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Terry Greaves

Terry Greaves was born in 1956. Terry is one of the top gangsters of London, his daughter is Epiphany Greaves father. He has took over most organised crime in London, except child pornography (he took a moral stand on that). He was once married to Brenda Greaves, who later died of cancer. He went to jail when he was 20, for 3 years, and he came back a much meaner, tougher, man. He sent Epiphany to alchemy school, when she was 10, to benefit his organised crime.

Bloody Carnations

When he found out that Epiphany was engaged to John Constantine he said absolutely not. But John said that he would do the job that John had previously refused to do for Terry... as his soon to be son-in-law. Terry agrees to the marriage. Later, John finds that Terry had sent out invitations to old friends of John's to his wedding.

Another Season in Hell

Gemma Masters begins sleeping with him. He thinks it is serious but Gemma is only sleeping with him to blackmail john into going back to hell to look for her mother.

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