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The Worthy are a team composed of various heroes and villains who had the ill fortune to pick up one of eight enchanted hammers and become possessed by the children of Cul the Serpent, brother of Odin.

The primary boon of wielding one of the Worthy hammers was to amplify the in many cases already enormous levels of strength and endurance of the user while rendering them mostly immune to most non-magical effects.

After the conflict with the Serpent ended a group of seven Valkyrior, who were immune to the possessing effects of the hammers, were charged with the duty of taking them to the furthest corners of the universe so that they would never be found again, heavily implying that these Valkyries would never be seen again either.


Skadi, wielded by Sin

Actively set in motion the events of Fear Itself after she discovered her father had manged to call a mystical hammer to fall of the Antarctic. After acquiring the hammer she became Skadi swam to the bottom of the sea, where she unleashed the father of the Worthy, The Serpent.

Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, wielded by the Juggernaut

Kuurth: Breaker of Stone (Juggernaut)

Received his on the Raft and broke the prison apart. He then made his way across the country, creating a line of destruction, with the Thunderbolts and many members of the Initiative trying to stop him, both times failing. He finally reached San Francisco where he faced the X-Men. He was eventually diverted from his path when Cyttorak was persuaded that combining Kuurth with the Juggernaut was only serving the Serpent, instead passing the blessing to Colossus.

Nul, Breaker of Worlds, wielded by the Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Nul: Breaker of Worlds (Hulk)

Found his in Brazil as he told Red She-Hulk to run away. Though opposed by some of the Avengers, Nul eventually departs for New York to face Thor alongside Angrir, but is knocked across the Atlantic and into Eastern Europe by the Thunder God. By accident he lands within the border of the Vampire Nation, and proceeds to attack any and all who would stand against him. The Hulk's battle with Dracula allowed Red She-Hulk to reach Bruce Banner and he broke his hammer in half and return himself back to normal, though the destruction of the hammer set Nul free to later trouble the latest gathering of the Defenders.

Skirn, Breaker of Men, wielded by Titania

Skirn: Breaker of Men (Titania)

Found hers while she and Absorbing Man were digging in South Africa. She then lead him to where he would find his hammer, having to face War Machine in the process. After they both had their hammers they faced off against The Avengers Academy.

Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans, wielded by Attuma

Nerkkod: Breaker of Oceans (Attuma)

Claimed his in the pacific ocean. Destroyed pipe lines with it.

Absorbing Man

Greithoth: Breaker of Wills (Absorbing Man)

Found his alongside Titania in South Africa.

Mokk, Breaker of Faith, wielded by the Grey Gargoyle

Mokk: Breaker of Faith (Grey Gargoyle)

Found his Hammer in Paris, turning the city into stone before facing off against Rescue.

Angrir, Breaker of Souls, wielded by the Thing

Angrir: Breaker of Souls (The Thing)

Found his hammer on Yancy Street. Was the first Worthy to be defeated when Thor sent his hammer through his stomach. Franklin Richards saved him with his powers before he died.

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