frijolie's The Walking Dead #73 - Too Far Gone, Pt. 1 review

Get Some Guns!


Abraham is sent with the "Construction Crew" to expand the walls while Rick has a covert operation going on back in town. 

The Good

As always, the art. Who would have thought I would enjoy a black and white comic for this long? So much information is conveyed with greytones it almost feels like it is in color. I still can't get over the fact that Abraham reminds me of the old Hulk Hogan of WWF days, but that's besides the point.  
I'm glad to finally see some action in this title. I must say that It has been a little sparse ever since the conclusion of the Fear the Hunters story arc. Granted, it is not much action--maybe 3 or 4 pages--but it is a fresh reminder that it is still dangerous out there. 
Meanwhile, the group is still getting acclimated into the town and finding their places. However, there definitely is some sort of sub-plot going on with Rick and company. Not much is given away but there are plenty of hints. Great sense of foreshadowing as to future plot elements.  

The Bad

We've had to wait 3 or 4 issues for some more zombie killin'. What else can I complain about? Oh! These books only come out once a month. I'm pulling on strings here... 

Verdict (5/5)

Another great issue in The Walking Dead series! Hands down one of my favorite books and always makes it to the top of my stack when it arrives. That being said and without anything to really complain about on this book...I'll give this a 5

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