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The artistic baton is passed from longtime penciler Mark Bagley to stunning new ongoing artist Stuart Immonen, of Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four fame! Peter and his Aunt May have perhaps the most important conversation of Peter’s life. It’s a gut-wrenching, emotional roller coaster you’ll never forget. And on the lighter side, we introduce the latest addition to the Spidey villains gallery—say hello to Ultimate Spot! We kid thee not.







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Goodbye Mr.Bagley, Ye Shall Be Missed... 0

For Mark Bagley's last kick at the can Bendis decided to do a single issue of what they've both done best throughout this entire series... conversation. That's not a bad thing by any means, this issue another example of the strength Peter and his aunt share, and love they have for one another. If you've read Ultimate Spider-Man before, then you'll know what to expect here. Stuart Immonen also makes his debut, illustrating the fight scene, and while I'm still undecided as to whether he's a good f...

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boring 0

Half this issue is just Peter explaining everything we already know to Aunt May and then she just repeats some of the thing he says. How is that good story telling. Bendis is just to lazy to come up with a whole story so he rites half a story and fills the rest with BS. The fight with the Spot was not bad but it was prety much the same as that episode of Spider-man the Animated Series. The only good thing about this issue is that they took one of the worst villains in marvel history and made...

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When USM is Good. . . 0

When Ultimate Spider-man is good it's awesome, when it's bad it's still good. This was one awesome issue. Bendis has a knack for taking old plots that were dumb as heck and turning them into far better and well thought out stories. This tale of Peter and Aunt May finally having that long over-due talk was handled as realistic as you can get with a comic. Character interaction in this book feels real and the action rarely leaves you feeling like something is missing. We shall miss Bagley on ...

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