief's and her way of life. And the world responds to it in a controversial way.

Wonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman is missing for a whole year.This story features the return of Wonder Woman and the repercussions from her actions one year prior.

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder After the events of "Who is Wonder Woman?" Wonder Woman in her disguise as Special Agent Diana Prince of the Department of Metahuman affairs, is assigned to capture Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack! Continuing from "Love and Murder".The Amazons have returned! What could compel the Amazons to attack the United States?

Wonder Woman: The Circle The reformed Secret Society of Super-Villains invades Paradise Island, led by Captain Nazi! Many fans consider Simone's run to be a "golden era" for Wonder Woman, not experienced since Greg Rucka's run

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