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The Child of the Star Brand confronts daddy. In the aftermath of the destruction of Pittsburgh and the snuffing out of thousands of souls - Kenneth Connell teeters on the edge of sanity. Meanwhile, a startling change comes over Roger, and a new horror spawns at ground zero.

The Starchild explores new ideas and begins its agenda. It launches a US nuclear missle into space, then visits Roger and Jane, seeking greater understanding of humanity. However, Roger feebly attacks it with a crutch, and the Starchild kills him without a thought. Jane tells him it's murder, but he barely understands, and says he's been doing i a lot lately.

Ken, meanwhile, has imprisoned a woman he saved from looters in a room for days. He has gone completely insane. He thinks the Old Man was God, and he is the Messiah. However, his power pales in comparison to the Starchild, who teleports Ken to him in space. The Starchild wants Ken's memories so he can become whole. Ken attacks him, but the Starchild brushes him off and paralyzes him in an energy cocoon. He realizes Ken is crazy and asks whether he would like the Starchild to remove Ken's power, making him even more crazy, or whether he would like him to absorb Ken as he had with Debbie, thus erasing him from existence and taking away his pain. Ken must choose one or the other.

Meanwhile, the Starchild resurrects Roger Price and gives him a new, perfect body.

Back at the Pitt, a family that was rescued from the ooze by Spitfire turns into a gooey monster.

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