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Proud Father

The deceased father of Ei and adoptive father of Killer Bee, he also trained Darui.

He groomed his son to be the new Raikage, and held a competition to select who would be part of the A-B Combo tag-team with his son, having to do this since Raikage only had one son. He later chose to place the Hachibi into Killer Bee after it's previous host, Killer Bee's cousin, lost control and died.

Army of One

He was recently resurrected by Kabuto to fight in the fourth ninja world war along with the 2nd Tsuchikage, 2nd Mizukage, and 4th Kazekage. He ended up being confronted by Temari along with other ninjas providing her with backup. She managed to successfully hit him a few times, but even aside from Kabuto's jutsus making his body reconstitute, it didn't do much damage to him. An old companion of Raikage's, Dodai, informed Temari that aside from his imposing strength and speed, that the Raikage possessed incredible endurance and the way he died was taking on an army for 3 days straight by himself so that his allies could reach safety, and that to defeat him they need a wind user more powerful than Temari, and Naruto took the challenge.

Can't Be Stopped

Naruto made a Rasenshuriken and launched it at Raikage with a chakra arm which Raikage easily evades, but Naruto's chakra arm throws the Rasenshuriken from behind Raikage which he also dodges, only for Naruto to run up behind Raikage while catching the Rasenshuriken and thrusting it into him. Raikage is laid out on the ground and Temari orders him to be sealed, but he smacks away their attempts and gets back up. Dodai ordered the Doton users to form a wall to get space between them and the Raikage and Dodai reinforced the wall with his rubber jutsu. Dodai told everyone to escape, but they chose to stay and attack when he busted through; they were all easily dispatched. Dodai explains that Raikage's hand is his greatest weapon and his body is his greatest shield, being physically capable of going toe to toe with a Bijuu. However his scar on his chest caused by the Hachibi was his life's shame.


Raikage charged at Naruto, Dodai used his rubber to make a ball to protect Naruto and the Raikage chased after. It was a distraction though, and Naruto had Dodai use a telepathic link to allow Naruto to talk to the Hachibi. The Hachibi told Naruto about their fight when the Raikage got his scar, Hachibi said that he's not sure because they both passed out at the same time with their jutsus still activated. Naruto then got an idea and both he and Raikage charged at each other. Naruto dodged at the last second and struck Raikage's arm, forcing him to thrust Hellbringer Hand through his own chest, and he was finally sealed.


Armor Clad

The third Raikage knew "Black Lightning" jutsus, which he passed down to Darui. One of the black lightning jutsus Darui has used was "Black Panther," enveloping his body in black electricity which is projected towards the opponent in the shape of a large cat.

He has also shown that he, like Ei, knew the Lightning Armor jutsu. Where he pulsates with a barrier of electricity all over his body, increasing his defense and reflexes.

He had Hellbringer Hand, used by focusing Raiton's piercing power at his fingertips. Less fingers made the jutsu longer and sharper.

In addition, he used to possess Rikudou's Amber Purifying Pot which the Cloud village retrieved from the Two Shining Lights, and he used it to capture the Hachibi whenever it's host lost control. However, that is now in the possession of the current Raikage.

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