Superman v captain atom

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..Cap Atom seems to be DCs Dr Manhattan, so I'm wondering how Superman has fared in any encounters with Atom, who frankly seems frighteningly powerful. Am I right in thinking that in Injustice Gods among us, Superman triumphed? How?!

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@bezza: That Captain Atom was contained energy. New 52 CA i completely unrestrained ever increasing energy that can alter elements much like firestorm and can time travel i think...So basically, he's walking pis? wis? i don't even know what he is.

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The game called Injustice gods among us storyline was a senseless scenario. Superman would never lose his mind like he did (and kill the joke), in the past, when batman (and his villains) wasnt involved he didnt turned crazy on the same circumstances so i dont see why just like that he would turn COUCOU... That's just a plan to raise Batman popularity. Also, why did you say Cap Atom seems to be Dc Dr Manhattan? Dr M is already in dc and in fact, the real Captain Atom(Original) wasnt a Detective comics character. As for the winner i dont think Superman would be able to beat Captain Atom but that just a personal opinion.

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In Injustice, Supes womps him in round one, then Captain Atom comes back and has a slight edge in round two. Supes seems to be holding back, having something of an emotional break.

Pre-52 Supes and Captain Atom fought a couple of time iirc, and Supes won pretty much every encounter. Although, Pre-52, Captain Atom does become Monarch who is a universal being.

New 52, last I saw Captain Atom, he probably would lose to current New 52 Supes. However, Captain Atom did see his future self, which was like an omnipotent being.

Honestly, I think Captain Atom and Martian Manhunter should be DC's most powerful characters. Supes should be able to hang with either for a bit, but those guys have so many abilities.

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