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Twi'leks Overview

A female Twi'lek - not a prostitute, but ready for action!

Twi'leks are a race of humanoid aliens that live on the planet Ryloth. Twi'leks eat molds from different animals, fungi (usually a vegetarian delight), and rycrit meat (which is a boar like animal). Twi'leks are really distinctive in the Star Wars galaxy; it is easy to spot one at any time. Twi'leks are really distinctive from most species in the galaxy; they have very colorful skin (however the males usually just have blue, green, or gray) the skin color or pigment of a Twi'lek is various and can be more than one color. Twi'leks also have a pair of "tchun-tchin" which means "brain tail" or "head-tails" as they have been known to be called. These "brain tails" are used for communication purposes and also used for retaining certain information. Twi'leks are known to be some of the few species that is incredibly smart. Twi'leks have been seen to speak the humanoid language of all sentient beings (Galactic Basic Standard), but always decide to stay with their own language of Ryl or the language of the Twi'leks. Using their brain tails, Twi'leks could send messages to one another without anyone knowing about the language. Twi'leks are stated to be the only beings to know this language.

Male Twi'leks are considered to be the workers of the Twi'leks and don't really engage in the army, while females are the slaves or dancers in the race. Most female Twi'leks on the planet Ryloth are prostitutes, and only have certain "sex" for a fee. However this usually isn't the case. Most famous people that have used Twi'leks as dancers is the wealthy and infamous Jabba The Hutt.

Biology and Appearance

A Male and Female Twi'lek

There is only two features that stand out on a Twi'leks body. One being the various colors that a male or female Twi'lek can appear in, and two being the Brain Tails on their head. A Twi'leks' Brain Tails are good for storing fat and erogenous zones (meaning that during sexual intercourse these brain tails were sensitive). A Twi'leks brain tails are extremely sensitive. Grabbing one (or both) could cause great distress to a Twi'lek and could cause a Twi'lek to go unconscious and maybe even death! Sometimes if damaged to a great extent, a Twi'lek would have brain problems and would need a cybernetic attachment. This was seen for Rebel Alliance Leader Rianna Saren. Newborn and a small fraction of their childhood children had no Brain Tails. The Brain Tails would eventually grow out as they matured throughout teenage and adulthood.

Having longer Brain Tails only means more respect and a better connection. Twi'leks (either male or females) that had longer Brain Tails would be considered the "peers" of Twi'lek society and culture. Twi'leks that were seen with longer and/or bigger Brain Tails would be a council man/woman of their culture and would help their people become better than the previous generation or information could be improved. A Twi'lek that had longer Brain Tails operated at a different brain capacity as most Twi'leks, though Twi'leks never get boastful in one's self - only a small number have been prideful.

The Famous Sithstress (or Dark lord) Dark Talon

The variation of Twi'lek skin colors are numerous! Most famous skin types are green, orange, brown, yellow, blue, gray, pink, (a rare) black, white, purple, and the rarest of all colors red. Twi'leks often had other colors pop out like the another rare color which was turquoise - which came from a special Twi'lek tribe called Rutian Twi'leks. The rarest color, red, was in the tribe called Lethan Twi'leks. Whom gained their red skin pigment from genetic mutation at birth; which then produced the red skin color they have. The most famous red Twi'lek is Darth Talon, whom she was a dark lord of the Sith. Some Twi'leks go through genetic splicing at adulthood, like the female Twi'lek dancer Ayy Vida.

Male Twi'leks had ears like a humanoid, and females had "earcones". In early Twi'lek creation, the "earcones" on a female Twi'lek were only used as a telepathic muzzle, so that Twi'leks couldn't contact one another and give secret messages that the master of the Twi'leks couldn't understand (which was the language of the Twi'leks). Both male and female Twi'leks lack body and facial hair, except eyelashes. Females usually dye their eyelashes to create sexual lust, while regular male Twi'leks had eyelashes to keep heat and sand from their eyes (which is a benefit to both male and female).

Female Twi'leks are considered (and have been known) to be prostitutes, slaves, or entertainment to most powerful people in the Galaxy. Female Twi'leks were really slim and had incredible beauty; that is mainly why most pirates, bounty hunters, and wealthy men have taken Twi'lek girl children into slavery. Most Twi'lek slavery was founded by the wealthy and powerful Jabba The Hutt.

Culture and Society


Twi'lek females have grace and beauty more than most humanoid figures in the galaxy. Before the Galactic Empire's rule after the years of the event, Order 66, the republic did not tolerate the option of Twi'lek females being slave traded by pirates and other groups. Most people who took children female Twi'leks off of Ryloth were only trying to help them get away from the hard time of the Clone War. While Ryloth was under strict protection by the Jedi Order and the Republic, the people on the planet were suffering. Numerous Twi'lek female slaves believed that slavery was a good thing - and that it was the only way to make their species survive. While the Twi'leks were still in great number, most females went along with this option. While the Twi'lek species lacked the means of inter-planetary travel, slavery Twi'lek females have been considered to be the status symbols of all females on their home planet of Ryloth. With this many of those Twi'lek women became slaves. The Twi'lek Rutian's and Lethan were able to escape slavery and/or entertainment; and would usually turn to a life of crime or prostitution.

Aayla Secura - Jedi Master

Twi'leks rather "ride the storm" than "conquer it" (that is why they were in such bondage and slavery). While the Twi'lek race was loyal to the Republic during the Clone Wars (even having a female Twi'lek on the Jedi Order), the Twi'lek race still left negotiations open to the enemy the Separatist.

While Twi'leks have been known to be prostitutes, slaves, thieves, and criminals most Twi'leks have created a good name for themselves. Aalya Secura is a member of the Jedi Order before the events of Order 66. She is the first Twi'lek to be a Jedi Master and also on the order. She is very wise and one of the superior peers of the female race of Twi'leks. Also after the events of Order 66, many Twi'leks built the ships for the Galactic Empire.

Originally, Twi'leks have been stated that they worship an unnamed goddess, but this was soon revealed to be Twi'lek folk legend.


The Twi'lek race has been divided into many different clans or villages. A Twi'lek village would have five head leaders and the tribal leaders would stay in office until one member died off. At that point, the other four members would go out on the day side of the Planet Ryloth and stay there to die (letting a newer generation take their place). If a generation had not been made for provision, then the tribe (or village) would ask a neighboring village to take care of that area until five leaders have spawned. It is unknown if the Twi'lek race still holds onto this after the Empires' reign in the Galaxy.

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