caladbolglight's Uncanny X-Force #35 - Rainbows, Puppy Dogs & Sunshine review

You Mind if I store the Shadow King and some Apocalypse armor?

The Good

Well, given that this was my favourite series to date, I'm rather apprehensive about it ending and being continued with someone who isn't Rick Remender, who deserves the Pullitzer Prize for this majestic creation. Needless to say, I'm very, very sad.

So this issue really ties everything together. It covers almost all the characters featured in this book and doesn't leave us with a great many questions, and serves primarily as an epilogue. The surprise at the end of the book got more surprising, but didn't make you feel stupid for not having seen it coming. I've always been a huge fan of the roster and I'm sad to see it change in the second volume. Evan is an incredibly interesting character and I'm glad that things worked out for the best, and I think that his character has developed amazingly. Likewise, Psylocke has become one of my favourite characters thanks to this book and even Wolverine is written at his most interesting here.

I'm a mixed bag on Noto's art. While I can't say it's bad, I'm iffy on how he draws people. His backgrounds are really good, but for me, the art should reflect the tone of the book, and while Martin's bleak looking colours reflect the dark tone, I personally find Noto's art a bit cartoonish. His faces are excellent however and his backgrounds gorgeous.

The cover is perfect for a final issue, showing all the team members -- past and present -- and makes me reminisce on how amazing this series.

The Bad

I've always hate EVA's look, I'm sorry, but her head looks like a lightbulb please change it. She looks better as a flying saucer.

While it's nice seeing Deadpool being mature and...well...normal, it didn't really seem to fit his character.

I do wish the book lead a teaser into the next volume, maybe suggesting how Psylocke assembles the next roster, because the end makes it seem as though it isn't going anywhere. Second Coming showed us the roster of Uncanny X-Force at the very end, I wish this book did the same.

What happened to Deathlok?

The Verdict

An amazing series, both in characterization and direction. Categorically, my favourite thing was how there were different storylines, each one blended with the others to make a larger plot. If this entire series was blended into an omnibus my life would be complete. Cool plot twist near the end too!!


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